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Galavant SOS

I have fallen head over heels in love with the new musical comedy show Galavant. I have actually made it my new bedtime ritual to re-watch clips of the musical numbers every night before I go to sleep…the last time I did that was when I was flailing over the perfection that was Lois and Clark on Smallville. Unfortunately the ratings for the show have not been stellar and that’s not the show’s fault AT ALL. It did pretty well the first week, but the second week it was up against The Golden Globes and then last Sunday it was competing against football. Obviously a popular awards show hosted by two of the current queens of comedy (Amy Poehler and Tina Fey) was going to draw in more viewers than a new series and football is like America’s national sport so there goes the ratings for the show for the last two weeks. Here’s my pitch as to why you should watch this show if you’re not watching it already:

  • It’s a freaking musical comedy fairytale set in the middle ages! Can you name one other show on tv that’s like that?
  • It is legitimately hilarious. It funny in a ridiculous sort of way and it is very aware that it is a musical and it constantly pokes fun at itself for it.  

  • It is like the lovechild of Stardust, The Princess Bride and the Monty Python movies. And honestly who doesn’t love The Princess Bride? That would be totally, completely, and utterly
    External image
  • It has music by Alan Menken…you know the guy who did The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas, Hercules, Enchanted, and Tangled? Yeah that genius. 
    External image
  • The lyrics are absolutely brilliant. In the very first song of the show “adventure” is rhymed with “real butt clencher”, then in the villain’s first song on the show he sings “I want to skewer him with swords and slowly twist ‘em all around his reproductive system”. Like how AMAZING is that? Also the lyrics for the songs, especially the love songs are so refreshingly incredibly honest. One of the songs in a recent episode was a duet between a chef and a handmaiden and these are the lyrics:

                 If I could share my life with you 
                Just think how happy we’d be
                We’d share a hovel built for two
                Complete with vermin for three
               We could wile away each hopeless day 
               Comparing open sores
               Yes life would blow, but much less so,
               If I could share mine with yours

        If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about life in the middle  ages for the lower class, I don’t know what will.

  • The show features scene stealing performances by Timothy Omundson as the evil King Richard. I mean just look at this delightful jackass:


  • The show also turns the whole “damsel in distress” trope on its head and makes that character into a woman who is refreshingly honest. She becomes someone who knows what she wants and goes after it and she turns into an unapologetic villain. 
  • The show is also surprisingly diverse given the time period it’s set in. Now granted, there are only two POCs on the show, but that just so happens to be one third of the main cast and filmakers and showrunners often fall back on the tired excuse of “People of color weren’t there yet” when it comes to period movies/shows and Galavant, thank God, does not do that. 

  • The show has an interracial romance with two gorgeous, super talented indivuals who radiate chemistry and UST. Just look at these two cupcakes
  • In conclusion: THIS SHOW IS MADE OF SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS AND EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD! There’s still time to get caught up before the finale this Sunday, January 25th at 8pm EST on ABC. Six episodes have aired but each episode is only 22 minutes long. That’s approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. I’ve done the math. PLEASE WATCH THIS SHOW SO THAT IT DOESN’T GET CANCELLED! IF YOU DON’T WATCH IT YOU’RE MISSING OUT

Love… is nothing like the fairy-tales you grow up dreaming of. Love is weird; love is dumb; love is strange, and that’s what makes it love.

Galavant; lyrics from “It’s love”.

Never a truer word spoken. 

We’re getting season 2 of Galavant!
  • We’re getting more of Glen Slater and Alan Menken’s marvelous music and witty lyrics!
  • We’re getting more ‘make myself want to wet my pants I’m laughing so hard’ comedy
  • We’re getting more of this delightful jackass who gets “gravy on his tummy flowers”
  • We’re getting more of this adorkable, gorgeous idiot who “has a face most chicks have a thing about”
  • We’re getting more of this BAMF Queen who can only depend on herself
  • We’re getting more of this flawless, selfless, warrior princess with the face of an angel
  • We’re getting more of this faithful, underrated genius who “sings like a fricking angel”
  • We’re getting more of this loyal, massive guardian who hugs like a boa constrictor
  • We’re getting more heavenly duets and more 'Pretty Izzy, you’re so pretty" and more “Together we’re not bad…it’s true” and more “forever kisses” and more romance from these two lovely, perfect dorks who bring out the best in each other and who were meant to be together
  • We’re getting more laughter and tears and adventures and “hero’s journeys” and friendship and basically more of a show that is an absolute gem in every way!

To the renewal gods at ABC

To my fellow Galavant fans, let’s celebrate! Our show is coming back for season 2!

Is anyone else wondering what they’re going to do with their Sunday nights now that season one of Galavant is done? I mean the music, the romance (coughGalabellacough), the comedy, THE PURE FREAKING GOLD THAT IS THIS SHOW…

Are There Lesbians? No

What Happens?
Stuck with the banished King Richard (Timothy Omundson) after the final episode of Season One, Galavant (Joshua Sasse) must travel to Hortensia to rescue Princess Isabella (Karen David) who is being forced into marriage to her cousin (although she does pretty well for herself without Gal, being the strong, independent, female Beyonce would want her to be). Meanwhile, held hostage back in Valencia Gal’s reasonably faithful squire Sid (Luke Youngblood) is forced to placate two very strong-willed people after Queen Madalena (Mallory Jansen) crowns Richard’s childhood friend, Gareth (Vinnie Jones), King - with unexpected results.
Add some giants-who-aren’t-giants, dwarves-who-aren’t-dwarves, magical mix-ups, a very evil wedding planner and a dragon-who-is-definitely-a-dragon and we have an exciting second season, with all the intertextual humour and musical comedy that I know and love from the first season.

The Verdict:
Ok so there clearly aren’t any lesbians in Galavant – although I wouldn’t be surprised if there were by next season. Honourable mention however must go to Princess Jubilee who is, to all intents and purposes, bi, and also to the Enchanted Forest, a gay bar that Richard and Gal find themselves trapped in like some sort of fabulous Circe’s island. Of course the latter is played mostly for laughs although the comedy is mostly based around Richard’s inability to realise that he is in a gay bar, rather than the fact that gays are funny. Stereotypes abound, including a very jazzy Kylie Minogue number, featuring the girl from Neighbours herself. For queer representation however, that is about the extent of it.

Mostly, Galavant focuses on developing strong, female characters. The first season saw both Madalena and Isabella evolve from the stereotypical love-interests we expected them to be, to complex characters in their own right. While the majority of the cast is male, the female characters stand out for more reasons than the simple fact that they are female – each possessing their own opinions and motivations, outside of the men in their lives (except Isabella in a few episodes, but there are reasons for that.) Several romances do develop, and while I do have some issues with everyone suddenly pairing off, for the most part they feel incredibly natural and overall don’t make the viewer feel like the women involved are there simply to be a prize for male good behaviour.

In a series that is essentially about knights and various masculine tropes, it is good to see pretty much all of that turned on its head. Whereas before I mentioned that the women are able to evolve emotionally as separate from their male counterparts, the series also doesn’t shy away from male sensitivity over more classic male emotions… or lack thereof. For instance, Gal suffers greatly from the lack of care that his father had, and consequently isn’t very good with emotions, or sarcasm as we later find out.

Galavant is a series that is unashamedly funny and uses all the fantasy tropes we have come to know and love from series like Game of Thrones and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. With a dearth of light-hearted and non-gritty television, Galavant is there to clear the air with song and dance numbers and a delightful sense of self-awareness. Put simply, it is a series I cannot recommend highly enough, and Season Two was just as good as, if not better than the first, and there had better be a Season Three!