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Jungkook: 50% Cotton

Genre: awkward shy Jungkook, 100% fluff, the lightest sprinkle of smut, based on this request


A/N: AS PROMISED, BEFORE THE END OF THE WEEKEND. So because there was no setting suggested except “dorm,” which to me means uni is involved, I kind of took a little bit a lotta bit of creative liberty. I also added Hobi because… why not? Haha~ Hope you enjoy!!

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You stare at the silver, white, and gold fish as they lazily swim around the pillars, a sight that still leaves you with a small prickling feeling at the back of your neck. Although, the more you come here, the less you seem to notice.

Even though you go to school in the middle of a big city, it’s been a while since you’ve actually legitimately gone “out” in the conventional sense of the term. For the past couple years, all you’ve done is vault the turnstiles, sneak onto the train with a group of friends, and ride out to an abandoned, flooded mall. There’s nothing to do except sit, talk, drink, smoke, and watch as a few smart men occasionally come by to feed or collect a sizable portion of the trapped fish. It’s not glamorous, but it rarely costs money and it gives you somewhere to be that’s not your dorm.

Loud laughter draws your attention. You would recognize it anywhere. Jung Hoseok.

You can’t help but smirk as his new girlfriend yelps helplessly, almost slipping on a stray patch of slippery moss. It’s her… second time coming to the mall? If he keeps her around, she’ll get used to it, but by the look on her face, you’re starting to think she might not want to.

Is she prettier than you? You don’t think so. Smarter? Maybe, but judging by the name-brands she’s wearing, probably not. Better in bed? For the two years you’d been together, you’d only slept with Hoseok maybe five or six times due to complicated work and class schedules.

That might be why he chose her over you. Well, this is the third “her” so far, but you can’t ever seem to pinpoint the reason they would be more qualified-

Why are you thinking about this? You should be over him and his ridiculously attractive smile, contagious laugh, and genuinely caring personality. The two of you broke up half a year ago. Okay, he broke up with you and you are still a little put off by it, but he’s a good guy, a great friend. You want to hate how nice he is, but you really can’t.

Alright, confession time. Hoseok was the one who first brought you here and introduced you to your current group of friends, the fifteen or so that make the thirty minute ride to the mall every weekend. You secretly wish this wasn’t the case, namely because it makes you feel like you depend on him. But at this point, what can you do?

You love him, even if it’s no longer in the romantic sense of the term. It’s ridiculous, but you do love Jung-

“This seat taken?”

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wingwomen ch1 (trixya, shalaska) - lale

Summary: Trixie was pretty sick of watching her best friend, Alaska, pine over the school weirdo, Sharon Needles. But when Sharon Needles made friends with the new girl from Russia, Trixie decided she was finally going to give Alaska the push she needed into Sharon’s arms – and, hopefully, herself into Katya’s.

A/N: Someone prompted yesterday: “Million dollar idea: high school au where alaska and trixie are cheerleaders+ best friends who get crushes on goth misfit sharon and weird nerdy Russian exchange student katya who also happen to be bffs and they have to wing woman their way into both of them getting gfs” and I couldn’t stop thinking about it!!! Expect updates all this week, and Girls Like Dollies will resume at the weekend as planned!

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When The Boys Are Away, Girls Get To Play

Request:  If it doesn’t bother you too much, I would love to have a smut with Sarah Urie! She’s my beautiful queen and I’m so gay for her. I’m not really sure what I want, maybe like a cute date or something and it’s your first time together? Or a threesome with Brendon? Idk man I just need Sarah smut and you’re amazing at gay smut

A/n: First of all, thank you for the compliment! Secondly, I love Sarah and I had no problem writing this

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OK this is gonna sound so creepy but I actually met you in person before following your blog. You came into my bookstore at the mall last weekend & you are so cute? You were excitedly squealing about the Haikyuu & BHNA manga and I kinda fell in love with u? But the reason I found your blog was when you put your phone on the shelf a notif for "voltron-messenger" came up and I looked it up later... What I'm trying to say is: Hi Spacefam - I have a huge crush on your mom she's so sweet & gorgeous?

ok wait…… WHAT??????????????

The moment I realized I became Sally Jackson:True story

So I work at a candy stand in the mall on weekends for gas money.

There are lots of people who steal from the candy stand.

To prevent this I make nice with all the mall rent a cops. Make sure to make them up a bag of candy every weekend.

There is one named Julius.

Julius I noticed only eats blue candy.

I go through all the candy only picking out blue candy for him. Blue gummy sharks, only the blue sour patch kids, picking out blue gummy bears, and if course the blue raspberry sour belts.

I’ve called him Percy for a month.

He has yet to correct me.

Saccharine [V]

{{ adjective // excessively sweet or sentimental ; sugary, relating to or containing sugar }}

All I want for Christmas is you.

Fluff. College AU. 3,421 words.

Joie De Vivre Series: a holiday collab with @dreamscript and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi + Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook


College is incredibly difficult. You’re struggling to balance five classes, a three hour lab, two clubs, and a social life. It sounds crazy, you now know it’s crazy, but your stubborn freshman mind was too excited to comprehend that when you signed up for everything at Freshman Orientation. And most days, you feel like dying from the workload or moving onto Plan B: dropping out and finding a sugar daddy instead. But fortunately for you, you have your temporary salvations. They arrive every week on Friday at 9 PM on the dot.

Every Friday night, your dormitory holds a Cafe night. Cafe night is when a different sweet is given out in the common area each week. You usually have to come early because the line gets long fast and the food may run out. After all, it is free food.

And anyone who’s been a broke college student would know that the two most favorited words in college are “free” and “food,” especially when they are combined together.

“Hi, _______!”

Although, those two words uttered by Kim Taehyung may be your absolute personal favorite now. Not that you were biased or anything. Of course not.

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Inertia (M)

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Request: Heyyy, saw that you were taking requests.. can I request a smut student/college!au with Sehun where he is your best friend and you hang out a lot, he has feelings for you and his friends tease him into confessing?

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Word Count: 2258

Law of Inertia: The tendency for an object to remain unchanged unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

“Where do you think you’re going?” you scolded.

Sehun paused and turned around. “What?”

You held out your arms to the side and waited for him, as you always did every single day. Sehun scrunched up his face in mock irritation before he sauntered back up to you and wrapped his arms around your figure. You squeezed him tight and smiled into his chest.

“Can you two just date already,” insisted Chanyeol.

“You’re so cute together,” added Jongin.

Sehun shot the two onlookers a deadly glare before breaking away and looking down at your face, smiling. “I’ll see you later,” he said.

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Ghost I made a gay friend n I rrly like them and we're gonna meet up irl at the mall this weekend and I might go to their prom send me good vibes. I haven't ever had a real relationship work out I need them good lucks too ;-;


The Other Side Pt.1     By: Y.Black

I was 16 when it happened. One day, one instance forever molded me to the man I am today. You see I was on the fast track to either a casket or the penitentiary.  I grew up without a pops and mom worked way too much to keep tabs. I did my own thing since I was about 9, that’s when my Nana went into a home and I began flying solo in a sense. I was introduced to the streets by my cousin Jonathan a.k.a. Jon-Jon. He was a few years older than I so naturally I looked up to him. Jon-Jon was about 13 at this time if I remember he became a part of my everyday life. He was my care taker in the evenings until mom came home from work. Jon- Jon’s mom was a junkie so Nana had custody of him for as long as I could remember. When she went down he came to live with us in our 2 bedroom apartment.

He was the coolest dude I knew in my young 9 years. He had nice clothes and shoes, the way he talked was different than I was accustomed to. He had a gang of friends, and they all talked about having bitches and hoes. At the tender age of 9, I was being molded to see the world through a narrow lens. I was the youngest on the block and had no concept of what was going on originally. By the time I was 11, a year and some change in I was pitching like a minor league player with aspirations of making it to the big league. I was living way too fast pushing Nicks and Dimes, profit was the main focus, and soon after became bitches and hoes. That summer going in to 7th grade I lost my virginity.  I lost my shit running a train on a chick from around the way. The crew pushed me into the room and was like “When you come out you’ll be a man.” I didn’t quite understand, but I did what the crew said and took on the persona as such a man.

Everything changed that summer. The respect for others dropped dramatically. Me and mom dukes we’re clashing left and right, and I spent many nights, hell even a few weeks at Twan’s house. He was a part of the crew as well, we were closer in age though. He was a year older and we went to the same school. We’d stay up playing video games, smoking out back, and killing the fridge in the middle of the night. I became an expert roller fucking with Twan. He was more of brother than Jon-Jon. He spent that whole summer locked up on a petty possession charge. So Twan became a bigger influence on me that summer. His mom died of cancer when he was 8 and he didn’t know his pops either so we hit it off on the strength of that.  He stayed with his aunt who gave less than two shits about him. She just wanted the check that came for him every month. That day we ran the train he was after me. He lost his virginity the same day I did and to the same chick. We were close.

That summer we made it our thing to stack up for the upcoming school year so we could be fresh every damn day. I knew mom’s pockets were going to be tight and Twan’s wasn’t about shit. So we went hard. Even started growing a few plants of our own. We were booming in own right.  We skimmed from the older niggas, they weren’t as smart as us. They made their little profits off of us but we had set it up so we could do our own thing come next summer. We made due this summer and by the time August rolled around we had 1500 a piece to do some school shopping. We hit four malls over that last two weekends before school was set to start. Our business boomed as we walked home from school with more kids, namely high school kids. The older niggas in our crew were either all in alternative school or had dropped out so this market was ours for the taking.  We did just that.

We were the number one suppliers at Pascal Middle shit, and High before we were even enrolled there. Twan left to go to Pascal High the next year while I still had a year left in the middle school. That year my grades slipped some as plenty of days I would have to buck class to meet up with Twan to exchange product mid-day. We had a bit of a reputation, and being young we just thought we were popping. Little did we know we had eyes on us from the upper classmen.  Now on the block we had safety in numbers and here at school it was just us. This one day while we were making a routine drop between each other some niggas ran up on us and got us for our product and about 800 cash.

We met behind the corner store like we always would.  We dapped up and soon as the bags opened up 4 niggas hit the fence on our ass.  The first nigga swung on Twan busting his lip, I tried to grab the bag with the cash and take off, but a nigga clipped the fuck out of me. I hit the deck skinning my calf up.  Crazy thing is, we knew these niggas from passing. They were from another hood, but you know how shit goes. The third dude drew down on us and was like, “Give it up my G.” We had no choice, we took the L. We let the block know and they were like, “Consider this handled.” Jon-Jon gave me a little 25 after he found out what took place. He didn’t take to kindly to that. Plus he had previous issues with these same niggas. It was actually them who were partly to blame while he was locked away that summer.  Jon-Jon felt indebted to me too, on the strength that I had him straight when he came home. His pockets were straight and I shot him a couple OZs to get off to get right. Even as a youngin’ I was big on integrity.

Jon-Jon and the crew had us scoping the niggas hood out in two Box Chevys. We rolled thru maybe five minutes apart. We didn’t want to stirrup too much suspicion Twan was in the first whip and I was in the second.  We rode dark tint most of the time, one because it was Miami, and two we didn’t like niggas in our face. We pointed out the same niggas both times. We didn’t roll with them when they got busy though. We didn’t want them to know where the hit was coming from. Shit was handled and we reaped the benefits of the lick. The crew came up on about 5 racks and beat the fuck out of the four clowns who had hit us over the head a few weeks back. Twan and I got about 250 a piece and we were satisfied. Twan said he saw one of the fools a few days later in the hallway of school. He said that boy was all lumped up and had his arm in a cast and shit. It felt good that the homies went to bat for us.

Time went on, and things were rolling pretty well. We perfected our business.  Niggas got jammed up and went away, a few homies didn’t make it to see 21. We remained as low key as possible and under the radar. We both maintained GPAs above 3.0.  It was the end of my sophomore year when shit hit the fan. First it was Peanut, he got knocked off on the expressway on the way to the beach. That one hit the block really hard.  He was a solid dude. Jon-Jon took that one the hardest he and Peanut grew to be something like brothers over the years.

I went over to Jon-Jon’s apartment to check up on him after I hadn’t heard from him in a few days. Twan was with me as well. I had a key since Jon-Jon was like big bro and I often took lil breezies over there to smash. Come to think of it Miami Lakes had become my second home. I was at moms during the week for school, but mainly on the weekend I was here.  When we got to the spot the vibe clearly changed from the Young Dro that was bumping on the way over. As we walked in, you would have thought it went from day to night. Every shade was drawn shut, no lights were on. I could smell light remanence of incense that was over powered by the weed aroma. Jon-Jon was on the couch in the corner of the room, he was visibly zooted. He had had Glock on the end table, Henny in one hand, and a blunt in the other. He handed Twan the spliff as we sat on the adjacent couch. Silence filled the room for about 20 minutes before he spoke. He reminisced about the time he and Peanut had growing up. He laughed and cried, and we were there for him. After an hour and some change, Twan and I were able to get him out of the crib to grab a bite to eat. We got him out of that funk, but he was hell bent on finding out who did our boy in.

A week later granny took a dive and didn’t recover so she was gone.  That was followed up by Cam and Greg both getting jammed up by the law. They had a trunk full of work, we had just loaded them up for a road trip the night before.  We knew they weren’t going to be home any time soon. I felt like we needed to slow down. Twan felt otherwise.  I stressed that too much was going on and shit as way too hot right now. Reluctantly he complied.  We chilled for a few weeks into the summer, we were still pretty comfortable financially since we’d done so well for so long. Honestly, we still had plenty of loud still stowed away we just weren’t making moves like we used to.

Twan was itching to do something though. He would come to me at least twice a week asking if I was ready to jump back in. I shot him down often. He proposed the idea that we start running in folks spots and snatching what we can. I wasn’t for it initially. He went for it and made out the first two times. I continued to ward him off and tell him that he needed to chill. He stressed how easy it was and how I was missing out.

We were chilling one evening, over by Jon-Jon’s spot.  Trav, Twan, and Jermaine were there as well. We were just kicking back, smoking and shit. Everyone had been moving real low key. We got to reminiscing about Peanut and the wild times we each had with him. It was just a real cool laid back vibe. We ordered some pizza to cure the munchies we knew would be coming. Trav went and answered the door when we heard a quick knock at the door. He was talking shit over his shoulder at me as he opened the door. Two shots rang out and I hit the floor. I didn’t have shit on me, but I knew I kept a few in my room in the back. Twan knew that too. I saw him hit the deck as well as he jumped off the bar stool. I scurried along the floor towards the back. I saw Jermaine bussing back and Jon-Jon was behind the couch clutching, the sawed off 12 gauge.

I made it to my room and ran into my closet. I grabbed two sticks. I chucked one at Twan as he made it back here as well. I knew I had to hurry up and get out to help cuzzo, I knew he only had 5 rounds before he was tapped out; maybe 6 if one was in the hole. I heard a few bullets wiz passed the door way so I dropped down. I heard cuzzo cock the shotty again and that made me go in over drive. I heard him lick a shot and a nigga dropped as I was creeping down the hall way. I hit the nigga a few more times to make sure he was done. Twan was up high ringing out with the K. I had the AR clearing everything out from below. As I came into the opening I saw Jermaine was leaking something serious. I saw Jon-Jon standing to my left, he nodded and I hit the door. I ran out to the parking lot and caught two niggas getting in a candy painted cutlass. Twan and I shot the back window out as we licked at the clowns. They hit the corner and we ran back upstairs. I saw two more niggas stretched out on the other side of the breeze way. They were done for. I ran back into the apartment, I told Twan to check on Jermaine while I went to find Jon-Jon. I went into the back, he was bagging a shit load of cash. He told me to help him get it stowed away. It was only then did I realize he was hit.  I bagged it up as quickly as we could. Twan came in and helped saying Jermaine didn’t make it. We got all of it bagged up and hopped in Jon-Jon’s whip. We took him down to Jackson Memorial to be treated. We scooped Tasha along the way to help his alibi. Story to be told he was at her house in the Pork N Beans (The Beans), when some niggas beefing down the way were getting to and Jon-Jon caught a stray. Bloodied and still running on adrenalin, I headed back to my mom’s. I dropped Twan off and headed around the corner to my crib. I got home and ran the shower and basked in the water until it began to chill. I had watched the blood that stained my skin streak down the white tub into the drain. I was numb; my mind was racing, but no real formulated thoughts.

I got a text from Jon-Jon letting me know that he was cool and that he was about to head up the road for a few and get missing. I didn’t respond, I knew he’d be by to get the cash we bagged, I figured I’d just talk to him then. I wasn’t in the mood for nothing or no one. As I thought, a few hours after that text cuzzo called me and told me he was outside. We met up and he hugged me and for the first time ever he told me he loved me.  I didn’t even know how to say it back. He thanked me for coming through for him, and shot me a little over 10 racks to hold me over. He told me he would get at me every so often to make sure I was good. He dapped me up and hoped in the whip. Tasha mouthed thank you to me and I nodded. I watched him pulled off, the taillights getting smaller the further the car got.

Growing up with strict and homophobic parents: An actual conversation between me and my mother
  • Me: Can I go to the mall with [Guy] this weekend? [Guy is actually my bf at the time]
  • Mom: Who is [Guy]?
  • Mom: Does he take AP classes?
  • Mom: Does he have a job?
  • Mom: Does he live with both his parents?
  • Mom: What grade is he in?
  • Mom: How did you meet him?
  • Mom: Why have you never talked about him before?
  • Me: *answers all questions with slight spin to avoid coming out* So can I go?
  • Mom: Let me think about it.
  • Guy: Hey maybe you can sleep over too *wink*
  • Me: Okay I'll ask my mom.
  • Me: She said no.
wrong number, right person

originally for a tumblr request, but reposted because it’s now posted on ao3 after being painstakingly edited by the best @jungtaeh​ | crossposted here on ao3!

jikook. 5k. wrong number au. fluff.

Jimin somehow sends a text to the wrong number, and they somehow hold a conversation that lasts, well, a little more than a day. (Maybe a little more than a little more than a day.)

But because sometimes fate isn’t a bitch, he finds that the person with the wrong number may not be the wrong person, after all.

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Unique: Chapter 11

A Dan Howell X Reader AU

A/N: I added something different to this chapter. Basically, it’s what I like to call a ‘decision.’ Sounds stupid. But it’ll look like this: Water/Fizzy drink.

It’ll be bold compared to the other writing. It just basically means you can choose between those two options to read. If you don’t like fizzy drinks, you’d read the water. And vice versa. I’ll start doing this more often if you like it.

ALSO, this chapter does talk about death and killing and murdering (not suicide). I’ll put marks like these *** in the place where it talks about it.


Y/N: Your Name
L/N: Last Name


Y/N: We still on for tomorrow?

Daniella: Yeah

Julie: Yup

Carly: Same time?

Daniella: mhm

You planned to go out to the mall for the weekend. So you could fill up your day with your friends, wandering around the mall, looking like a group of girls who cause trouble.

You had no intention of going, but Daniella insisted and you all decided to make it a hangout day. It was risky. That’s for sure. Because your old “friends” would go to the mall every weekend together. You don’t know if they still do that now. But you wouldn’t risk it. But still, the girls were pushing you so you had to agree. Everyone preferred to have everyone there at a hangout.

No one gets left behind.

Even if you do run into your old “friends,” you’d be ready. You had your friends to back you up. And they already know the real you anyway.

~~~Sunday Afternon~~~

“You could totally work this, Y/N.” Daniella laughs, pretending to act like one of your old friends.

“You think?” You fake a squeal, pulling the P!ATD t-shirt towards you.

“Totes!” All of your friends squeal, making everyone laugh afterward.

“You’d be screwed if your old friends saw you imitating them,” Jessica says, taking the t-shirt back and placing it on the rack again.

“They’d probably ignore you, after what you told them,” Carly says, as you all head out of the store and make your way towards the food court.

“Honestly Y/N,” Daniella says, shaking her head in slight disappointment. “Your old friends are very cringey.”

“And you don’t think I know that?” You question with narrowed eyes at Daniella. “Actually, correction: We were all cringey.”

“Well, at least you know what you did wrong and how bad you were last year,” Julie replies as you take a step onto the escalator. “I pray for your old friends.”

As the five of you head to the food court, you all decide to eat sushi. Daniella was craving it and the others didn’t mind what you’d eat. So you all settled for sushi.


The line at the sushi place wasn’t too long. Although, you five were making it quite long, due to the fact that there was five of you wanting sushi. When it is your turn, you decide on a teriyaki chicken on rice/platter of your favourite sushi.

“Arigato.” Daniella says to the person who gives her her food.

You and Jessica bite back your laugh and shake each other’s arms.

“I can’t believe you just said that.” You and Jess run up to Daniella.

“What?” She shrugs as if it was a normal thing to do. “It is a sushi place anyway.”

“So?” Jess laughs. “They probably think you’re a weeb now.”

“They probably don’t even know what a weeb is.” She says.

“Or that you like anime.” You add.

“And you’re clearly not Japanese.” Jess also adds. “Well, you do you, Danny.”

After everyone finishes getting their orders, you make your way to the tables and find a nice place to sit for your favourite activity in public with your friends, ‘People watching.’

Ignore the name, it’s not that weird.

Kind of…

It’s basically a game where you look at different people and find the perfect person for them. There was even a case of a love triangle once. Girl x boy, boy x boy, girl x girl. It didn’t matter. You’d just pick people who looked good together and make up their relationship. Whether it be a love triangle, love-hate, fluffy relationship, dramatic relationship, etcetera.

You couldn’t help it. You and your friends were hopeless romantics. You all loved the idea of love and the whole concept of it.


Love stories.

But never really imagined yourselves in relationships. Seeing other people in relationships is what your friends preferred. You preferred being in a relationship where that special someone would always be there to support you, love you and cuddle with you any time possible. But of course, you were twelve. And you were completely aware that you were too young. So all you had to do was wait. Wait for that special someone to find its way to you. (but you still like the idea of other people in relationships.) Because you weren’t that type of girl to go straight into a relationship with people when you were still young. You didn’t even do that in Primary. Because you didn’t want to ruin your childhood anymore. There would be the classic crush but that was it. Nothing but a crush. Your “friends” from Primary weren’t aware of it though. You’d pretend to be in a relationship, just so you didn’t blow your cover.

Everyone else is close to finishing up, but before they can finish, you head to the bathroom to wash your hands.

As you head into the small bathroom, all of the toilet doors seem to be closed. You thought nothing of it because it was only 4 toilets anyway.

You make your way to the sink and start washing your hands. It sounds as if all the doors behind you open, but you continue to wash your hands, ignoring it.

Until you feel a sharp tug of your hair behind you. You groan in pain and immediately try and get your hair back.

“Well, well, well.” A familiar, high pitched voice says, chuckling a bit. “If it isn’t Y/N L/N. The Year 7 slut.”

You scoff. “You’re twelve. And you’re already using that word. Props to you, Paige.”

“Shut up, you mere peasant.”

You bite back your laugh and tap your foot on the ground. Behind her is 3 other girls who must’ve been hiding in the other stalls.

'I’m sorry, your highness of dramatic-and-cringey-ville.’ You want to say to her. But think against it because you don’t want to suffer the consequences.

“I told you to stay away from Dan.” She spits out.

You roll your eyes, annoyed with the fact that she’s still on with this. “And I’m telling you now, Paige, I’m not interested in him.”

“Then why do I see you with him all the time?!”

You shrug. “I don’t know. Bad timing?”

“You think this is funny?!”

“Um… Kind of…?”

Paige scoffs. She starts walking up to you with narrowed eyes, backing you up against the wall. “If I ever see you two together ever again. Even if you lay your eyes on him for just a second. I will, not only you but your friends as well, make the rest of your school years a living hell. I’ve got eyes everywhere, L/N. Don’t think I’m not watching.” With that, she walks away with her possey, slamming the door in the process.

You hate to admit it. You truly do. But Paige intimidates you. She makes you feel bad about yourself a lot more than anyone else did in the past. And what hurt even more was, that was you last year. You were threatening people. Bullying them, even. And once you realized what you were doing, you promised yourself to never do that ever again. You had no one to blame but yourself for doing that.

You look up at the mirror and see your reflection staring back at you with red, puffy and horrified-looking eyes. Her words are still planted into your head.

I will make the rest of your school years a living hell.

After 5 minutes of cooling down and relaxing, you head back to the table where your friends are.

“Y/N, you okay?” Julie asks.

“Carly said she saw Paige come out of the bathroom you went into,” Jess adds.

“Guys.” You start. “Something happened there, i-in the bathroom.”

Everyone goes silent and stares at you, afraid of what you might say.

“Paige, sh-she’s becoming a really big problem. She came up to me in the bathroom and threatened me, threatened us.”

“What’d she say?”

“She said she’d make our school years a living hell if I don’t leave Dan alone.”

“Don’t listen to her, Y/N,” Carly says. “She’s just bluffing.”

“Well, what if she isn’t?” You take a seat back down. “Never, and I mean never have I felt threatened by her, at all. But, what she said today, it really got to me. And I’m terrified.” You let out a shakey breath.

“Y/N, listen to me,” Daniella says. “We won’t let anything happen to you. And if anything does happen, we’ll tell the principal immediately.”

“I just don’t want to get any of you involved!” You shout. Causing people to stare back at you. “I’ve got plenty of shit going on at home, I don’t need anymore here.”

~~~~~~~(Short Time Skip)~~~~~~~

You and your friends have all cooled down and are now walking towards the exit of the mall.

Before Daniella’s voice stops you.

“Oh, look who it is.” She says, sounding disgusted. “The power couple of Collinia.”

You don’t bother to look up because you know you’ll meet eyes with Dan. Which’ll just get Paige angrier.

“Oh, look who it is, the weirdos of Collinia.” Paige comes back.

You feel Dan’s eyes on you as you stare at the ground, Carly has you behind her back as if she’s shielding you away from the bad guys.

“What’s the matter, L/N?” Paige says. “Need your friends to protect you because you can’t protect yourself?”

You still keep your eyes on the ground, blinking away any tears threatening to come out.

“Leave us alone, Paige.” Carly spits.

“Paige, let’s just go,” Dan whispers to her but is very audible to you.

Paige sighs. “Watch your backs.” She says before strutting out of the mall, holding onto Dan’s arm.

You sigh of relief once they finally leave. “I don’t want to deal with her anymore. I thought I could just have a peaceful school life here.”

“Look on the bright side, Y/N,” Julie says. “School’s almost over for the year. She’ll probably forget about it during the holidays.”

~~~Sunday Night~~~


“Dan, we can’t do this. Not right now, Paige is nearby.”

“Shh, it’s okay Y/N. We’ll be fine.” He says, pushing the hair away from your face. “Just as long as we stay quiet.” His soft and warm lips meet yours. You kiss back, not giving a care in the world.

“What the hell?!” You hear and immediately break away from Dan. “I fucking told you!”

“P-Paige, i-it… I d-did…”

“Save it, L/N!” She yells, pushing you to the ground. You look up at Dan, who is smirking at you.

“You were in on this?!” You question, disgusted with the boy in front of you.

“Oh please, as if anyone would fall for you.” Dan rolls his eyes. “Not even Cameron.”

Your eyes widen, heart beating fast, sweaty palms.

“You are so done, L/N,” Paige says, before reaching into her back pocket.

In her hand lies a gun.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” You scoff, shocked.

“Shut up, L/N. And before you ask, it is loaded.” She fakes a smile.

“There’s no way you’d do that!” You yell, and you turn towards Dan. “You wouldn’t let her do that.”

Dan puts his hands up in defense. “I don’t tell her to do anything. She just does it.”

“I fucking told you to stay away from him,” Paige says, getting the gun ready. “I told you to not ruin our relationship. I told you to never lay your eyes on him. But what do you do? You do all of those things. And now you must pay the consequences.”

Paige moves out of the way to reveal 4 dead, bloody bodies behind her. You squint your eyes, trying to see who they are in the dim room. Your eyes widen as you realize who she just killed.

“I told you I’d make you and your friends’ lives a living hell.” She says. “Now, it’s time for you to join them.”

She aims her loaded gun towards your head, Dan’s still smirking and staring at Paige as she gets ready to kill you.

You inhale for the last time, letting tears run down your cheeks.

You hear her touch the trigger.

Your breath is still uncontrollable.

And before you know it, your eyes are wide open, staring up at your ceiling.


leonardslee  asked:

Kristanna, 1 xx

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This is the last prompt I have written so far, and after this I might lay off for the day and finish the rest later :P 

The mall was crowded with weekend shoppers, and it smelled like perfume samples, pretzels, and disinfectant. It was horrible, but Mother’s Day was coming up and he needed to find something…Kristoff jumped as someone grabbed his arm.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” the redhead said brightly. She smiled up at him. He blinked, trying to figure out who she was…had he met her in college? Had he fixed something on her house? And why was she cozying up to him and casually straightening his collar?

“Sorry, miss, I think you’ve got the wrong—”

The girl laughed and stood on tiptoe to whisper in his ear. She didn’t sound amused. “My name’s Anna, I’m a friend of your sister, and I need you to be my boyfriend. Just for ten minutes. Please?”

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If I Stay (Suga, OC) Part 1
External image

“Without even knowing, I was holding the phone. It’s me, it’s been a long time..”- Breath (SM the Ballad)

OC- Raehee

Sorry the number you gave dialed is busy as of the moment. Please leave a message after the tone.


Yoongi stared at the receiver, wondering what on earth he was doing. 

It was a Saturday night, and he should be out with his friends, partying, songwriting, or basically having a good time. Instead, he’s here in this apartment, alone, the telephone in hand; dialing a number he swore to never dial again.

He lay sprawled on the couch, sighing heavily as he heard the familiar ringing on the other end; a sound that he’s been hearing—has triggered for the past half hour.

Of course she wouldn’t answer, he thought. She's—

At that exact moment, the familiar click of the receiver sounded and a familiar voice answered, “Hello?”

Yoongi’s breath hitched at the sound of her voice. It’s been so long since he had heard it…since she’s spoken directly to him.

 Nonetheless, her voice was enough to make his heart race and his mind reel with euphoria.

Just one word was enough…

Enough to bring everything back… way back to the time when things weren’t as complicated.

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Brotherly Love

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Brett x Reader (with Jackson x Reader as siblings)

Setting: End of season 4/beginning of season 5, the whole pack is alive

Word Count: 

Prompt: You’re Jackson’s younger human sister and he doesn’t approve of you relationship with Brett.

A/N: Thank you to @theamericanwolfinlondon for the request and for fueling my love for Brett and Jackson

Your name: submit What is this?

Don’t get me wrong, Jackson is a great brother. I mean sure sometimes he can be a complete ass, but he’s just looking out for what’s best for you. Usually.

Jackson is super overprotective of you. And quite frankly, he has every right to be. Being a homicidal lizard turned werewolf sure does make you realize the dangers of the world. And those dangers are pretty evident in Beacon Hills. That being said, he does let you help out with pack stuff. You’re usually paired up with Stiles due to your human status. But you don’t mind being a detective with Stilinski. You’ve even made up a little name for yourselves, “Stilinski and Whittemore: Supernatural Connoisseurs”. The two of you think it’s quite clever, but the rest of the pack doesn’t seem to think so, even if they never admit it.

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“You’ve been to Ganymede?” Dara said, eyes as wide as interplanetary transponders.

“Once,” he said. “For work.”

“Was it beautiful?”

“I guess,” Jayesh answered. “Yeah.”

“As soon as I save up,” she said wistfully.

As a child, Jayesh had visited the moon with his family to see earthrise from the Sea of Tranquility. Sometime since then, the Sea had been filled in with casinos and outlet malls, designed to tempt weekend visitors or travelers on layover. They called it “Gateway to the Solar System,” meaning the people who lived there were all stuck between where they’d been and where they’d rather be. Disappointed, Javesh had considered ending his vacation early. Then he met Dara.

“Bartending’s not a bad gig,” she explained. “And in a place like this, you meet lots of interesting people.” Her eyes twinkled like Saturn’s rings. After her shift, they went out into the lunar night and tried to spot his home planet Mars among the stars. “I wish you didn’t have to leave,” Dara whispered.

There was weight in her words—the same weight that kept her trapped in the moon’s weak gravity. And Javesh knew if he got any closer, he’d never escape her orbit.