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some head canons about Mikejima Madara? plz i can't get enough of this cowboy >w<

i took my time for that one, i wanted to have more info about this festival guy before i tried my hand at headcanons for him ! he’s really fun to write about though~ i hope you’ll like them !! - mod mademoiselle ♥

  • He gets up with the sun and goes to sleep rather early at night. His favorite moment of the day is sunrise ! It makes him feel like he’s seizing one of the best things in life when he can watch it !
  • This boy is literally always warm. In winter it’s perfect because he’s essentially one big cuddle blanket, but in summer it just makes you want to push him away. And of course he finds it funny and hugs you some more to piss you off.
  • A tease master. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it, and he won’t stop. I hope you’re prepared, because he certainly is.
  • He’s always 120% excited about anything and everything. Good food ? Wow, what a great meal !! He just saw an animal ? His day was made !!! You look especially cute today ? Damn, this is the best day of his life !!!!
  • No matter what the weather is like, he’ll have fun during dates. Sunny ? Awesome, the two of you can go out ! Rainy ? He’s already dragging you outside to dance together in the rain ! Snowy ? Great, time for a snowball fight !
  • He can’t keep his hands to himself and will literally always be touching, hugging or kissing you absent-mindedly if you’re close to him. He doesn’t even notice he does that ! Sometimes he’s holding you close in the middle of a conversation he’s having with someone else and won’t let you go unless you start hitting him.
  • He loves board games and will trick you into playing them with him. He’s unbeatable at Monopoly, so I hope you know what you’re doing. He never cheats though, it’s just “natural talent”, as he claims.
  • Sneezes so loudly you get scared every time. Every single time. He even needs to tell himself “bless you”, because most people are usually recovering from the fright he gave them as the goddamn sneeze monster he is.
  • Will turn anything and everything into a competition, but it’s not because he wants to win. He genuinely wants someone to play with, and he’ll actually lose on purpose just to make them happy !
  • He often laughs while sleeping and you still have no idea why. It’s extremely creepy, you don’t think you’re ever going to get used to it. Of course, he’s forgotten it all once he wakes up.
  • He has a talent to make friends with strangers in record time. Shopping with him ? He’s chatting with one of the store employees. Out on a date at a café ? The waiter is now his best bud. And things always go this way. Always.
  • He doesn’t think things through and often causes disasters at your place while trying to make a nice surprise for you. He once made a huge hole in your bedroom’s wall while trying to hang a framed picture of the two of you. You still have no idea how he managed to do that with just a hammer. He’s now banned from touching anything in your house without your help.
  • He literally can’t help but spoil the ending when you’re trying to watch a movie with him. It just slips his mouth and next thing he knows, you’re hitting him with a pillow. He always promises he won’t do it next time, but he does anyway. He’s just so chatty and invested in the story, he forgets you don’t know the end yet…
  • When you’re cuddling with him, he only needs three (3) seconds before he falls asleep and starts to snore in your arms. And he’s heavy, too. Of course, you’re pinned under him and stuck there until he wakes up. Good luck with that.
  • He eats so much ???? Is he still growing ??? Whenever you cook for him, you need to make really big portions because he gets hungry ridiculously fast if he eats anything normal-sized. That’s why he’ll eat almost everything when you’re sharing a tub of ice cream with him. He just doesn’t notice.
  • Loves ridiculous and loud smooches, especially in public, and you can bet he’s doing them just to get you embarrassed or annoyed. That and patting your head, often ruining your hair in the process. He claims it’s a reflex and he’s trying to fix it, but you suspect he’s doing it on purpose.
  • He’ll carry you randomly with ease, often chanting “wasshoi wasshoi~” while lifting you up and down. Yes, he basically treats you like a mikoshi. How terribly romantic. He loves it though, claiming that your surprised face is the absolute best !

Kurwa, mam dość, siebie i wszystkich dookoła. Jestem samotna i smutna, kurwa czy nikt tego nie widzi? Czy może nikt nie chce tego widzieć? Nie daje r a d y. Nie mam pojęcia co mam zrobić ze swoim jebanym życiem. Nie mam pasji, hobby, jestem po prostu leniwą tłustą kluchą. Chce się zabić. Chce wreszcie mieć spokój, chce być szczęsliwa. Oddałabym wszystko żeby mieć blisko przyjaciela, który mógłby ze mną rozmawiać. Jeśli w te wakacje nie uda mi się nic zmienić w moim życiu to się z nim pożegnam


Mam dość tego pieprzonego życia. Nie daje rady. Jest tak okropnie źle, jak jeszcze nigdy dotąd nie było. Zamknęłam się w sobie i izoluje od wszystkich. Nie mam siły na dalsze udawanie, że jest dobrze. Jedyne czego chce to zapaść w wieczny sen.


Moja rodzina i przyjaciele są dla mnie toksyczni. Jedyna osoba, która dawała mi szczęście właśnie nas skreśliła. Za rok chcę stąd wyjechać, zacząć wszystko od nowa, po swojemu. Potrzebuję chyba wsparcia, osoby trzeciej, która nie ma o mnie zielonego pojęcia, świeżego spojrzenia na swoje życie, możne nawet nowych poglądów. Mam już jakieś plany, ambicje na przyszłośc, ale nic nie robię w tym kierunku ponieważ strasznie nie boję. Boję się podejmować czegokolwiek samodzielnie.


Jestem beznadziejną córką i mam tego pełną świadomość, a mimo to nic z tym nie robię. Moja mama jest chora, a ja izoluję się od tego tworząc wokół siebie “bańkę” nie wpuszczam jej do tej bańki. Nie rozmawiam z nią. Kilka dni temu był dzień Matki… nie złożyłam nawet życzeń i czuje się z tym beznadziejnie, ale inaczej nie umiem