#primepickings / volume 01
so so soon i’ll be sending out just a small collection of primepickings books, woo!

thank you for your loving support & shared appreciation for handfuls of wild, free (some state taxed) florals.  it’s been a wonderful couple of years picking, sharing and enjoying all kinds of flowers, friends and adventures. i’m pleased and excited to now truly share them with YOU!

ps: post photo/personal enjoyment just about every prime picking arrangement is left for the following: car doors/windshield, dried on my window stoop, thrown into the wind off a mountain or placed kindly on a sign/post/target range.  


inquire at mallorylucille at gmail
2" x 3" / 30+ photos
25 books for $25 each
payments via paypal / shipping included


a special thank you to zach over at supersonic electronic for the encouragement & support; if you’re not already familiar with zach, his work or his blog, i highly encourage you to check it out!

thank you, loves you, byeee

for what ever reason my original post has been deleted via tumblr (wonderful) though it is showing up on my stream. here’s my original text written in may 2011. again, THANK YOUUU IMMENSELY for all of your support! working on solutions and frustrations, but having friends like YOU really makes this an easier battle. preach anywhere and everywhere! you rule.