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There’s no better place to be inspired by American history than the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington, D.C. Walking among the historic buildings and statues, you can learn lessons from our greatest leaders and hear about the sacrifices of Americans in times of war. The Washington Monument serves as the centerpiece of the nation’s capital, rising over 555 feet tall and honoring the commanding general of the Revolutionary Army and the first President of the United States: George Washington. Photo courtesy of Drew Geraci.

BTS Reaction to You Being Obsessed With Other Kpop Artists

Incognito; I’m currently jamming out to Monster by EXO so I was wondering if you could do BTS getting jealous to you listening to another K-pop band and you won’t stop talking about it. 😂 ; revamped

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Jin ➳ You wouldn’t stop talking about Dean after Seokjin showed you ‘Bonnie & Clyde,’ and now he regretted it. “He’s so beautiful and damn, that voice though!” You yelled, your cheeks flushing whenever you would watch his videos on Youtube. “It’s the best-”

Seokjin immediately threw his arm around your neck, jealousy seeping into his veins as he began to tickle you and wriggle you around his arms. “Promise you’ll never speak about him again!”

“Hahaha, I-I promise!”

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Suga ➳ The Seventh Sense by NCT U was a song you had on repeat all the time, always occasionally fawning over Taeyong. You loved the song so much, you would body roll to it when ever and wherever it came on the radio, and one day when you spoke about how amazingly sexy these men moved, Yoongi’s eyebrow twitched as he took your phone and shut off the song.

“Could you stop?” He snapped and you frowned. He meant he wanted you to stop talking about them like they were sex gods, but you thought he was saying the music was trash.

You snatched your phone from his hands and growled. “This is art.”

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J-Hope ➳ He knew you were low-key in love with Got7 when he saw the way you would blush whenever you watched ‘Just Right’ on Youtube, he believed it was just a phase, but oh boy was he wrong. After a couple months passed and he thought you were finally over them, the song came on the radio as you were slowly falling asleep. The moment you began to scream and fangirl, singing along and doing dance moves; he was becoming jealous. Hoseok had enough once you screamed, “JACKSON OPPA!!” He quickly shut off the radio and you immediately gave him a look as if he tried to kill you.

“Are you done?”

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RapMonster ➳ You were in love with Big Bang, and he knew how far and wide your love for them went. You would blast F**k It in the car, while you were cooking or just trying to study, occasionally going on Youtube to watch the video instead and adore the five men with your eyes. He was slowly getting annoyed with the song, and when months passed and you haven’t heard it since, the song started to play in the mall and you began to beam, lighting the man’s world up. He loved seeing you happy, but that thought quickly vanished with laughter once you bumped into a tower of boxes while dancing, all of them falling down as you yelped in terror.

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Jimin ➳ Jimin was jealous, that’s for sure. The way you talked about EXO and how hot they were, he was boiling in anger but he couldn’t do anything about it, because he knew you were only obsessed with the song and how they looked so good in that dance practice video, 'Monster,’ specifically. Whenever the song came on while you two were alone, you both would start dancing to it and he couldn’t deny the fact that it was so good, too good. He would sing it with you, although you would overreact to Baekhyun’s and Jongdae’s parts. You scared Jimin at times and he would mutter a “Calm down,” but as long is it made you happy, he was happy.

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V  Taehyung wouldn’t care if you were obsessed with a group, especially Shinee. You loved Shinee and he did too. Whenever a song would come on from them when you were in public, the both of you would tap your fingers or nod your head to the beat—humming from time to time; but when View came on by them in the mall, the both of you would go nuts. You would immediately take out your phone, press record and start dancing with Taehyung while others around you would just stare at the both of you acting crazy and cute. Goals.

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Jungkook ➳ You were obsessed with BlackPink, always trying to do your hairstyle like theirs, dress like them, and even having every one of their songs on repeat that Jungkook thought he was going to go crazy! But on the day you were both supposed to attend a birthday party at a club, you had suddenly stopped listening to their music, that was, until they played the song on the dance floor. Taehyung immediately ran to you, grabbing your wrist and nearly pulling you to the dance floor until Jungkook gripped you shoulder. “I want to leave.”

It was soft but you heard it clearly, only giving him a smile as the older boy pulled you away. “After this song!” You yelled, and when you and Taehyung started to move on the dance floor in ways he thought was impossible, he wasn’t pleased at all.

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» Part one

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams

Author: amsimaria
Word count: 10K
Feature: Jimin x Reader (mentions of other Bts members)
Genre: Angst/slight Fluff (Rated M)
Warnings: Violence, Mentions of sexual acts, Punk Jimin, Depression, Swearing, Addiction, Soft drugs use, (Eventual smut, not in this part).

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The Times They Remembered Pidge Was a Girl

Summary: The stuff you have to deal with while being a girl doesn’t change just because you’re up in space. At least you have four guys, five lions, and two aliens on your side.

One-Shot 1: Apparently Mother Nature Visits in Space 

(FF | | AO3

Pidge centric. Female pronouns for Pidge. Just an exploration of situations Pidge can find herself in. Family dynamics ftw. 

“You want what?” Hunk asked, staring at the youngest paladin with a quirked brow.

“You know, those smooth disk things you made that one time,” Pidge said, flattening her hands together in a circular motion. “We used it to teleport-”

“I know what you’re talking about,” Hunk said, putting his hands on his hips. “But I didn’t think you liked those cookies.”

Pidge shuffled her feet nervously, pushing up her glasses with a finger. “Uh, well I don’t exactly…” At Hunk’s crestfallen expression the green paladin quickly shook her head, laughing nervously. “I mean- but I really want them now!”

Hunk didn’t exactly believe her but he did catch her shoveling some of the green goop into her mouth late last night when he ventured into the kitchen for a midnight snack. He also remembered thinking whether or not it was actually midnight. Altean time measurements use 20 vargas in a day so technically it was ten at night?

Hunk rubbed his temple. Space math.

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A/N: Well then. This was originally going to be a fic for @lakeside-sketchbook ‘s gorgeous artwork (here it is!), but the college wifi decided that it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe I’ll rewrite it one day, but for now, this is what I could scrap together in bullet-point form.

This work DOES MENTION NEEDLES in a vaccination-like setting. It is not described, only passively mentioned.

  • It’s time for Voltron to stock up on supplies! But the Space Mall won’t cut it, they head to a new planet, a whole planet only dedicated to buying and selling goods.
    • Because space is very big and some things you need to buy are also very big. Like castleship engines and multiple tons of food.
  • They have two major stops to make. Most of the stuff is in one area, but some of the stuff is somewhere else. Lance and Keith take the Red Lion to the other place and split up from there.
    • Lance and Keith split up from there after parking the Red Lion
  • Just as the castleship is landing, a bio-weapon terrorist attack is launched in the area where Keith was getting supplies.
    • There doesn’t seem to be any initial effects, but the planet is shutting everything down just in case.
    • Keith gets swept in with the quarantine, despite all his protests and insisting he’s a paladin of Voltron and can help.
  • As the rest of the planet is investigated, the castleship gets framed.

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Image: An exterior view of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. (Adam Bettcher/ Getty Images)

You guys: The Mall of America is looking for a writer-in-residence. According to their website, they want “a special scribe” to “spend five days deeply immersed in the Mall atmosphere while writing on-the-fly impressions in their own words.”

“It sounds like the dream of a 1990s teenager,” say our friends at Minnesota Public Radio. “Or the nightmare of anyone who doesn’t love crowds and the ever-present scent of Cinnabon.”

If you’re one of those dreamers, the application period ends March 10. So, you know, get to work!


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Since you're not doing a part 2 for the yoongi sugar daddy scenario, could we like ask how would Sugardaddy!yoongi act if he's jealous? If you know what I mean:)💞 but ofc just if you want to 💞

A/N: I’m always down for Sugar Daddy Yoongi, so hell yeah, I got’chu 👌

Yoongi knows it’s wrong; it’s unconditionally wrong of him to sneak sly glances at the screen of your phone when you aren’t looking, obviously too absorbed in the silent conversation through your mobile device as you rapidly type away with busy fingers, attempting to read what – or even who – you were talking about.

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Hi Niu~ I wanted some advice when it came to traveling to Osaka, Japan. Out of all cities and towns, Osaka is a favorite of mine and I am going to be taking my best friend to see what I consider to be my second home. Any advice you have when it comes to saving money (whether it be in food, transportation, souvenirs), especially because we are both food fanatics and anime geeks <3 Thank you in advance <3

Here’s a little list I wrote for two of my friends. This is overall info of Osaka for traveling with some extra I added here, so that’s why the text is a bit jumpy. This is also written in a way that someone who knows nothing of Osaka can read it and get some help, so ignore the spots which you are already familiar with. 

- Buy souvenirs and basically anything you need from 100 yen shops. Biggest brands are Daiso and Seria but individual 100 yen shops exist, too. For example in Dotonbori road there’s big Daiso as well as in Tenmabashi mall. You can get anything you can imagine from 100 yen shops, however, only Daiso has food, drinks, snacks and other edible items.

- For cheap manga, DVDs, CDs, art books, magazines and such go to BOOK-OFF. One is also located in Dotonbori road. Prices start from 100 yen, but usually one manga book costs around 300-400 yens. 

- For new manga books, magazines, art books and such, go to Kinokuniya. There are many in Osaka so check your closest one.

- You can often find cute famous series fan stuff from LOFT department stores. There are two big ones in Umeda and one smaller one in Namba (at Namba,  take metro exit 5 and turn right towards OiOi store, cross the street and turn again to right from in front of OiOi.)

- You can buy a day metro pass from any station. From Monday-Friday it’s 600 yens and on the weekends 800 yens per day. With that you can travel as much as you can with metro for one day (24 hours). 

- If you don’t want metro day pass, at least buy yourself Icoca card from the airport (from train ticket machines) and load money on it. If you already have some Japanese travel card, you don’t need to buy Icoca. Nowadays all Japanese cities’ travel cards are valid in whole Japan. Just load money on it.

- For manga, anime, doujinshi and such you need to head to DenDen Town. Go to Nippombashi station and take exit 5 and head away from the big bridge before you toward Ebisucho metro station. K-Books is something you two should see (2 floors fan items, 1 for cosplay and 2 for doujinshi!), and just nearby it there’s also Animage store. Note that fan stuff in Japan is expensive! Some stores in DenDen Town sell used fan items, kinda like collector items and such. 

- Namba walk. It has one floor (basement floor) nothing but food, and rest of the floors are full of anything you can imagine. Get off from subway at Namba station and take exit 35 if I don’t remember wrong (don’t worry; at the subway platform there’s a yellow exit map which shows in English which exit you need to take to get to Namba Walk).

- Tenmabashi (Keihan) City Mall. This has multiple floors and there’s lovely Daiso and absolutely gorgeous small shop, which sells anything traditional in there. It’s a bit pricey but perfect if you want traditional items. The mall is next to a river so you should have nice views from it, too. There’s an entry to the mall directly at Tenmabashi subway station. Purple Tanimachi Line goes to Tenmabashi (station T22)

- If you like things like Rilakkuma, Gudetama, Miffy, Sanrio ect. there’s Kiddy Land in Umeda. 

- Shitennoji temple flea market is open every month on 21st and 22nd day. People go there to sell their old items, and there’s plenty of antique, kimonos, ceramics and food. It’s beautiful place and worth of taking a stroll there. Visiting the temple itself cost a few hundred yens, but you can bid your offering, go to pray and buy omikujis outside (note that omikujis here are in Japanese only; in Fushimi Inari you should be able to get translated omikujis). Entry to the flea market is free.
It’s a short walk distance from Shitennoji-mae Yuhigoaka station, on the purple Tanimachi subway line (station T26)

- Uneda Sky Building has a cafe at 44th floor and I think you should be able to go there for free if you want to take a look at Osaka. Seeing the Sky Building itself costs. It’s located in Umeda, near the central railway station. There’s an underway passage outside which goes in front of the Umeda Sky Building.

- Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is the 2nd biggest aquarium in Japan. The entry fee is 2 300 yens. It’s located in Osaka-ko harbor area. Take a green Chuo Line (subway) to Osaka-ko (station  C11)

- There’s Gudetama cafe in Umeda 😃

- There’s a very long shopping street going through Dotombori road (with the famous crab statue and the runner picture). Get off at Namba subway station and walk north to Shinsaibashi subway station. This street has high class department stores and shops but also Daiso, Book Off, Disney Store and Sanrio Store. You can get some high quality Japanese candies and snacks, also fresh taiyakis here, from the basement food floor of Daimaru department store (also big department store Takashiyama has wonderful selection of everything you can possibly need, especially for food! You’ll find Takashiyama at Namba subway station; there’s direct entrance to the department store from the station)

I hope this helps! Ask if you need any more info!


Employee Discount

Author: bopeep (tumblr: @redwriteblue)
Artist: @queenmabscherzo
Pairings: Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes
Rating: M (Mature)
Tags: summer jobs, mutual pining, prank wars, high school AU, retail AU
Summary: Sam Wilson doesn’t love working in a store that makes him wear vanity-sized polos and breathe in clouds of men’s cologne like the worst kind of GQ aromatherapy, but the view from his cash register across the mall to the Hot Topic and the sullen Dark Prince of Wallet Chains he loves to hate may just beat the minimum wage blues.

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