And just like that he had her heart. It was wrapped tightly around the depth of his eyes, the way he spoke, his pure presence made her stand on edge. Like a fizzy drink that is about to explode. Sweet and sticky, a total mess.
—  Cartia Mallan

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what are your favourite youtube channels to watch?

infinite waters, stella rae, koi fresco, hitomi mochizuki, cartia mallan, various astrology channels, etc. and of course there are so many random youtubers i watch when i’m just wasting time i always love a good shane dawson conspiracy vid and i watch some vloggers occasionally too :)

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some of the lovely faces we’d like to see are sav montano, irigas, claudia tihan, cartia mallan, joanna marie, alissa violet, jjabbatheslut, lycia faith, camila low, atlanta pitman, cailin russo, sarah snyder, ines silva, kelsey calemine, sahar luna, eileen kelly, chantel jeffries , zendaya, meredith mickelson, imbribtw, ariana grande, aiyana lewis, kylie jenner, naressa valdez, normani kordei, audreyana michelle, lauren jauregui, dua lipa, amanda arcuri, maia mitchell, cleo lazuli, w.tch, hailey baldwin, madison beer, nisrina sbia, nicola peltz, josefine pettersen, ashley moore, nyane lebajoa, lalisa manoban, jennie kim, park chaeyoung, kim jisoo, kang seulgi, goo hara, gong jeungyeon, minatozaki sana, im nayeon, park jihyo, lee chaerin, bae irene, kim yongsun, hwasa, kim hyuna, amber liu, kim taeyeon, im yoona, iu, and bae suzy !

Fugacious Future

10/12/15 - 6:37pm

Listening to Tame Impala; The Less I Know The Better and thinking about my very near future. Last night I was inspired by a certain Youtuber Cartia Mallan who makes exciting and hilarious Vlogs of her random adventures through Australia, documenting everything from the outfits she’s wearing; the new friends she’s made and the BEAUTIFUL scenery around her. 

And it got me thinking what I want to do with my life next. 

For so long now I’ve been getting sucked deeper and deeper into the dark and ever expanding black hole of consumerism, wealth and power (mainly because of watching too much Gossip Girl, oops). Although to be financially stable is certainly something I plan to be in the future, it should not have complete power over me and my thoughts. 

Cartias’ videos reminded me of how GOOD it feels to be with friends; to smile; to explore cool new places and that is exactly what I plan to do. 

For the last month I have left in England I will indulge myself in the (not-so)glamorous parties, city shopping and classy style. It’s the English way to live. And I’ve come to terms with that. Unless you live in Inner-Sydney or over looking the harbour, the Australian life isn't “glamorous” per say. It’s the smell of hot chips and tomato-sauce at the beach; warm suncream on your skin; salty waves crashing against the strong sand. It’s smiling with friends; cold beers clinking and being chugged; long road trips in a shitty toyota. It’s what I love. It’s my home. 

So. Actually, I can’t really remember what my original point was, but it feels good to know that Australia is what I want, elegant or not. 

Also, SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS 2016. or 2017. :-)))))