malteser candy


[On how and why he switched to acting] But my sister, she was trying to be an actor too, had mentioned this commercial agency. So I went to this open day. They picked me out and I started going to commercial castings where you like do the most degrading things. If you’ve ever been to a commercial casting audition, you’ll know it’s the worst thing. It’s like [you have to] eat a Malteser [candy bar] and have it be the most sexy, sensational thing you’ve ever done. It’s just stupid…But I got this one commercial which was a Swiss advert with a real story arc and character [development] and it was like 8 minutes long. So I shot this commercial, and it won a Cannes Lion. Through that, I got a talent agent and then he started putting me up for roles…I did a bit of TV in England and then I got LA representation, so they told me to come over for pilot season last January. So I did and I saved up some money and I went over to LA and stayed in a hostel with backpackers.

tiredeffect  asked:

8 and 13 :3

8. top 5 candy

otherwise known as sweets in the uk B) does that include chocolate and just sweet-tooth things?? (i realise non-uk people might not know some of these idk):

1. creme eggs
2. maltesers
3. sherbet
4. candy alphabets letters (??)
5. wispa  

13. life goal(s)

to have a career in something i enjoy (idk what yet) and house 5000 cats