Since people are now receiving their @legionzine books, I can post the image I did for it. :3
I was surprised to see it in the preview images of the book as well. XD <3

My choice was First Arcanist Thalyssra. Really enjoy the character and the story attached to her. <3


My rent is due in FIVE DAYS. I need 310$.  I am begging right now, if we don’t make it we’ll be kicked out.  All four of us are doing everything we can right now but we’re tight on food and on money and god i need help getting there. Even a dollar helps, guys. Fifty cents even. Nothing is too small. 


please, i am begging you, and im sorry i have to. 

i dont mean to sound desperate but we really need money for the new apartment         literally tomorrow
this is very late notice i know but we thought we’d have it all by now, y’know

if you’re able to please donate to pax’s paypal, which is or commission me

we need a little over $350, he knows the exact number n i don’t i’m sorry

Game: Overwatch
Character: Tracer

There’s a few mistakes in this but, doodle of one of my faaaavorite Overwatch characters. :3
I didn’t think I’d enjoy playing Tracer that much, but she ended being quite fun. <3

Hopefully to come will be: Hanzo, Widowmaker, Mercy, and Torbjörn. Those are other favorites.
Miiiight do other characters after those. Possibly might make prints too at somepoint.~

still jobless

i’ve been applying to jobs left and right, but no one seems to want to hire me.  Which is a very bad situation to be in when your name is on the lease of an apartment. I am hopefully going to get a job at a Chilis, I have an interview in a few days. But even then it’s two weeks until a paycheck to get food.  

I hate to beg, i really do, but i really still need help.  rent is 310$ a month + some money for food.  I am open to do writing commissions/art commissions (only taking sketches atm, lines are very stressful for me.)

if you can’t help, a signal boost would be appreciated. 

for commissions, email me at >>

for donations, you can send the money to >>

thank you so much for your help!

hi i literally have this much left to my name right now. everything else i have is going towards this new apartment. i cant even buy food for myself rn.  i can’t do commissions because i already havet oo many lined up, but please donate to me.  

my paypal is [ ].  im going to have to pay a late fee already since i wont have the money by tomorrow but everything helps.  i need around 350$ + 60$ for the late fee.  anything helps, thank you so much


Howdy yall, guess who just got fired for being mentally ill and needing break days? This guy! I’ve just reciently moved into a new apartment as well, so I’m extra screwed. 

I am offering sketch commissions, as well as taking donations. I need at least 310$ before the beginning of next month.  I have some examples of sketch commisssions as well, and they are PWYW. I cannot do big pieces at the moment, so I do apologize!

If you’d like a commission, please PM me here. 

>> <<  

That is my paypal email, and I would very much appreciate anything you can donate.  Even a dollar is a dollar towards help.  I am currently applying to every job I can think of, but who knows when the’ll get back to me.  Thank you so much for any help you can give me, I appreciate it very much and am eternally grateful.

please help

you may have seen my ‘still jobless’ post going around about how i dont have a job yet and need to make rent? well the situation has just worsened considerably.  our roommate has been hospitalized for the time being and cannot work to help contribute to the home. They may lose their job over it and won’t be able to have any money themselves either. 

our other roommate had his job position eliminated and is probably going to get a severance package but we don’t know what to do until then.  i’m still looking for a job every single day and calling everywhere, but we still need help until someone decides to call us back. 

if you can donate, please, please do. even a dollar helps, i promise. and if you can’t donate, /please/ spread the word.  I’ll keep this post updated with where we’re currently at in all this. 

thank you so much for reading this and spreading this. 

paypal email >> <<


Wanted to do a little testing for myself to see how well I could emulate the Yogscast style they got on many of their arts.
It’s… kinda close. But still ended up putting in my own style a good bit without realizing till later. lol
Put a little side by side of what my body frames ended up to be like proportion wise and such vs. the ones from the background of the website.
My two test subjects were Rythian and Zoeya. :)


Hey there! I’m Paxton and right now I’m in between jobs right now! My bank account currently has like .65 cents in it right now and I could really use a little help! 

I’m offering sketch commissions as well as drabble commissions! (The drabble can be a flight rising description, a WoW description, a drabble of your favorite otp, etc, etc!) 

Samples of my art are here: {{ X }} {{ X }} {{ X }}

And a sample of my writing is here: {{ X }}

I work on a pay-what-you-want basis, and my work will reflect it! If you give me a dollar, you will get a dollar’s worth of work! There is also a donate button on my blog if you’d like to do that instead!!! 

My paypal is:

Please send the info of what you want me to do to:!!! 

Thank you so much and I really look forward to working with people!