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ahh so i couldn’t bear to delete these gifs, but they’ve been literally just collecting dust for months now so i might as well post them ajdfsaf. i’m really happy cartia is becoming like a Popular mascot now, so here are ##? hq gif icons of cartia mallan, best known for her youtube channel.

i made all these gifs from scratch, so please do like/reblog if you find this useful! and feel free to do what you want with them!

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Scinax garbei; Fringe Lipped Treefrog

Life History, Abundance, Activity, and Special Behaviors
The species is arboreal and nocturnal. Reproduction occurs in the rainy season (November to May) in large ponds. The males call in a vertical position with the head pointing down. Clutches contain about 550 eggs. The tadpoles are pale green and have a protuberance on the lip that distinguishes them from all other species in the Reserva Florestal Adolpho Ducke in Brazil .


Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru 


photosource-calphoto database

anonymous asked:

what youtubers do u watch ?

cartia mallan, casey neistat, freya haley, bonny rebecca, and sammy robinsons europe travel vlogs are my favorite!!!

.bad habits. a stream of consciousness?

its like when you take the first sip of tea, it painfully sizzles on your tongue
theres nothing you can do besides wait out the pain
you know the tea is still hot, yet you take another sip
this time the pain is more bearable
but now, you have two burnt patches on your tongue
these are going to take a few days to heal
each time you go to eat or drink something, you will be reminded of the two little burns
.an unpleasant sting.

this doesn’t stop you from sipping the tea
it tastes good therefore it must be finished, no matter how hot or cold it gets
determination to succeed such an insignificant task in the hope that the ego feels warm and accomplished
to prove a point?
i dont know

people seem to have a habit of going back to things that hurt them in the hope that the second,
third or forth time round
they will be stronger.
or possibly just more prepared.

the devil never sleeps when he is fuelled with the flames that ignite his fire.

—  Cartia Mallan