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i find you to be a horrible person for reblogging the picture of the girl with the "black eye" who "Stopped a guy" and got "headbutted" it was proven to be a fake makeup job and black eyes dont actually look like that. I bet you even donated money and even encouraged others to donate. I hate feminism on tumblr for this reason. you never fact check. you just hit the reblog button so fast and allow lies to spread. if you support lies for profit of feminism you're disgusting

If you checked my blog, you’d see I’ve done more fact checking around this than almost anybody else.

I’m going to answer this assuming that you legitimately don’t know the additional information out there about this situation, and not that you’re one of those people that I’ve encountered who insist that every single court & news report about this is fake, including fabricating quotes from judges and lawyers, and that it’s a massive media conspiracy, rather than accept that a post on tumblr from an amateur self-styled detective is wrong.

There’s the tag of all my posts about this.  From the beginning I checked it out.  It’s a bit ironic you’re complaining that I hit reblog without checking it out, when that’s my complaint about the people reblogging the debunk.  Just because something claims to be a debunk doesn’t mean IT also doesn’t have to be vetted too.

Or if you don’t want to read through those.

And that final link is a list of the court cases that happened.

n Dacian Martin (27), of Church Street, Banwell. Two counts of assault: Two-year community order with three-year restraining order, ordered to pay £100 compensation, £100 costs and £60 victim surcharge.

The debunk was wrong.  The person who made that debunk already apologized to her, that’s why they deleted the post and their account.  Don’t believe everything you read on tumblr just because it fits a “conviction by contradiction” narrative that Sherlock Holmes and Encyclopedia Brown stories have trained us to believe.

I’m posting this publicly in hopes this might also reach others that still believe the “debunk”.

And please, people, spread this around if you can because that “debunk” continues to go like wildfire, and she’s still getting so much hate for this and a reputation of being the worst human alive on tumblr despite her story being true, just nobody reads the follow up posts. If you see the “debunk” crop up, tell your friends who reblogged it that it’s incorrect, you can link them to my posts if you want.