Calling Horse Lovers!

Is there a Heartland fandom on Tumblr? I’ve been to the tab and it’s a little sparse! If you’re out there somewhere, reblog and I’ll follow you! If you haven’t seen Heartland,but you love horses, watch it! You can find most episodes on YouTube! It’s based (very, very) loosely off the book series of the same name. 


Mallory: Wait, I’ve got something else for you too. It’s a caffeine free alternative for coffee. I gave it to my dad and it worked really good. He’s totally chill now.

Jack: That’s not bad. What do you call your magic brew?

Mallory: I’m not really sure. Amy said Mrs. Bell uses it on Sugarfoot when he’s stressed. Keeps him regular too.

1x09 - Ghost from the Past [x]


Episode 7x04 - The Penny Drops | In the end scene, Mallory leaves Hudson, and the others surprise her with, quite literally, a big good-bye.

Bus Driver: Good afternoon folks…just wondering if there’s anyone on the bus named ‘Mallory’?
If so, you might want to take a look out the right-side window!

(Mallory looks out the window and sees Amy, Ty, Lou, and Georgie all on horseback and holding up a huge “Good-bye Mallory” sign)


Mallory: Come on Jake, what’s going on?

Jake: I guess I was hoping that even though Lou gave you the job at Maggie’s you’d consider…maybe…going to France?

Mallory: You mean…with you?

Jake: Well…well, maybe, yeah. We’d meet in Paris, go visit Soraya in London, what ever.

Mallory: I really wish you would have asked earlier.

Jake: I know. I should have. It’s…a stupid idea.

Mallory: It’s not stupid.It’s just bad timing.

Jake: […] I guess the reason why I’m here is just to say goodbye.

Mallory: Goodbye now?

Jake: But if you ever change your mind…

Mallory: I’m really gonna miss you.

Jake: […] You remember that time when I promised that I was gonna take you on a real date? Good. Cause the deal’s still on.

7x04 - The Penny Drops (javakiss)