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someone once asked me what i thought love is. and i replied…
love is putting someone’s needs before your own. it’s caring about them enough to do almost anything for them - including letting them go. it’s showing them and reminding them of your feelings for them in the small and big ways - like a text. or bringing ice cream over. love is looking at someone and smiling for no reason. it’s getting butterflies every time they smile. it’s fireworks whenever you kiss. it’s blushing when they compliment you. it’s forgiving them even when it’s not easy. it’s working things out together. it’s coming over after they get their wisdom teeth out and sitting there and holding them while they cry about being nauseous. it’s kissing their forehead and tickling their backs. it’s holding their hand. love is caring about someone’s feelings and well being more than your own. it’s buying them a pillow pet because you know they’ve wanted one for the longest time. it’s staying up late talking to them when they had a bad day. it’s knowing everything about each other - the good and bad - and still looking at them like the bad things don’t even exist. it’s looking at someone and seeing your best friend. it’s missing them when they aren’t around. it’s being able to sit there with them in silence without it being awkward. it’s not having to say anything for them to know how you’re feeling. it’s being comfortable around them, and allowing yourself to open up to them. it’s telling each other everything. it’s trusting them with all your secrets and knowing they won’t tell anyone. love is seeing each other cry and not being embarrassed. it’s helping them decide where to go to school, even if it’s not where you want them to go. love is knowing everything about them. it’s being able to tell when they’re happy, sad, mad, or upset. it’s being happy when they’re happy and sad when they’re sad. it’s wanting them in every way possible. it’s knowing them better than you know yourself. it’s knowing each other’s parents and siblings. love is the best gift you could give anyone.
—  madelaine anne

No, but I really need someone to write about the Silver Willenium. 

No kochani. Wiedziałem,że to tak się skończy. Usuneli też i mój blog. Mam nadzieję, że dalej będziecie chcieli mnie obserwować. Zaczynam tu od zera. Zapraszam:*:(

Reblogujcie i w ogóle jeśli możecie. Chciałbym odzyskać tak wspaniałych obserwatorów:(