The Evil Eye

I’ve sort of been at a loss of what to post about lately, so today I’ve decided we can reach a little into my Sicilian culture a little bit and talk about the evil eye, or “Malocchio.”

The evil eye is a an old curse believed to bring terrible fortune or even injury. The curse is generally thought to be cast when an envious or jealous person gives you a dirty look. The idea of this belief is very big in Sicily, many other Mediterranean cultures and the Middle East. And of course because nothing ever stays in one spot, today you may here about the evil eye from many other cultures as well. I’m sure over time you’ve seen dozens of the various protection amulets different cultures have to ward off the evil eye, some featuring the eye itself.

In Italy its most common to see the horn, perhaps on a necklace or a key chain. What is this magical little horn? Well its called a cornicello, you’ll usually see it in gold or silver, or like the one my father had hanging in the car, red with silver at the base, some will say its modeled after a chili pepper (which makes sense since chilli peppers can be used in hex breaking, and they have chilies in Italy) and some say that it is actually modeled after the horn of an African antelope. Then there’s the mano cornuta, which is literally a charm of a hand throwing up the horns (Italians are metal, and dont forget it). There are many hand symbols used to ward off the eye, I mean, we Italians are known for talking with our hands so why wouldn’t there be? Other than throwing up the horns there is one where you put your thumb between your index and middle finger in a fist and it is supposed to resemble coitus. Phallic imagery is supposed to distract the caster of the glare and prevent the curse. Then we have the less common Cimaruta, this is a big Strega one and my personal favorite.


There are many other talisman against the evil eye, at least several from each culture, so I’m not gonna go into any more or we’ll be here all damn day.

Wanna know if the curse of the Evil Eye is upon you?!?

Well heres a little ritual you can do to find out.

NOTE** This is also a ritual you can do just to see if anyone has used a curse or a hex against you. just fyi.


  • A bowl of water
  • 1 small plate
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • 2 Sewing Needles
  • A Pair of Scissors

First thing you’re going to do is anoint yourself with the water, generally by making a cross on the forehead, then pour some olive oil on the plate next to the bowl. Dip your finger in the olive oil and let it drip off your finger into the bowl of water each drop on top of the last, if the drops stay together you’re fine, if they spread out, you have the curse.

Now if its the evil eye this is how we get rid of it.

Take the sewing needles and shove one through the eye of the other, as to stab the glare back in the eye. Drop them like this into the water bowl and add a pinch of salt, now with the scissors poke all the oil spots and say “Occhi e contro e perticelli agli occhi, crepa la invida e schiattono gli occhi” or if youre rusty on your italian! like myself… just say “Eyes against eyes and the holes of the eyes, envy cracks and eyes burst.”
 Then you take the scissors and cut the air above the bowl 3 times and the curse is lifted.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Do the ritual with the water and olive oil again the next day, if the oil still spreads, then there is something more serious going on and you will have to perform a different ritual to remove what ever hex or curse may be upon you.

Blessed Be! and no dirty looks please.

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The Linealis Project: LP-Ma1 (Malocchio)

It’s been a long time since I made a piece for the Linealis Project! For those new followers who are unfamiliar, the Linealis Project is an ongoing series of work that that brings my passion for geometric illustration and symmetry to the realm of glitch art and databending. All pieces in the series are created from my own original hand-drawn designs, sketches, and doodles.



Amuleti tipica della Sicilia (Part II)

Brevi Bags

In the south of Italy there exists a custom of carrying small carefully prepared sachets on one’s person in order to protect oneself from maladies, these pouches are called: Brevi.

The contents that a maghi will place within a brevi will often differ from practitioner to practitioner. A mix of items such as herbs, blessed objects, saint medals and other obscure treasures, will work independently, and yet harmoniously within the pouch for the protection of the individual. Each object is prepared and charmed before sealed within the bag. Once sealed, a brevi is properly prayed over for the intention of the recipient followed by a blessing of the bag, oftentimes with Holy Water. These bags are then carried about the person, out of sight from the outside world, in order to work their blessing within the individual’s life. A typical brevi prepared for the protection of an individual will shield them from harm in natural disasters, sickness, demonic influence, personal threats and especially il malocchio.

Brevi are an ancient and powerful expression of Southern Italian/Sicilian amulets.

(The CalatoCraft images that have been included here are of two separate brevi that I have crafted. One image was taken during the preparation thereof.)



Credo fortemente nel karma.
Il ragazzo stupido che mi ha fatto dannare a ridosso dei sedici anni è singol da sempre, non si fa avanti con nessuna e si intristisce per questo.
La ragazza stupida che gli andava dietro come una scema ( la sottoscritta ) è felicissima della sua relazione e della potenza del malocchio che riesce a lanciare.


External image

My roommate asked me what “the little eye is” that is hanging around in my room; she noticed it also features in several of my pieces of jewellery, along with a very long, odd shaped pepper….

The Malocchio (Mal = bad, Occhio = eye) is a long-standing and still VERY healthy tradition in Italy. Basically, it is believed to be caused by bad thoughts of other people – especially envy. These thoughts influence the lives of the people thought about, especially if in a weak condition. It has more to do with the thoughts of the “looker” than with the actual eyes, though supposedly people with blue eyes are more likely to have Malocchio… (maybe that’s just an ethnic predjuice, since most Italian’s are brown-eyed).
Not to say that this concept of the “Evil Eye” is strictly Italian; it is prevalent in most ancient superstitions of the entire Mediterranean. The Devil’s Horn (Corno - below) is another offshoot. These twisted red coral, gold or silver amulets are often worn as necklaces to ward off curses. Many say it is to represent the horns of the devil, the Corno (Cornicello, Cornuto) wards off the Evil Eye by extending only the pinkie and index finger like a pair of horns and pointing it down.

External image

Scientifically proving what we maghi have known for millenia.

Look at envy. Envy is perceived in the mind, generated from the heart and exits through the eyes (look closely, they’re the most active area)- thus we have the Mal'occhio or Evil Eye, a curse caused by the envious overlook of another. But now look at love and happiness, starting within the heart and spreading out from there, but look even closer at the comparison: with all of the damage that the evil eye can cause, its still not as strong as love or happiness, none of these emotions are for that matter. Proving what we have always taught, that the fire within our hearts, that which we tap into every time time we say our “prayers” is generated from love and is the strongest thing that when have. While also proving a side point: that when our workings our fueled by love, this is when they will be their strongest- and if we cut ourselves off from it, this is when we are at our weakest.