So this door has got to be one of my all time favourites. It’s just so regal, so perfect. I look at it as it seems to have been captured in a small village in the UK rather than Balzan. 

What’s also peculiar, is that I had already seen this door in photos. And I had consciously looked for this door, simply because when the creeper surrounding the doorway is in bloom, it is a feast of yellow and orange, which is quite uncommon. Generally the pink or reddish bougainvillea are favoured. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that some doors will simply have to captured more than once - it’s just like Monet’s Impressionist paintings. Sometimes it’s not about the subject itself, sometimes it’s about the weather, the seasonality, the light - elements which can completely alter an image. 

Hal-Balzan, Malta


21100004 by Tess Smith-Roberts

An iconic Maltese natural rock arch collapsed into the sea Wednesday during a powerful storm.

The “Azure Window” jutting off Malta’s Gozo Island is printed on innumerable Instagram posts and travel brochures. It was also featured in movies and TV shows, including HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Local resident Roger Chessell was there when the iconic arch collapsed. “There was a big raging sea beneath the window,” he told the Times of Malta. “Suddenly, the arch collapsed into the sea with a loud whoomph, throwing up a huge spray. By the time the spray had faded, the stack had gone too.”

ICYMI: Malta’s Landmark ‘Azure Window’ Rock Formation Collapsed This Week

Image:  Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images 

I think it is safe to say that I have a thing for doors. But I think this has developed a step further… I might have a thing for BLUE doors. 

Blue, particularly the dusty, baby and teal shades are decidedly my favourite, so it might be the reason why I feel so attracted to blue doors. But I think ti is safe to say that blue is one of the favourite door colour choices. When couples with a clean pure white and a touch of grey in this case, and the limestone colour for the top floors, the whole just pops!

Iż - Żurrieq, Malta