Lets do another round of “Help me with ship names”, just if someone have any to add, these are the once I have:

Bal (Ben/Mal)
Devie (Doug/Evie)
Jaylos (Jay/Carlos)
Maldrey (Mal/Audrey)
Malvie (Mal/Evie)
Choug (Chad/Doug)
Carvie (Carlos/Evie)
Malonnie (Mal/Lonnie)
Chay (Chad/Jay)
May (Mal/Jay)
Chevie (Chad/Evie)
Jayvie (Jay/Evie)
Jonnie (Jay/Lonnie)
Audvie (Audrey/Evie)
Chaudrey (Chad/Audrey) 
Beay (Ben/Jay)
Jannie (Jane/Lonnie)
Benlos (Ben/Carlos)
Jayne (Jane/Jay)
Janelos (Jane/Carlos)
Chadlos (Chad/Carlos)
Malne (Mal/Jane)
Marlos (Mal/Carlos)
Douglos (Doug/Carlos)
-Thanks @puppycabello 

anonymous asked:

Hi Malne! I just wanted to stop in and say that you're one of my favorite people on tumblr and that I've been following you for a while and check your blog pretty much daily. I hope you're having a good day! And if you're not having a good day, I hope it gets better! 💕✨

thank you so much, wow!❤️❤️❤️