Halloween With Jin
  • Jin: Why are skeletons so calm?
  • Jin: ...
  • Jin: Because nothing gets under their skin.
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  • Jin: *Dies of windshield laughter*
The Seven

So this weeks episode was really good, I mean really good. 

One of the more interesting things that came out of it was the expansion of the werewolf mythology with the introduction of The Seven. 

When that guy told Hayley this backstory I squealed like a little kid because I had been waiting for the canon confirmation of something I speculated about since season 1 and we learned of Klaus’s pack from the northeast atlantic. 

See prior to this we knew a little bit about the werewolf origins and Klaus’s origins but we had to put the pieces together, we didn’t know nearly enough, now we know more and they have opened the door for some real exploration into werewolf mythology and for some interesting things for Klaus and for Hayley. I have no idea what their plans are for this but just the potential greatly excites me. i’ll explain why

If you recall, in season 1 we learned that Hayley was a labonair, which was one of the first werewolf bloodlines and they are considered royalty. The labonairs were the leaders of the crescent pack, made up of two main bloodlines (labonair and whatever Jackson’s bloodline was). We know that Jackson was not royalty though, he was just from the other important bloodline in the pack. The entire premise of their bethrotal as children was to merge the bloodlines of the pack and end infighting. 

We also learned during season 1 that Klaus’s biological father was a very powerful werewolf chief of a pack that’s over 1000 years old. The remnants of that pack sought klaus out in season 1, they were the northeast atlantic pack. It was never said if klaus’s father was one of the originals packs but it wasn’t a reach to speculate that he was since that pack went back over 1000+ years. 

There was also the tidbit about the crescents and the northeast atlantics have been rivals since the beginning of time. 

When Ansel came in season 2 he told Klaus that he could be king of an entire species. That HEAVILY implied that Klaus was also royal like Hayley but like I said it was never explicitly said on canon that he was. It was left vague. 

With the introduction of the 7 however it has now been established as canon that Klaus, like Hayley, is a direct descendant of 1 of the 7 original werewolf bloodlines. 

According to the werewolf guy The Seven are: 

Deepwater, Malro, Asrock, Barry, Podark, Paxon, and Labonair

Hayley is a Labonair of course, but Klaus is one of the other six. I’m assuming Hayley learned Ansel’s last name for reading his journal to find a way to help her pack or from Jackson. I have a feeling Ansel was a Paxon, since Hayley mentioned they had to look long and hard to find one of those. She seemed to be learning about the rest of those names only recently, she seemed unaware of the seven until he told her about them but she recognized the Paxon last name, like I said before she would recognize that name if she knew that was Ansel’s last name. Either way Ansel was from one of those bloodlines and so is Klaus. 

(also Paxon sorta rhymes with Mikaelson, Niklaus Mikaelson—>Niklaus Paxon idk it works okay and the rest of those last names sound horrible with Klaus’s name. Like I just know Klaus’s true name isn’t some shit like Niklaus Podark or Niklaus Asrock lol) 

It really excites me that this is canon because welll I’m a crazy shipper and of course the idea that my OTP are literally werewolf king and queen is canon just brings me immense joy lol but aside from that this revelation opens the door for some real exploration of the wolves and of that side of Klaus and for an expansion of the werewolf mythology. 

I don’t know what they plan to do with this and I’m keeping my expectations low but I feel like they will do more with The Seven next season. It would be a very interesting plot line for next season. This season it was the ancient vampire drama. Next season it could be ancient werewolf drama. They went through the effort of including them in this master plan of lucien’s when they didn’t really need to (and when in theory their role doesn’t really make sense but that’s neither here nor there). They even gave us all of their names. They named the packs, they didn’t have to but they put enough thought into this that they named them and they went through the effort of making klaus’s royal origins canon instead of only implied as it was before. To me that says this might not be just a random introduction just for the sake of this lucien plot line. 

If it’s not then things can get pretty interesting going forward. 

This season has not been good for the werewolves. The crescents started off cursed, then they were hunted so many of them died. After their curse was reversed they pretty much disappeared. They also lost their alpha with Jackson’s death. The crescents also lost Hayley, who left new orleans with Klaus. She has returned but we don’t know her status with her pack just yet. 

The rest of the seven are also in disarray. Lucien has been hunting packs all over. Hollis told Hayley that the pack she ran with was scattered and a shell of it’s former self. Needless to say many other packs are probably in the same situation, and the rest of The Seven are pretty bad off right now. We have no idea what happened to Klaus’s pack (I refuse to believe they got absorbed by the guerras at the end of season 1 are all dead now). 

Basically The Seven, and basically werewolves all over are a mess right now. If those packs are vulnerable they MIGHT go looking for a leader…or some leaders and it just so happens that two descendants of The Seven are very powerful supernaturals who could potentially lead them. Klaus and Hayley already helped them out alot by rescuing all those wolves from lucien’s scientists. That wouldn’t just be forgotten and those wolves more then likely know who they are. If I was a werewolf that was tired of my weak circumstances I would turn to Klaus and Hayley, two people I know would help and powerful enough to do so. 

Also of note is that 2 of the 7 bloodlines are now merged via Hope. So Klaus and Hayley are two of the royal lines and they have an heir. That’s a set up for some interesting politics and conflict because we know due to the labonair rivarly with klaus’s pack that not all of The Seven get along with each other and they still might not get along. If the Labonair’s and the Paxons (it’s fact now until said otherwise lol) who’s to say the Podarks and the Deepwater pack get along. I’m more than sure they won’t go deep into this shit regardless but it’s fun to think about and it’s exciting because the potential is there, and as long as it’s their it might get explored. 

All I know is Hayley has been hailed as the Queen of the werewolves since season 1, and Klaus was told he could be King of the wolves. Klaus has also referred to himself as “the wolf king” when he told Hope is nursery rhyme in season 2′s finale. Now it’s canon that he truly is probably a wolf king. And this comes at a time when Hayley is no longer tied to her marriage to Jackson, so she’s a queen without a king…he’s a king without a queen…see where I’m going here lol (and no I’m not saying klaus and hayley finna get married okay lol)

What I’m saying that this COULD be some set up for Klaus to actually ascend to this throne and Hayley to ascend to hers. This next season might also be the last season we get (y’all see dem ratings season 4 is a blessing). IF this coming season is the last season then it would make sense to FINALLY explore the one aspect of Klaus that has yet to be truly tapped into yet…his werewolf side. That would be the last layer to klaus that we would finally get to see him embrace. I’ve wanted to see Klaus really explore his werewolf side so badly since season 1 and his little alpha display to hollis in episode 16 just made me want it even more. I would LOVE it if we finally get it…and of course I’m a crazy shipper so I’m totally here for hybrid king and queen creating a true werewolf community for themselves and their daughter (klaus did say this what he wanted for her in season 1). They could do that if they get to be the leaders they were always meant to be. 

I truly hope The Seven goes somewhere and it goes somewhere good. Only time will tell, until then it will be fun to talk about it!