Some People are worth Freezing for

Destiel Christmas Mini Bang | Day 9: Snow
writer: jinglyjensen | artist: mallaydraws [link to art]
word count: 1,709
tags: canon verse, human!Cas, post!Darkness, mentions of Frozen
summary: When Castiel goes wandering off in the snow by himself, Dean knows he has to find him — and teach him how to make snow angels.

Dean shivered against the cold despite the sturdy buffer of his jacket. The snow was falling thick and fast, coating the ground knee deep in soft white. During the winter, the landscape around the bunker was stark and barren, but the snow made everything look appealing and quaint. Dean didn’t mind the snow — when he wasn’t hunting anyway. Tracking a shape shifter or a nest of vampires was miserable in the snow; it meant cold, shaking hands turning numb against the barrel of the gun, and feet slipping and sliding on black ice hidden beneath. No, the snow was best observed on a day with nothing to do.

Pushing the bunker door open, Dean descended the stairs, carrying half melted snowflakes on his shoulders. His feet left muddy puddles down the corridors — a mess that he wouldn’t be able to leave for long. He’d been on a grocery run. With three mouths to feed, they were going through a ton of food every week, which meant increasingly frequent supply runs. Castiel was eating them out of house and home with his sudden appetite for PB and Jelly sandwiches. Making his way down to the kitchen, he heard Sam’s footsteps round the corner.

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