RvB Prompt: Outsourcing

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Office Romance AU with Sheila and Lopez pls :)

(I know this is going to get away from me, so I’m making it into a proper text post rather than an ask because of length and read more cuts.)

“UGH. It’s doing it again!”

Sheila popped her head up over the short cubicle wall. “Doing what?” she asked calmly. The girl, Kaikaina or something (everyone just called her Sister), was furiously punching her keyboard and staring down the frozen computer screen.

“Look at it!” she complained. The screen sat frozen with a little mocking hourglass half-turned. “I wasn’t even on the internet this time!”

Sheila thought about how she could, theoretically, sit down and explain to Sister how computer viruses worked and how, with her track record and internet usage habits, her computer is easily suffering from the bubonic plague. But, really, Sister didn’t seem to understand it the first two times anyway.

“Just call support,” Allison called over from the other side of Sister’s cubicle. “That’s what they’re there for.”

“But I always get that one guy who doesn’t even speak English! He’s always going on in Mexicanese.” She leaned back in her chair and let herself fall down in her seat until she looked like she was about to spill out of it. Sheila looked at her computer screen, her work predictably ahead of schedule, and sighed as she offered, “I could call for you, Sister.”

She immediately sat up, her spirits lifted as she turned a positively beaming face on Sheila. “Would you? You’re the best, Sheila!” She jumped out of her seat and swiveled it welcomingly as Sheila walked over and sat down, picking up the phone and dialing the Dreaded Number for IT support. “Oh, oh!” Sister said, tapping Sheila on the shoulder in tune with the rings on the other end of the phone. “If it’s some guy named Dick or Simon or Simmons or whatever, you can give it back to me. He sounds totally nerdy-hot. I bet he has to wear glasses.”

Sheila shooed her away as the phone was picked up and she said, “Hello, Lopez. This is Sheila from Weapons Control. I’m having a bit of computer trouble I was hoping you’d help me with.” Sister walked off to get herself coffee, muttering about the IT department and how she bet Simmers was totally too hot to live in India or Mexico or wherever.

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malloriferrer replied to your postsadly I cant kill myself tonight because…

we should chat about your favorite Robins. or any Robins. I’ve had limited exposure to Batman comics and I mostly know about Dick.

well my absolute favorite robin is Damian for a a few very long and complex and sad reasons, and he is also the thing that got me super in to comics {they always have been around in my life, mainly marvel comics but still}

{{are you sure you are ready to have this conversation with me? because I will not shut up once I have started}}

Hi! It’s Mal. I’m starting a personal project this summer called Project: Level Up. This is an introduction video to the idea. I’m going to try to make one new video every weekday for the next 12 weeks, starting on Monday 12MAY and ending on Friday 01AUG. There’s a theme for every day and I’ll try to use an actual camera instead of just my MacBook Photobooth. I’m learning to be more confident with everything I say and do. This will also be a way to get me to complete a project. 

Is that a weird title card? Is the audio too low? How many times do I say “so…”? Find out in this video. 


Wednesday on Project: Level Up means I’m gushing about my fandoms. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and talk about some shows I watched in elementary school. 

(I realized I totally forgot about Mikey in the Recess segment. That was unfortunate. I love Mikey and his big heart and his talent.)


Happy Monday, y'all! Even with all the crazy stressful days of moving this weekend, I found time to put together a video to get excited about. 

My house is a mess. I burned some Christmas wrapping paper. I found some hats. It’s a… it’s a video. 


Oh hey! It’s Thursday and I’m talking about Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz on Project: Level Up. 

(I think these are getting progressively worse. I am not leveling up like I wanted to. must work harder. )


Another Monday on Project: Level Up! I’m excited about Cami’s 2nd birthday, my anniversary this weekend and a drum-off between Chad Smith and Will Ferrel. 

(enjoy the cute babies and Chuck Norris facts.)


Thursday on Project: Level Up is all about books! Today I bring you Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. 

(I try not to spoil anything and I also change clothes. Oh, and there’s a bunny in this video.)