Maltese; Personal Pronouns

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  • jien / jiena – I
  • int / inti – you
  • hu / huwa – he, it
  • hi / hija – she, it
  • aħna – we
  • intom – you
  • huma – they

note that the ones with two variations don’t have differences, they’re both the same

Direct Object 

long forms:

  • lili – me
  • lilek – you
  • lilhu – him
  • lilha – her
  • lilna – us
  • lilkom – you
  • lilhom – them

note that these are not used often, but rather to emphasize:

inħobb lilek, u mhux lilhu – I love you, and not him

generally the direct object of pronouns are suffixes which are attached at the end of the verbs:

  • -ni – me
  • -ek, -ok, -k – you *
  • -u, -h – him, it **
  • -ha – her, it
  • -na – us
  • -kom – you
  • -hom – them

-ok is used when the final vowel of a verb is an “o”
-k is used when the verb ends in a vowel
-ek is use for the rest

-u is used when the verb ends in a vowel
-h is used for the rest

inħobbok – I love you
tarani – you see me
bisthom – I kissed them
rieduk – they wanted you

Indirect Object

the long forms of the indirect object pronouns are the same as the long forms of the direct ones

and here are the suffixes:

  • -li – to/for me
  • -lek – to/for you 
  • -lu – to/for him, it
  • -lha – to/for her, it
  • -lna – to/for us
  • -lkom – to/for you
  • -lhom – to/for them

jien għidtlek – I told you
xtrali ktieb – he bought me a book
kantajnilhom – we sang to them
sajjartulha - you (pl.) cooked for her

you can also add suffixes to suffixes!

jien ġibt (I brought) + -u (him, it) + -lek (to/for you)
jien ġibtulek – I brought it to/for you

xtrajt (you bought) + -u (him, it) + -li (to/for me)
xtrajtuli? - did you buy it for me?

please keep in mind that sometimes when adding a suffix, a change in the stem of the verb sometimes happens, but it’s too much information to put into one post but here is one example:

kantajna (we sang) + lhom (to/for them) > kantajnilhom

the -a at the end of the conjugated verb changes to -i- to accommodate the suffix!


Extremely excited Dog, St. Peter’s Pool, Malta

So this door has got to be one of my all time favourites. It’s just so regal, so perfect. I look at it as it seems to have been captured in a small village in the UK rather than Balzan. 

What’s also peculiar, is that I had already seen this door in photos. And I had consciously looked for this door, simply because when the creeper surrounding the doorway is in bloom, it is a feast of yellow and orange, which is quite uncommon. Generally the pink or reddish bougainvillea are favoured. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that some doors will simply have to captured more than once - it’s just like Monet’s Impressionist paintings. Sometimes it’s not about the subject itself, sometimes it’s about the weather, the seasonality, the light - elements which can completely alter an image. 

Hal-Balzan, Malta

Wedgewood blue 💙

I guess this could be called an anniversary post; I can’t believe it’s been a whole year of door hunting across these gorgeous islands.

Even though I have engaged in non stop snapping, there are still so many places left to explore and discover! Here’s to many more!

Qrendi, Malta