Breath by Mallemagic

So, I figured out how to paint a certain way, then I do what I always do - takes to to a much higher lvl and sees if I can manage XD *Sigh* Oh well ^^ I like the result :D This way of painting is very addictive O_O I don’t think I can ‘Let It Go’ XDDDD Gnnngh haha… sorry ^^“

Anyway :) I wanted to draw these two for a long time but didn’t have the courage to do it. Now I can check it off my list

Made in OpenCanvas
Time: 8 hours

Elsa by Mallemagic

You asked for it, so here you have Elsa from Disney’s new movie ‘Frozen’! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many requests about drawing some character before! :P (Lick)
As always, you can’t really see the original colours as the scanner hates light colours, but IRL it’s really pretty. :) (Smile) I’ve also added a lot of glitter to the picture which also, is not visible here. *sigh*
Anyway! I hope you like MY Fanart of her in my style ^^ :heart:

Time: 5 hours
Tools: Copics, FC. Polychromos, glitter & white ink.

My version of Anna; Anna by Mallemagic