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adrinette - childhood friends!au

I was originally gonna write this out, but my outline turned into headcanons, and I thought that I might as well post it as it is, so here we go:

A Childhood Friends!AU where Adrien knew Marinette since they were little and actually has someone other than Chloé to call a friend. 

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  • Sabine knows Mama Agreste from collège, and when Gabriel needed a special cake for a fashion show after party, Mama Agreste immediately suggests Tom and Sabine’s pâtisserie
  • Sabine and Mama Agreste are the type of moms to meet up for brunch dates, but they’ve never officially met each other’s kids, so Mama Agreste suggests that Sabine bring along Marinette, since Adrien tagged along, too, and they’re about the same age
  • Adrien and Marinette hit it off right away
  • Chloé isn’t mean (yet) and the three of them get along swell
  • Insert mini time skip where Adrien’s mom disappears (*le gasp*) and Marinette is there to comfort him
  • Insert mini time skip where Chloé’s mom dies (*le gasp*) and Adrien and Marinette try to comfort her, but she refuses and prefers to be by herself
  • they’re relationship ends up strange from there because the three of them still see each other a lot—the mayor really loves the goodies from the pâtisserie—but Chloé distances herself from Marinette
  • She clings to Adrien instead, and although Adrien and Marinette are closer friends now, she always smiles and lets her whisk him away because she knows that she’s still hurting from her mother’s death
  • Marinette figures that Chloé can open up to Adrien more anyways since they both experienced that loss, so the most she does is hope that her friend is doing all right, even if she doesn’t want to talk to her anymore
  • So time passes by again and it’s time for the kiddos to start collége
  • This time around, Adrien has been going to school with Marinette and Chloé bc, as much as Gabriel wants to keep a close watch on Adrien, Tom and Sabine are like??? Gabe??? Don’t be a douche canoe to your son??? Let the boy live!!
  • Anyways, so they go to school and stuff and bc Adrien and Mari are still kind enough to help old man Fu out, they get their miraculouses (ooh! ahh!)
  • So everything happens the same in the origins, except Chloé doesn’t bully Mari; she just sort of ignores her 
  • And instead of Alya having to drag her away, Marinette offers to sit by her since she’s new and suff and voila! alyanette was born
  • It’ll go something like this, probably:
  • “Oh, darn,” Marinette mutters under her breath. She sticks her hand out to feel the drip drop of rain on her palm. “I forgot my umbrella.”
  • Adrien walks up next to her with a funny look on his face.”Don’t tell me you’re just gonna wait here until it dies out, Mari.”
  • “What else am I supposed to do? Make a run for it? I’ll probably fall into fifty puddles just trying to get back to my house across the street!”
  • “Well, you’re not wrong.”
  • Marinette points at him with finger guns. “Exactly,” she deadpans.
  • “Obviously, I’m not gonna go anywhere until you take this,” Adrien says, extending his umbrella towards her. “Gorilla will pick me up from here anyways, so I don’t have very far to go.”
  • Marinette looks appalled. “No way!” she exclaims. “You have a photo shoot after this! Your dad and Nathalie would kill you if you showed up all wet from the rain.”
  • Adrien shrugs. “I can manage. What’s the worst they can do anyways?” He shakes the umbrella out again. “Now: Go on, Mari. Take it.”
  • She looks at him with uncertainty, biting  her lip as she contemplates before finally giving in. “Fine,” she sighs, grabbing the umbrella from his hands. “You better not catch a cold.”
  • Adrien winks at her. “I’ll keep that in mind, Mari,” he replies. “and you better not fall into any puddles, all right? I’m not going to be there to catch you!”
  • While he laughs, Marinette struggles to fight back the blush blooming on her cheeks. “Whatever,” she mutters. “Just leave already, Agreste. I can manage.” Her voice lowers down to a whisper. “And thank you. For the umbrella.”
  • Adrien shrugs. “That’s what friends are for, right?”
  • Then Adrien leaves and Tikki zooms out of Marinette’s pocket.
  • “He seems like a very nice boy,” the kwami comments. “Is he your boyfriend, Marinette?”
  • “Boyfriend? Pfft!” Marinette waves away her remark. “Don’t be silly, Tikki! Adrien… Adrien is just a friend. He’s a boy that just happens to be my friend. Yeah.”
  • “But you where blushing back there! Are you sure you don’t want him to be your boyfriend?”
  • “A-Adrien? As my boyfriend? That’s… That’s crazy talk, Tikki! there’s no way! A-And I would never—!”
  • “It’s okay to admit you have a crush on him, Marinette.”
  • She sighs. Okay,” she admits. “Maybe just a little.”

BIGBANG at the After Party > BIGBANG at the MAMA

+Mithra looking after drunk Daesung

+Taeyang’s “Motherfucking dance!”

Have you so-called “fans” ever watched HahaMong show ft. Daesung and Seungri?

During the show, Seungri even said that Daesung went out for Family outing dinner with the casts and always came home “BLOODY-RED” eyes from the alcohol. 

Just because your ass never lucky enough to see him drinking and partying does not mean that he doesn’t party or drink. 

And “innocent” people have fun too. Stop being a bunch of hypocrites. Plus I don’t know where you get the idea of innocent people don’t party or Daesung is innocent

He has fabulously nice personalities. But that doesn’t mean he’s “INNOCENT" 

He’s not a little girl. He’s a 24-year-old grown-ass man

And lastly, please don’t mix up Daesung’s characters and his lifestyle with being able to have fun or drinking. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ONE ANOTHER!!!