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Have you seen the film monster about Aileen Wuornos? It is such a great movie. I fee so sorry for her even more than the men she killed. It was their fault tbh.

I like the film but it isn’t all that much accurate. It is stated that the film is fictionalised and only “based” on a true story but I know that a lot of people ignore that and think the film accurately portray how things went down. The sympathetic take on a true story but a boot print on history. It perpetuates the comforting yet erroneous belief that women only kill when provoked by abuse.

That is why so many people feel sorry for Aileen Wuornos. While there is absolutely no denying she suffered imaginable abuse during her childhood and these events, combined with her fear of abandonment, led her down a dark path, people need to remember that the men she killed were innocent. I personally don’t believe they were rapists. In fact, she never claimed they attempted to rape or harm her until months down the line and even then she changed her version of events immeasurable times.

She claimed she killed them because they wouldn’t pay her, she killed them because they wouldn’t take their pants off, she killed them because they were cheaters, she killed them because they were rapists. She relayed a different scene of events that led to each and every murder each time she was questioned. From saying one was killed inside his car as he reached for his gun to then saying he was killed while standing behind the car, the story changed each and every time. She was a compulsive liar and everybody who knew her reported so.

All it takes is looking into her case, her trial, and the evidence to see that she killed them for monetary gain. Most, if not all, were carrying large sums of money which was reported by their loved ones when reporting them missing. She killed these men when times were tough: when Tyria threatened to leave her or when another woman was in the scene and Aileen felt threatened that they would take Tyria from her. From a young age, Aileen believed she could buy love. She started selling sexual favours as a teenager and would use that money in an attempt to buy love and companionship: something that she desperately desired and was always denied.

Some of Aileen’s victims were shot in the back as they attempted to flee before being shot over and over again in the stomach as they winced in pain. She initially confessed she liked her first victim, Richard Mallory, and that he was a nice man who she had spent a number of hours with. This confession was taped. 51-year-old Mallory had a sexual assault charge when he was 19-years-old. In the years before his murder, he frequently picked up sex workers and a plethora of them reported that he was an exceptionally good client. He treated them with kindness and was know to tip.

During her trial, however, she claimed she killed him because he was coming towards her to rape her. Evidence, however, refutes this. Ballistic evidence showed that Mallory was shot from behind through the arm of the shirt first before being shot in the chest multiple times. He was fully clothed. Furthermore, Tyria told police Aileen confessed to this murder to her right away. She made no mention of him attempting to harm her.

People tend to forget that these men were innocent. They’re often lumped together as “John’s” purely because Aileen was a sex worker. However, her modus operandi was often to hitch a ride and claim that her car had broken down and then offer sex once inside. Considering a lot of her victims were found fully clothed, I imagine they turned her down and just offered to drive her wherever she needed to be. Good samaritans in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Aileen wasn’t able to pick up sex work clients like she had in the past. She was an overweight alcoholic. She was haggard and had lost her looks. She was violent while, other than Mallory, these victims had no records of violence or wrongdoing. One was a missionary and another was a child abuse investigator. Some were driving home to see their wives and kids while others were on the job, delivering goods to customers. Even if they had picked her up for sex, that doesn’t warrant their murder. Men who use the services of sex workers don’t deserve to be murdered for doing so.

I sympathise with Aileen Wuornos because of her unimaginable childhood. She was a product of her environment wholeheartedly. But to feel no sympathy for her victims is just abhorrent. These men had families. They had children. They had grandchildren. They didn’t deserve to be murdered just like Aileen Wuornos didn’t deserve the horrific abuse and torment she was inflicted as a child and teenager. I personally don’t think it’s a coincidence that the men she killed were all the same age range as her grandfather was when he abused her up until his suicide. I think her anger at her grandfather was displaced onto innocent targets. Many serial killers have been known to seek out victims with similar characteristics as those who hurt them.

Aileen’s victims have been completely demonised and it’s truly tragic. I can’t even begin to imagine how heartbreaking that is for their family members.

10 Facts about Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos

  1. She never met her father. Her father, Dale Pittman, was in prison when he was born for crimes against children. He was schizophrenic and later hanged himself in his cell in 1969 when Wuornos was a teenager. 
  2. She was once married. Wuornos was married to 69 year old Lewis Fell for a short period of time in 1976. 
  3. She did kill her first victim in self defense. Although she claims she killed all her victims in self defense her first victim she did. Richard Mallory had been in prison 10 years earlier for sexual assault and Wuornos maintains that he tried to assault her. 
  4. At age 11 she began to trade sexual favours for drugs, alcohol, and money. She continued this practice throughout her whole life as a means to make ends meet.
  5. She had a son. After being impregnated by a friend of her grandfather’s she had a son that she then put up for adoption. 
  6. She had Carnival by Natalie Merchant played at her funeral by request. Merchant even gave permission for Wuornos to listen to her music on death row.
  7. Her mother abandoned her and her brother at a young age leaving them to be raised by their grandparents. This would later lead to abandonment issues later on in her life. 
  8. She lived on her own in the woods as an adolescent. After having her child she was kicked out and forced to live in the nearby woods. 
  9. There have been 3 movies made about her life. 
  10. She was in a relationship with a woman during her murder spree. Tyria Moore and Wuornos were invloved in a romantic reletionship during Wuornos’s killings. Moore was even made aware of at least one of the murders during that time. 

Lesser Circulated Photo of Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos In Court

Between 1989-1990 Aileen Wuornos murdered 7 men whilst working as a prostitute in Florida. Her victims were Richard Mallory (51), David Spears (43), Charles Carskaddon (40), Peter Siems (65), Troy Burress (50), Charles Humphreys (56) and Walter Antonio (62).

At one point during her trial Wuornos interrupted the judge to speak to the jury who ruled against her stating: “May your wives and kids get raped right in the ass”. Wuornos was then escorted from the courtroom whilst making lewd gestures to the court observers.

“I robbed them, and I killed them as cold as ice, and I would do it again, and I know I would kill another person because I’ve hated humans for a long time.” - Aileen Carol Wuornos speaking about her crimes

Serial killer Aileen Wuornos demonstrates how one of her victims strangled her before she shot him dead.

Wuornos maintained during her trial that her first victim, Richard Mallory, violently raped and sodomized her after soliciting her service as a prostitute. She alleged that Mallory drove her to an isolated location, sexually tortured her, and was about to kill her when she shot him in the chest and head with her .22 revolver. Wuornos then robbed Mallory and stole his car.

As she would say during her confession “He [Mallory] tied me to the steering wheel and screwed me in the ass. He then tipped some disinfectant on me, and it hurt like fire because he had ripped me up pretty bad. The whole time he held a knife in my face and he was saying ‘try to scream, and you die’ over and over.’

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favorite rp experiences, favorite ships, favorite users, good parts of your day, favorite memories.


Another great experience I’ve had was a gossip girl, vampire diaries roleplay called Within Temptation! It was the first roleplay where I really learned how to expand on my writing and understand my character, thanks to a few tips from my fellow members. I had always been used to one-liners or a few paragraphs, so when I asked one of the members how she went about writing so much, she told me she just expanded on how her character felt, what he went through to get to this point, and how it aids their situation. I mean, obviously, the answer should be pretty blatant, but it was one of those moments where someone had to say it for me to really acknowledge it. This roleplay also helped me grow my affinity for Stefan Salvatore, who I played, and learned about so deeply. I really appreciate him as a character now, thanks to WT. 

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