mallory's cosplay


I want to do something for DTMG fandom, but unfortunatelly I’m not a cool artist or something so…yeah, you got my so-called Mallory cosplay. I do not pretend on anything and it’s really hard to recognise the character, I know. Sorry, bromigos .__. 

Enjoy ^^“ 



The first batch of pictures from my Rose Quartz shoot~

it was so amazing to be able to actually be proud of and confident with a cosplay that i did, and one with my own personal twist. One of the things i love about Steven Universe is the diversity, particularly in body types. It’s not every day that a fat character is portrayed positively, let alone portrayed as an ethereal space goddess

thank you so much to my friend Chelsea (chelsea.torres on instagram) for taking such amazing pictures, i don’t think i want anyone else but her to photograph me ever again


A couple more Rose Quartz shots i really liked that i’m realizing never made it into the main set i posted.

Say what you want about the SU fandom. Every fandom has its shitty members, but in the cute fanart and positive message of Steven Universe i found confidence. Even if it was just a tiny little bit.

Also, pudge is cute #softbellygang


Those who hate genderbends should probably look away now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I just can’t get over how slammin’ the-one-and-only-chimi and i are as the weerus and toreepu

crystal-clearu submitted and said:

!! I found one of you and the-one-and-only-chimi ☁️ I’m not sure if you have this one.

the-one-and-only-chimi babe we look so hella

also wow that bag strap

riiiiiiight between the titties.


she isn’t actually that tall, she’s like 2-3 inches shorter. she likes pretending she’s tall tho



“I was born with this strength! I am Sailor Jupiter, of the thunder power!”

Sailor JupiterPhotographer

These are the latest pictures from Anime Boston that I got back from my amazing photographer friend Nate, and I couldn’t be happier with them. They are gorgeous! Thank you so much, Nate!

Also a HUGE thank you to my friend imagineeri for styling my wig! Ey did such a great job with it. I am in love with those super 90’s bangs. <3


Let it be known that on Sunday, boxed-hobo and I went on a french fry date as Jean and Marco a la friedcheesemogu‘s fanfic Say You Will (Or That You Wish You Could). We smuggled in 20 McNuggets and three large fries in a bag in my backpack to the movie theater and ate them. Thank you friendcheesemogu for writing that fic. I hope we made you proud.

(Ps: the date was really great <3)

anonymous asked:

uhm you do realize we can see your fat rolls in your horrible sailor jupiter cosplay right?

Yeah. I was aware. Still wearing the costume anyways. Cry about it.

Also, I’ve seen and heard from my other friends that you’ve been sending anon hate to them. Are you just jealous that we look so awesome? Or jealous that we look beautiful no matter what our body type is?

Have you ever walked onto a con floor knowing that everyone can see every little imperfection of your body, been almost panicking nervous about it, and still done it anyways? Because it took a lot of courage for me to step out in a costume that shows off my midrift. But you know what? I felt powerful. I felt beautiful. I felt kick ass, and everyone I met told me the same thing. So one anon hate isn’t going to make me, or any of my friends for that matter, feel horrible about the costumes that we worked hard on.

So, anon, you really haven’t done much to ruffle my feathers about it, and I’m going to keep wearing my Zombie Hunter Sailor Jupiter cosplay no matter what anyone says.