malufa asked:

I would love a "general reading"! <3


The first card I’ve drawn is representative of your past and overall demeanor.  I drew the queen of ancients, or the queen of wands in the traditional deck, which is represented by the crocodile in the deck i am using.  They are associated with birth, destruction, and the divine mother.  You have a strong, primal strength to you— which comes in the form of a strong will, strong instincts, and a strong sense of self.  In the traditional deck, the queen of wands is the dominant feminine energy of the element of Fire. She is not afraid to demonstrate her power to others nor does she shy away from a challenge. She is therefore a strong leader who is focused on her desires, intending to get what she wants. Thus, the Queen of Wands indicates that you are strong, independent and able to take care of yourself and sustain your own creative vision, even in the face of adversity.  You have a strong sense of balance—  you know that with all bad comes good, and that life is all about balance.  With your strong sense of balance, you are wise and easy to trust and can trust yourself.  You are also very protective of those you love and look out for those you care about.  Your protective instincts will make you a great mother.

The second card I’m going to pull will represent your present, or a situation you may currently find yourself in.  I’ve pulled the devil, which is represented by the raven in the deck that I am using.  There is an old legend that speaks of a time when the raven was all white.  A great black pool swallowed up the light of the sun.  The raven dove into the pool to bring forth the light once more.  Though the raven succeeded entirely by itself, the pool forever blackened it.  The raven teaches us that there are sacrifices that must be made in order to achieve what we seek.  When the raven appears, it is time to bring some light into the darkness wherever it may exist in your life.  Things may be changing around you and may not be what they appear, and you may be getting off course or being weighed down by unimportant things.  The raven reminds you that, like the crocodile points out, that you need to trust yourself, for not all is how it may seem in the material world.  You alone hold the outcome of your life. You must be your own light in the dark.  Are you waiting for others to make changes for you?  Or are you afraid to make any changes?  Have you recently lost touch with your sense of self or spirituality?  You must take charge of your life and trust in yourself.

The last card I’ve pulled, representative of your future, is the emperor, represented by the eagle.  The eagle is a symbol of heroic nobility, vision, and healing.  Their vision is about 10 times better than that of humans, and their appearance always indicates new vision.  Once you learn to take charge of your life and remind yourself of who you are, things that may seem confusing to you will soon become clear.  Your purpose in life will soon become clear.  It also indicates that to overcome the obstacles in your way, you will need to see things from a new perspective.  Once you see your opportunity, you must snatch them as soon as they arise.

Make yourself grow to a greatness beyond measure (…) raise yourself above all time, become Eternity (…) Believe that nothing is impossible for you, think yourself immortal and capable of understanding all, all arts, all sciences, the nature of every living being. Draw into yourself all sensations of everything created….
—  Giordano Bruno
Human beings are a part of the animal kingdom, not apart from it. The separation of “us” and “them” creates a false picture and is responsible for much suffering. It is part of the in-group/out-group mentality that leads to human oppression of the weak by the strong as in ethic, religious, political, and social conflicts.
—  Marc Bekoff
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride. I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.
—  Pablo Neruda
The warriors of light are recognized by the gaze. Warriors of light suffer nonsense, worry about petty things, are deemed incapable of growing. The warriors of light from time to time consider themselves unworthy of any blessing or miracle. The warriors of light often wonder what they are doing here. Often think that their life has no meaning.
That´s why they are warriors of light. Because they make mistakes. Because they ask themselves questions. Because they continue searching for meaning. And they end up finding it.
—  Paulo Coelho, The Manual of the Warrior of Light 
In certain reincarnations, we divide into two. Our souls divide as do crystals and stars, cells and plants (…) within a few generations, we are scattered over a large part of the earth (…) that is why, as well as dividing into two, we also find ourselves, and the process of finding ourselves is called love. In each life, we feel a mysterious obligation to find at least one of those soul mates. The greater love that separate them feels pleased with the Love that brings them together again.
—  Paulo Coelho, Brida