every episode of heartland ever [ amber marshall as amy fleming ] || 1.10 born to run

“if it was just him and me it would be fine. but it’s lou, it’s nick, it’s everybody who knows about the accident. who knows he’s not just a horse. he’s the horse my mom died trying to save.”

Calling Horse Lovers!

Is there a Heartland fandom on Tumblr? I’ve been to the tab and it’s a little sparse! If you’re out there somewhere, reblog and I’ll follow you! If you haven’t seen Heartland,but you love horses, watch it! You can find most episodes on YouTube! It’s based (very, very) loosely off the book series of the same name. 


Ep. 606 - Helping Hands

Amy: So, I found you a new show jumping coach. This guy’s the real deal.

(Mallory gapes)

Mallory: Oh my gosh! The hot pony boy from the internet?! Are you serious?!

Amy: Hey, Jeremy! (she waves him over) So, Mallory, this is Jeremy Hughes. You’ll have to talk to your parents, but if they agree on his fees, he’s available.

Jeremy: But the first lesson’s free. So…why don’t you get changed.

Mallory: Wow


Episode 7x04 - The Penny Drops | In the end scene, Mallory leaves Hudson, and the others surprise her with, quite literally, a big good-bye.

Bus Driver: Good afternoon folks…just wondering if there’s anyone on the bus named ‘Mallory’?
If so, you might want to take a look out the right-side window!

(Mallory looks out the window and sees Amy, Ty, Lou, and Georgie all on horseback and holding up a huge “Good-bye Mallory” sign)


Heartland ~ Ep. 606 ~ Helping Hands

(Amy winces at Mallory’s fall)

Amy: Mallory, you cannot pull on his mouth like that.

Mallory: Sorry!

Amy: I’m serious! It’s too hard on Spartan.

Mallory: “Too hard on Spartan”? Are you kidding? I think I just lost my front teeth.

Amy: You are fine, okay? Just get back on. We’ll do it again.