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Femte dagen del 1: jag och Amanda gav oss ut för att köpa present till Mallan. Vi beslutade oss också för att kolla runt när vi ändå var i farten (pch hittat den riktiga stan.) Vi kollade på kyrkor, affärer, utsikter och folk. Jag är glad att vi gjorde det eftersom det känns som jag fått ut mer av min resa än häng på hotell, club och vid pool. Buffé på hotellet och firade av Mallis. Det blev 6 Shots och 2 drinkar.. Detta kan helt omöjligt innehållit så mycket alkohol eftersom jag inte blev full. Lite lullig ja, men hade jag svept 6 shots och 2 drinkar hemma hade de varit akuten nästa haha.

❝ cartia mallan gif hunt ❞

Under the cut, you’ll find a total of  #32 gif of cartia mallan who is known for being an aussie youtuber. all of the gifs below i personally consider to be roleplayable. all of this gifs are made by me, if you want to use them feel free, but do not claim them as yours. and finally, likes and reblogs aren’t necessary but are highly appreciative if you do find this useful.


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Top 10 youtubers?

Maddi Bragg
Shani Grimmond
Cartia Mallan

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Kerry Mallan, 2000

Mallan describes the concept of ‘female grotesque’ as a destabalising visual/narrative device that explores and challenges limitations of the female body’s representation - the female body becomes a vehicle for transgressive behaviours that subvert feminine norms, but bring representations closer to actual realities of female bodily experience. (she discusses in the context of children’s films) 

“By transgressing the norms of femininity, the female grotesque refuses the limits imposed on her body and embraces the ambivalent possibilities such transgressions offer.”

Archetypes such as femme fatale, tom boy, bitch, nymphomaniac etc. are phrases which seek to control excessive displays of transgression, or the ‘grotesque’. 

“Yet, despite these social and sexual controls, women and girls continue to transgress the bounds of ‘proper’ femininity and feminine decorum. Their bodies then become the sites of personal pleasure as well as offering a sight for other women and girls to engage in a voyeuristic delight in seeing the un/sightly; that is, in seeing female bodies performing in ways which are denied to them.

Mallan says the female grotesque is a way to deny the traditional male gaze and create for the enjoyment of the female gaze. 

“The relationship between the viewer and the viewed is not a simple matter of a subject-object dialectic. Rather, the relation of the female viewer to the female on the screen is one of double vision – of seeing the other as the same, familiar and known, yet at the same time, different, unfamiliar and unknown. In real life, women who make a spectacle, through their over-the-top or over-display of actions or costume, transform the female body from a site/sight as object to be looked at, to one of ‘looking-at-being- looked-at-ness’.”

Mallan is referring to difference between a relationship of looking in which viewed is passive, and one which is controlled by the viewed (and performed with intent). though the grotesque is generally viewed negatively, “the transgressive female body has been appropriated into some feminist theories as a positive symbol of female subversiveness and rebelliousness against patriarchal hierarchies.”

‘transgressive bodies’ - I think this can be thought of as ones which sit outside the boundaries of perfection, or the ‘norm’ - Mallan considers how female power is expressed as an exaggeration and emphasis of female physicality, and so “beauty becomes an interesting construct which offers different interpretations of conventional and unconventional physical attractiveness.”

artifice and sensuality - “They are also women who delight in their bodies as sensual and transgressive objects of desire which demand the kind of ‘looking-at-being-looked-at-ness’.” the characters “exaggerate their version of femininity and in doing so reveal feminine identity as always a masquerade…Another source of pleasure that can be derived from the femme fatale lies partly in the woman’s uninhibited displays of sexuality and the power this generates…[the women] are clearly aware of their power of appeal, and provide a subversive alternative.”  

my understanding of the female grotesque includes transgressive the accepted form and function of the female body - therefore you could argue that a depiction of a ‘real’ authentic female body (unperfected) is transgressive as it defies society’s construction of female beauty and physicality and rejects the shame of non conformity by unapologetically exposing itself. You could also argue that the body involved in acts like peeing etc. also fits this model of the grotesque; such acts are normal but nonsexual, therefore undermining the female body’s primary conventional role as sexual object and undermining the viewer’s enjoyment of it. 

Mallan, K. 2000 ‘Witches, bitches and femmes fatales: viewing the female grotesque in children’s film’, Papers: Explorations into Children’s Literature, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 26-35.

- Happy belated Birthday to this beauuuuutiful Pumpkin Pie who turned 1 just the other day. I’m so excited to come meet you in the near future Miss Taylan-Mallan. You are so gorgeous and are so blessed to be surrounded by a strong matriarchal family raising you, as we are to have you as a blessing in the next generation of our family. Sending you lots of love from your Aunties in London…MWA ♡ #BirthdayGirl #instacute #teeth #family #onelove #SikilousMob x

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you seem really into cartia mallan and rahnee just be yourself we know who they are we want to know about you, please stop trying to be like them be yourself

Look I’m not trying to be them nor do I want to be, I am just being myself just because I’m choosing to be happier and changing my lifestyle, does not mean I’m trying to be them I just wanna be me and be happy x