I remember when I couldn’t blow the candles out and you had to do it for me and it’s been such a long time, but you’re still on my mind.

I remember the nights when laughter meant we had our fair shares of tears too, it only makes the happy moments that much more beautiful. And I can choose to forget it, but I don’t. How could I?

I remember when you said the trees had leaves like how we have fingers because it wants to hold hands with the clouds, but it could never reach. So when it rains, I think about you. So when it rains, it hurts because it’s true. You’re gone and I’m left with a metaphor that can’t even compare to the hole I feel as I step onto the street and fall into every memory that you kept inside and though I’m alive, I don’t feel like it. I feel dead.

I remember when you said ants had feelings too. Don’t step on them. Don’t destroy something small just because you’re bigger, and size did not matter. Frail and tiny, your hands cupped my cheeks and I can’t help, but remember how you made winter warm.

I remember when they called me and said your heart just doesn’t beat the same. And I’m left with guilt, no letters, no poems. Nothing. Just plain guilt. Maybe I shouldn’t called you more often. Maybe I should’ve worked less. Maybe I shouldn’t have missed your birthday and maybe I should’ve helped you blow out those candles like how you did for me.

I remember the alphabet and I always spell your name when it gets kinda late, the abcs of life seems to toy with my feelings. We learn so little about ourselves within these years.

I remember everything about you.
And maybe that’s why it hurts.
So when it rains for hours,
maybe it’s just your way of saying

@hajime-isayama-official is quite literally one of the best people on this planet (lets no talk about he kills our hope and dreams once a month). He looks out for his seedlings so much and he helps them with getting out self-esteem up so much, like how he compliment on the drawings and stories we make. Hajime also gives everyone of his fans the love that they deserve. He gives tips about how to deal with emotions. Not to mention he is a fRIKING MEME LORD

And if he does see this then: Thanks mama for putting up with up (also keep up the good work! You’re doing amazing)


Pointy teeth, droopy eyes. I’d say they look exactly alike

Also sorry for my bad handwriting. 

Maka: Soul! Look at this cutie!

Soul: For a bookworm I’m surprised you don’t know the meaning of cute.

Maka: SOUL!!

Maka: You know, you 2 kinda look alike.

Soul: Not funny Maka.

Maka: You’re right, Snubbull is MUCH cuter.

  • Alice Cooper: No backsliding - No Cheryl, No Veronica, no Archie
  • Betty: walks to school with Archie
  • Alice Cooper: Cheryl Blossom's River Vixens? After what her brother did to Polly? No way!
  • Betty: I'm damn well going to do it! (Becomes an anointed River Vixen)
  • Alice Cooper: Not Seduce Scarlet! Pink Perfection is more your style!
  • Betty: Uses Seduce Scarlet and plays seductress to the hilt
  • Alice Cooper: I don't want you associating with a bad girl like Veronica Lodge!
  • Betty: goes full dark, no stars with Ronnie to bring down Chuck Clayton and his posse
  • Future scenario
  • Alice Cooper: He's the son of a Serpent, I want you to cut him off completely! And no making out EVER!
  • Betty (to Jughead): Hey there Romeo, get up that ladder tonight! Oh and fair warning, I like to be on top!


(okay honestly he’s good at everything like rapping and singing and dancing like jungkook who? golden maknae who? jk ily jungkook please don’t let this start a fan war thx)


I want to be the best mother. The Mama bear. The neighbourhood Mama. With a capital just like that, “Mama”. I want to be compassionate, caring, loving; a woman who gives all and expects nothing in return. I want to be the person everyone knows will listen, and will make you tea and offer you cookies as you spill out all those unpleasant emotions at her kitchen table in the middle of the night on a week day when your world is falling apart. I want to be my son’s friend’s Mama. All of them under my roof whenever they need it. I want to be known to my husband as the best Mama the world could have. I just want that someday, some day when I am not crying on the bathroom floor when I feel like I’ve failed that day. Some day when I forget the urge to check Facebook while my tea is boiling. Some day when my husband stops being mad at the world and instead finds positivity and light. I want to be that light. But for now, I feel disgusted and I feel sick. I feel like I am smiling but my eyes don’t match. I feel like the world around me doesn’t see me like I want to be seen. I want to be that woman I dream of, but I need to get up off the goddamn floor, suck it up, and stop disappointing everyone. Especially my significant other. Especially myself. I am so pissed today.