“What is with the concept of marriage for Canadians? Why do people have to get married at 22? People can travel to Mexico without being married! People can travel around the world without being married. They can even share a room sometimes. Mallory and Jake getting married was the saddest thing Heartland has ever featured. No families, no friends, just some random people they happen to know from their childhood. Frustrating, and even devalues the concept of a wedding.”

Mod Note: Getting married young is not a Canadian ideal, particularly with our concept of common-law marriage. Alberta, where Heartland is set, is known for being more conservative, which may play into why Heartland shows several characters putting a premium on marriage but that’s just speculation on my part, because I don’t really visit Alberta and my family that lives there are all very religious, and that skews my view. The other portion of this is that Heartland is a show that has to keep things moving and keep viewers interested, so that also might contribute to the young marriages. Please keep that in mind when making blanket statements.

“I miss Mallory so so much. She was always so straight forward and my favorite character on the show. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if she came back because I want her back so bad. I think Georgie is a cheap ass replacement for Mallory, because Georgie tends to be super whiny and super spoiled.”