Simple things, simple life and sometimes a “simple song” are all you need-

Perhaps the finest performance ever recorded of Garden Song - by songwriter Dave Mallett, 1993. With Mark O'Connor, Jerry Douglas, Brent Mason, Glen Worf, and Harry Stinson. Many people think of this as a children’s song; when Dave Mallett sings it, it’s a working man’s song.
The Christian Martyr
In fact, in Christianity, the word martyr means “witness”…

Religious extremists force others into their creed,

Christian martyrs invite others to live theirs.

Religious extremists kill others in “service” to their faith,

Christian martyrs give their lives for the faith of others.

Religious extremists strap bombs to themselves,

Christians martyrs fasten their wills to the Cross.

Religious extremists blow up others for the “glory of God”,

Christian martyrs serve others to the point of death for God’s glory.

Religious extremists demand allegiance, taxes, or one’s head,

Christian martyrs renounce their possessions and very lives.

Religious extremists pronounce others “infidels” as they slaughter,

Christian martyrs pronounce forgiveness of their executioners.

Religious extremists arm and train children for war,

Christian martyrs become like little children.

Religious extremists rape women and take them as slaves,

Christian martyrs die defending the dignity of the woman.

Religious extremists often take many wives as concubines,

Christian martyrs often take a vow of chastity.

Religious extremists burn churches, hospitals, and schools

Christian martyrs give their lives building them.

Religious extremists fast and pray to bring about the victory of war,

Christian martyrs fast and pray to end wars.

Religious extremists carry weapons,

Christian martyrs carry one another’s burdens.

Religious extremists cover their faces like cowards,

Christian martyrs boldly show the face of Christ.

Religious extremists take away the liberty and freedom of others,

Christian martyrs sacrifice themselves for the freedom of others.

Religious extremists grant clemency, only if one converts,

Christian martyrs claim Mercy as the reason for their conversion.

Religious extremists commit suicide for the pleasures of paradise,

Christian martyrs give their lives so that others may enter Heaven.

Religious extremists hate their enemies as a sign of their fidelity,

Christian martyrs love their enemies as a sign of their faith.

Religious extremists hold the sword as their banner,

Christian martyrs raise the Cross as their standard.


It’s Fine Press Friday!

We keep finding little jewelettes as we continue to process Jerry Buff’s enormous donation. In a stash of Grabhorn Press and their affiliates and spin-offs (Colt, Jumbo, Arion, Grabhorn-Hoyem), we came across this lovely little nugget, The History of Susanna published in San Francisco in 1948 by brothers Edwin and Robert Grabhorn at their Grabhorn Press in an edition of 400 copies.

The Indiana-born and raised Grabhorn brothers became the consummate San Francisco printer/publishers, beginning with their arrival in that city in 1919 and continuing until Edwin’s death in 1968 and Robert’s death in 1973, with more than 700 printed titles to their credit. The heritage of the Grabhorn Press continues to this day, however, with the press’s successor, Andrew Hoyem’s Arion Press.

The initials for this piece and the delightful black and red wood engravings are by the press’s main illustrator from 1935-1950, Mallette Dean. The text was handset and printed on French handmade paper in Bibel Gotisch type, a Gothic-inspired typeface (also known as Jessen Schrift) designed in 1924 by the noted German calligrapher and typographer Rudolf Koch. The Grabhorns were the first to use the type commercially in 1928, and continued to make use of it throughout their career.
Key to the Woman

Knowledge of the true Catholic doctrine regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary will always be a key to the exact understanding of the mystery of Christ and of the Church. —POPE PAUL VI

THERE is a profound key that unlocks why and how the Blessed Mother has such a sublime and powerful role in the lives of mankind, but particularly believers. Once one grasps this, not only does Mary’s role make more sense in salvation history and her presence more understood, but I believe, it will leave you wanting to reach for her hand more than ever.

The key is this: Mary is a prototype of the Church.


@classe-ass​ m’a tagué (et aussi @mavieserasibelle​ un peu) au jeu sexiste de @jefaiscequejepeux​.

J’ai pas de sac au quotidien, mais j’ai ma mallette d’ordi que je prends pour aller voir mes clients, et y’a des objets pas banals dedans.

Vous trouverez donc :

  • Une note (ou un “ticket de caisse” pour @anothermadfan) Monoprix pour l’achat d’une pâte feuilletée et de deux briques de 50cl de béchamel prête à l’emploi.
  • Un tube de Lysopaïne avec un seul cachet restant, périmé depuis mai 2015, parce que j’attrape facilement malala gorge.
  • Un couteau Laguiole (fabriqué à Laguiole) offert par mon papa pour mes 20 ans. C’est au cas où j’me fais agresser par un client.
  • Une preuve de remise d’argent à ma banque. 300€ en liquide, sans doute l’argent de la drogue.
  • Une paquet de mouchoirs classiques Monoprix, doux et qui respectent ma peau nasale quand je suis enrhumé.
  • La carte bancaire de la société, kestuvafaire ?
  • Un sachet de euh, truc contre les brûlures d’estomac.
  • La somme de 18,40€ en cash bébé.
  • Un stylo bille à l’écriture fluide offert par ma grand-mère.
  • Des lunettes 3D on sait jamais ça peut servir.
  • Ma carte de bus qui sert une fois par trimestre.
  • Des étiquettes de bouteilles de vin.
South Africans Fight for Delville Wood

Allied forces manning trenches in the remnants of Delville Wood.

July 15 1916, Delville Wood–The successes yesterday along Bazentin Ridge had proven difficult to exploit.  One difficulty was that the advance that they made now left a distinct right angle in their line around Delville Wood; any further advances might exacerbate this, and in the meantime, the area was exposed to German artillery fire from multiple sides.  To shore up the area, the South African Brigade was ordered to capture the wood “at all costs” on July 15.

Private Hugh Mallett recalled:

We arrived at the edge of the wood at about dawn, everybody on tenterhooks and just as the last man got in old Fritz opened fire with big and little guns, rifle and machine-gun fire.  What a time we had!  Our men were getting rolled over like ninepins, but on went the boys and by 8.30 we had accomplished our task.  We gave old Fritz the time of his life.  I took a slow and steady aim and made every shot tell.  My only regret was that I did not get my bayonet into him.  Later there was a lull and it was during this lull that I was hit…old Fritz sent a huge shell right in front of our trench.  One of the splinters of the shell landed me on the right cheek…it made a nasty hole.  I did not wish to leave, but I was told to take another wounded man to safety.  We were shelled all the way to the dressing station…on my way through the wood I saw many of our brave lads dead.

Although the South Africans had taken the wood, they were now subject to shelling and counterattacks from three sides.  Ammunition ran short, and casualties mounted. That night, Lt. Owen Thomas reported the next morning:

The enemy continued shelling the wood very heavily all last night, inflicting many casualties.  The Vickers machine gun has been put out of action and the gun withdrawn.  Nothing has been heard or seen of the 3rd Division.  I was given to understand that they were attacking at dawn.  My company has been so depleted, and the remaining few are now so exhausted that I do not consider we could put up an effective resistance if the enemy were to attack.

For the next three days, the Germans continued incessant shelling and sniping.  On July 18, 20,000 shells fell on the square mile of ground.  Lt. Thomas again reported late on the 18th:

I am now the only officer left in A Coy.  One Lewis Gun crew have been blown up.  Can you send another crew?  I have wounded men lying all along my front & have no stretchers left, and they are dying for want of treatment, my field dressings being all used up.  Can you obtain stretcher bearers?  Urgent.  I consider the position is now untenable, and have had my breastworks all blown in.  It is impossible to spare men to take wounded away, and my front is now very lightly held with many gaps.  To save the balance of men it will be necessary to withdraw.  Most of the men here are suffering from shell shock and I do not consider we are fit to hold the position in the event of an enemy attack.

Lt. Thomas was wounded soon afterwards; most of the South Africans were overrun the next day.  They suffered over 75% casualties in the course of the four days in the wood.

Today in 1915: South Wales Coal Miners Strike 
Today in 1914: Lützow Warns British Ambassador of Imminent Austrian Note To Serbia

Sources include: Robin Prior & Trevor Wilson, The Somme; Peter Hart, The Somme.
The Great Ark
JESUS said that the period before His eventual return in glory would be “as it was in the days of Noah…”

What the Church safeguards sacramentally and authoritatively, one could say Mary safeguards personally and unerringly.

For the first thousand years of the Church’s existence, her influence on the world was powerful, so much so, that her moral authority was recognized (and feared) even among her enemies. Thus, Satan’s strategy was to reduce as much as possible the credibility of the Church by creating scandal and then division. Three schisms, culminating in the “Protestant Reformation” in the 16th century, produced enough corruption, doubt, and disillusionment, that the world was primed to receive an alternative vision to the Gospel—an alternative, indeed, to God Himself. Thus, at last, the “father of lies” spewed a torrent of lies “out of his mouth after the woman to sweep her away with the current.” He did so through errant philosophy: deism, rationalism, utilitarianism, scientism, materialism, Marxism, etc.


We see the incredible damage that Pius X’s unheeded warning has brought—from heretical seminaries to experimental liturgies to liberal theology—the Church, particularly in the West, has been decimated by disobedience. 

Said Cardinal Ratzinger shortly before becoming Pope: 

It is a boat about to sink, a boat taking in water on every side

Some consider this outlook “dark and gloomy,” and it would be if we did not know the end of the story: that the Church will experience a resurrection after she passes through her own Passion…

…But how do we receive this mercy, and into what does this mercy bring us? The answer is through and into the Church:

…all salvation comes from Christ the Head through the Church which is his Body. — CCC n. 846

In this regard, Noah’s Ark is clearly a “type” of the Church:

The Church is “the world reconciled.” She is that bark which “in the full sail of the Lord’s cross, by the breath of the Holy Spirit, navigates safely in this world.” According to another image dear to the Church Fathers, she is prefigured by Noah’s ark, which alone saves from the flood. —CCC, n. 845

Mary and the Church form one Great Ark. 

The exterior form is that of the Church: her bow is the truth that cuts through heresy; her anchor is the deposit of faith held by the chain of Sacred Tradition; her height is comprised of the planks of the Sacraments; her roof is the infallible Magisterium; and her door, again, the gateway of Mercy.

Our Blessed Mother is like the interior of this Great Ark: her obedience is the internal beams and frame that hold the vessel together; her virtues the various floors within the Ark that bring order and structure; and the stores of food are the graces of which she is full. By living in her spirit of obedience and holy virtue, the soul is naturally led deeper into all the graces won through the merits of the Cross. Hence, the reason I urge you again to consecrate yourself to Mary. As Pope Pius XII said, this consecration “tends essentially to union with Jesus, under the guidance of Mary.”

- Mark Mallett


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