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Hello Mar! If you aren't too busy & are still accepting requests, may I please submit mine too? :) My name is Kelly, I'm quite short, have purple/pink hair, am super loud, stubborn, & blunt. I identify as pan & would LOVE something with Issac!

I feel like my dynamic within the pack would to be super sassy, always getting into squabbles with Stiles but working behind the scenes as the “brains” of operations. I definitely would be friends with Malia, & too feisty for my own good! THANK YOU!!

haha if it’s isaac you want, it’s isaac you shall have!

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as much as i love isaac, he’s kinda basic. and you sound very not basic, so i think you’d catch his interest from the first moment you meet. he’d be like, who’s this tiny woman with multicolored hair who’s not afraid to call people on their crap?? esp when you rag on stiles, who’s kind of always at odds with isaac anyway. so you’d be like the buffer, the one who stands up for isaac and be quick with the witty comebacks at stiles!

and don’t you think isaac would be kind of used to people pitying/babying him bc of his issues, maybe just being really cautious about what they say around him, kind of holding back. your personality sounds like you wouldn’t do that and he’d be super into a tiny woman telling it like it is :) 

and i love the idea of you and malia kind of being in the “bad girls squad” and isaac being sort of intimidated to talk to you, esp bc he thinks you and malia are together. so he’d try to be sly and ask malia about your deal, and she’d just be super blunt like, “yeah we used to be a thing, but i ended things when i realized she was into someone else.” and isaac would look down sadly like, “oh, okay…” and then malia just rolling her eyes like “i’m talking about you, moron. she’s into you.” 

at this point, he’d have the courage to just go for it. since he knows you’re pretty bold, he thinks you might be into that, so to tell you how he feels, he might just be like, “so malia told me you’re into me.” like challenging you to tell him any different, and it’d be like the first time you’re the one who’s stunned with nothing to say. 

KELLY, like you’re so small that he could just pull you up and sit you on the counter and hook your legs around his waist and just have his way with you, you know what i mean. do you. okay.