Pics to go with the Upcoming Episodes:

XY054: Malmar vs Inkay! A Bond That Saves the World

James’ Inkay stands up to the Malamar that plots to take over the world.

XY055: The Weakest Dragon Ever! Enter Goomy!!

Team Rocket end up abducting a Goomy alongside Pikachu!

XY056: Dedenne Does Its Best! All for Goomy!!

After being attacked by Team Rocket, Ash ends up separated from everyone else inside a forest!

XY057: Vanillite and Vanillish! A Freezing Whiteout!!

Team Rocket abduct a group of easy-going Vanillite for their evil plan, and the entire town ends up frozen over!!

XY058: Coumarine Gym Match! Frogadier VS Gogoat!!

A battle against veteran gym leader Ramos! Will Ash get his 4th badge!?

XY059: Ash and Serena’s First Date!

In order to find a present for the Pokémon, Ash and Serena go shopping all by themselves.

XY060: Aim to Become Kalos Queen! Serena’s Grand Debut!!

Serena finally participates in her first Tripokalon! What kind of performance will she show us!?