i finally got round to doing my Fem!Mally for the Rule 63 MTP group. i think when i’m done i’m going to make a master post of them.

For her i wantnted not to do a traditional Fem!Mally that follows the concept art design, but rather do a literal male to female switch [but i had to add the collar piece because look how pretty it is!]. Done in Gouache

Here’s what i got asked:   elrohare asked you: Would you draw Mad T Party Dormouse & Cat together, preferably with the mouse looking terrified? ;) saw your Thack & Alice and had to ask!   and this is the first thing i thought of when i saw terrified, and i refuse to draw them in a shippy way, because just no. they can NEVER become a ship. EVER! but i had fun drawing Chess, note: i love MTP but i realised i have never really drawn them. so this is a new experience for me. COMMISSIONS STILL OPEN TO ALL! [free of charge, no smutt though, but any pairing or character i shall draw from anything! :3 ]