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Do you think the paladins celebrated holidays on the ship?

Yes!!! I do!!!

  • I think that one of them probably brought up holidays or birthdays at one point and everyone’s just like :/ because who the hell knows how much time has passed.
  • So Coran (who can probably sympathize, what with having lost his entire culture and all) works with Pidge and Hunk to figure out what time it is back on Earth. And a year has passed so they’re just like, well I guess we should throw everyone a collective birthday party.
  • So they do and everyone gets in on it, buying each other gifts and stuff at your local Space Mall™ and Allura sets aside a day for everyone to take a break because, hell if they don’t need one.
    • Coran and Hunk bake the ultimate birthday ‘cake’ which isn’t as much a cake as it is a bunch of alien ingredients cooked to resemble a cake. Hunk still manages to make it taste good because he’s the galaxy’s #1 chef.
    • They spend the whole day talking about their birthdays back on earth and stuff.
      • “I can’t believe Shiro’s six.”
      • They offer to throw Keith like 10 more parties once he reveals that he didn’t really have any until he met Shiro and became his honorary brother.
      • Lance almost cries when he’s talking about his family and everyone gathers him into a collective group hug.
    • Allura and Coran are #confused.
      • “Why would humans celebrate their birthday every year? That seems like an awful lot of trouble to celebrate a person’s life that often.” “…” “How long you you think people live?” “Hold on, how long do Alteans live?!”
  • After that, they keep track of Earth’s calendar and proceed to celebrate big holidays.
  • On Halloween…
    • Lance is just, “Exactly how mad at me do you think Allura would be if I went and knocked on everyone’s door on this next planet and asked for food.”
      • Needless to say, the others keep an eye on him the whole day.
    • They do end up finding a bunch of the alien equivalent of sweets but Shiro steals half of them because Halloween is his thing and he has a serious sweet tooth.
      • The others devise a plan to take them back but Pidge gets away with the loot and hides it and the candy is never to be found again. (It’s in the vents).
  • Christmas…
    • Of course they buy each other gifts cause why not. It’s adorable.
      • Both Keith and Lance buy each other two gifts. One is really thoughtful and sweet and the other is a cheap gift that they give while everyone’s exchanging gives. They give the meaningful ones to each other secretly because they don’t want the others to tease them.
    • Mistletoe.
      • Allura has no idea what it is and Shiro is flustered.
      • Everyone conspires to get Keith and Lance under the mistletoe but it doesn’t work and everyone’s disappointed until Keith lets it slip that Lance already pulled that trick on him when they were walking to breakfast.
  • New Years…
    • They all sit down together in the control room and Pidge and Hunk hook up a timer and they all watch it count down. When it hits zero there’s this moment of silence because as much as they’re glad that Earth has survived another year, they want more than anything to be there.
  • And because I can’t let anything end on a sad note, Allura and Coran show the Paladins a bunch of holidays that Altea celebrated. It’s such a bittersweet thing but it’s so amazing to see these memories coming to life before them. Even if the lovely elegance and extravagance of an Altean celebration dissolves into lighthearted fun and laughter, it reminds them that they have a new family. And as strange as it might be, it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.

Dream had a photoshoot with her family. The lighting was all wrong, no craft services, no wardrobe, she was expected to show up camera ready, Uncle Rob overslept and the photographer’s studio was at the mall. I’ve set up some meetings for her to get better management. Just because she’s Blac Chyna’s kid doesn’t mean she has to be treated like her.


For more than a decade, while she established herself as one of the most dynamic mainstream rock singers of her generation, Ms. Williams was recognizable for her dramatic razor-cut bangs and bobs in bursts of violent color, typically the loudest synthetic shades of red, orange and pink. “I had a haircut that could have murdered you,” she said of the look that helped make her an icon of the mall-punk Warped Tour set.

Does everyone realize that Lance's birthstone is a ruby?

Lance offhandedly mentions that he loves rubies and Keith goes nuts bc isn’t that HIS stone? He’s the red Paladin, so if not he’s claiming it right now. And Lance has aimed the remark in his direction that he doesn’t like the color red more than once so what is this about?? Does it have something to do with Keith?

Lance owns a ring, a small but elegant gold band with a rhombus cut ruby in the middle that was a gift from his mother on his 16th birthday. He hardly ever took it off on Earth but he tucks it away for safe keeping while he’s stuck in space. He gets it out to wear when he’s missing his mom the most and Keith is even more confused. Where did that come from? Why is lance wearing his color?

He asks lance about it one day when they’re eating together and the light is hitting the stone and Keith can’t stop looking at it. Lance, the asshole, just smirks and says he’ll never know.

He does find out eventually, from Pidge because she’s annoyed that Keith is distracted thinking about it and would be hard pressed to care any less about the rivalry shtick Lance and Keith have going on. She doesn’t care why lance didn’t want to tell him, it’s really not a big deal. Lance had shown her his present proudly when he got it, so he’s probably just doing it to piss Keith off.

Keith is satisfied with that explanation but of course he’s going to confront Lance about it. He can’t miss an opportunity to take lance down a peg. He’s accusatory when he tells Lance he didn’t have to drive him crazy acting like it was a secret.

But lance looks like a few seconds and his pride are all thats in the way of him breaking down in tears. Shocked, Keith stutters an apology.
“You know, we don’t have to share everything. Sometimes I just want to have something of home to myself. Is it too much to ask for me to think about my mama without the rest of you having to get involved in it?”
Keith reiterates that he’s sorry, he understands, of course he does, he shouldn’t have assumed that Lance didnt need privacy on the matter. After all, Lance isn’t the only one carrying around something from home he’d rather not discuss.
Lance goes on bitingly, “You want to know why it’s important to me? We were poor. My mama saved up all year to buy me this because she thought it would mean a lot to me. She could have gotten me a $30 video game but she didn’t. And it’s the last thing she gave me before we left Earth, so if that stuff hurts too much to talk about… Yeah. It does. There you go. That’s it.”

Keith gives him a long hug and spends a week doing nice things for him to try to make up for the mistake that led to a trembling voice and big red eyes. Lance stops wearing his ring. Keith decides not to ask why.

Keith acquires a ruby at an Earth shop on a hub similar to the space mall and has it set on a long and durable chain lance can tuck into his shirt. He chooses the day of rest and recoup after a mission where Lance saved his life to give it to him. “Now you have something you can love without being sad about it. And,” he dares to go on, “a peice of me. So uh, that makes it doubly cool?”

Lance laughs in place of crying and wears his necklace constantly, on the outside of his clothing for everyone to see. Keith hasn’t expected him to wear it openly, but he likes it so much better that way.

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Now I'm imagining the conversations. "Oh yeah, Clint Barton. If you get a chance, ride that train, but don't commit, the guy is a walking disaster." "Great in the sack, but I don't think he knows that coffee isn't a food group, and he closes tears in his shirts with a stapler." "Best mistake I ever made. I mean, those arms, that ass."

Okay, honestly, when you said ‘ride that train,’ all I could think of is like, the scale roadroad that the mall sets up around ‘Santa’s Village’ around Christmas.  Where you pay two dollars, and the kids sit on top of the train cars.

Or the ‘put a quarter in and get on the rockin’ rocket’ kiddie rides by the front door.

Carol hooked up with Clint a few times.  Now, she has a post-breakup drink she makes for everyone else who’s in their little club.  She calls it a ‘Cupid’s Crash,” and it’s violently purple.

She, Natasha, and Jess still have monthly meetings.  They’re talking about getting matching t-shirts.


For @theunionjack7…enjoy!

You looked around the large mansion in awe of the beauty. It reminded you of a large castle. On your right was the Professor. He rolled next to you, enjoying how you looked at the place.

“This estate has been in my family for generations,” he told you.
“Any of them happen to be royal?” you asked, “This place is amazing!”
Charles chuckled. “Unfortunately no. Though, we’ve always seemed well off.”
“That’s an understatement,” you paused, “So, where are the other students?”
“Well, currently, most are outside. Classes have finished for the day and weather seems to be just right.” His eyes brightened. “There are a few now.”

You looked up to see a group of four walking your way. You immediately noticed one of them had blue skin and a tail. The girl next to him wore a yellow jacket. The remaining two seemed to have stopped in their tracks. One had silver hair while the other wore red glasses. You smiled as the Professor called them over.

“Y/N, these are my students Kurt, Jubilee, Peter, and Scott. They are all in your class.”
“It’s nice to meet you guys,” you greeted.

Charles smirked to himself, hearing two lines of very loud thoughts coming from the two tailless boys. He smiled knowingly.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it,” he paused, rolling away, “Oh! And if one of you could show her to her room-”
“I can!” both Peter and Scott yelled.
“It’s the room next to Jean’s.”

You smirked while Charles chuckled. The pair gave each other a side glare. Jubilee latched onto your arm. You smiled.

“Once you’re settled, did you want to go to the mall with me and Kurt?”
“I’ve never been to a mall,” the tailed boy exclaimed, “I’m told it is amusing.”
You chuckled again. “That sounds like fun. I’ll find you guys once I’m settled in.”
“Awesome,” Jubilee replied.
“I’ll show you to your room, Y/N,” Peter suddenly offered.
You nodded. “Alright.”
“Or I could,” Scott suggested.
“She already said I was showing her.”
“Fine. I’ll help her with her bags then,” he shot back indignantly.
“…You both can help,” you told them.

The pair stopped glaring to turn toward you. Their faces were immediately covered in a red hue. You held back a chuckle. Who would’ve thought two handsome guys would be fighting to show you your room? You started heading toward the staircase.

“Come on, then. I do want to head to the mall before the sun sets,” you teased.
“Maybe I can buy you a smoothie when we’re there,” Scott casually called.
“Or you could visit the arcade with me,” Peter contested.

You bit your lip. This was going to be too much fun.

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Magic Movie Park, an abandoned mall in the north of italy (Muggiò, Milan). Have been with two of my friends: Cesare and @theosoyez, who are both great at Urbex. We had the constant feeling of not being alone in there. Some more photos soon.

Canon EOS 5d mkii and EF 28/2.8

I Scream, You Scream

After a (relatively) successful venture to the space mall, Coran was all set to fix the teladav with new lenses, Shiro was all set to make contact with their could-possibly-be-questionable-allies, and Pidge was mourning the incompatibilities of super-advanced Altean technology with a retro Earth gaming console.

But Hunk wasn’t paying attention to their gaming woes. Video games were cool and all, but this, this was way more important. He was checking over Kaltenecker, confirming that yes, she was a cow and not, like, a steer or something. She seemed healthy enough, but he didn’t really have enough experience to know.

“Hey Lance!” he called. His friend looked up from where he was comforting a weeping Pidge. “Is this a dairy cow? Does she give milk?”

“Well how would I know?”

“You said she was free with purchase, did the salesperson say anything?”

Lance had stood up and wandered over to Hunk and his prize. “Nope. Just ‘free’ and 'Kaltenecker.’ What’s the big deal, anyway?”

“Lance,” Hunk pleaded, “don’t you understand what this means?”

At the blank look he was getting, not just from Lance but Keith and Shiro as well, who were standing nearby and casually observing the interaction (Pidge was still grieving over her new console), Hunk had to lay his hands on Lance’s shoulders and shake him a little. “Just think! Milk, Lance! Fresh milk! Whole milk with heavy cream and don’t you realize what this means??”

Finally the light went on for the Blue Paladin and his eyes widened, mouth splitting into a huge grin. “Dairy foods! Holy quiznack, we can have DAIRY FOODS!”

The other humans were reacting with excitement, too, drawing Pidge into the conversation. “Cheese!” Keith suggested excitedly. But then Hunk’s expression dropped.

“Sorry, but I don’t think we have the bacteria cultures up here for things like cheeses and yogurt, but still! Imagine the possibilities!”

Shiro was still standing where he was, but his gaze had gone distant, a dreamy glaze over his eyes as he murmured, almost reverently, “Ice cream…”

Keith, Pidge, and Lance all exchanged thrilled expressions, repeating at the same time, “Ice cream!” And when they all looked at Hunk, he nodded solemnly, though his lower lip was trembling and there were tears in his eyes.

“Ice cream,” he confirmed with a little quaver in his voice.

“Does anybody know how to milk a cow?” Shiro demanded, and it sounded startlingly like his “we’re on an important mission” voice. Good grief, the guy was really serious about his ice cream.

But unfortunately there was silence from the four younger Paladins, everyone looking at each other sheepishly until Lance lifted one hand to rock it back and forth in a so-so gesture. “Maybe? When I was a kid one of my neighbors had goats. I used to visit and watch…”

“Alright Lance, see if you can’t figure out how to milk a cow,” Shiro ordered. Lance executed a snappy salute, the turned to lead Kaltenecker off the bridge while everyone else watched with the stars of newfound love and appreciation in their eyes. Then there was a loud mooing and Lance made a startled noise of pain. “Uh…Keith? Why don’t you go help him?” The addressed paladin nodded and trotted out the doors to keep Lance from being mauled by a space-abducted bovine. Their inevitable bickering faded down the hall. “Pidge,” Shiro addressed the Green Paladin next. “See what you can find out about pasteurization or whatever. Just so we know it’s safe.” She scuttled off to her station with an “Aye aye!” and Shiro turned to Hunk next. “Think you can whip up an ice cream churn with what we’ve got in the castle?”

Hunk gleefully cracked his knuckles, grinning, “Not a problem!” Then he left the bridge as well.

Allura couldn’t help but stand there and stare at this surprising interaction. She had put in the coordinates for their destination and was in the process of gently undoing the work the mice had done playing with her hair, but…

“What is 'I scream’?” she couldn’t stop herself from asking.

“The best comfort food ever!” Pidge exclaimed from her station without taking her eyes off of her research.

“It’s just a sweet treat,” Shiro explained with a smile. “Something none of us have had in a while. You’ll definitely have to try some when it’s ready!”

“I suppose so…” she conceded, intrigued, but also a little relieved to see the suddenly lightened mood of her Paladins, despite their upcoming mission. “I scream…” she murmured again.

Confusingly, Shiro chuckled and said, “You scream.”

Then Pidge gleefully piped up again, cheering, “We all scream for ice cream!”

Because I can’t ignore the temptation of Paladin shenanigans. :D I mean, Kaltenecker is a source of Earth food! Surely if anyone would capitalize on that, it would be Hunk!

Revenge, Interrupted (Steroline Fanfiction) - Chapter 1

Fake Dating AU.

Prompt: “Our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire ‘date’ scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we’re two months into this charade we’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore” AU (credit)

Setting: This is a human AU, basically they’ve just graduated college and moved to the same city. Bonnie, Elena and Damon went to the same college and Caroline went to a different one and has never met Stefan or Damon, until now!

Ships: Steroline, Bonenzo and Delena (I don’t ship DE but this is an AU so they’re fine here I promise)

A/N: This is going to be super cliche and fluffy but I think our fandom needs that right now! This is also my first non angst fic and my first complete AU fic, I hope you guys like it.


[Ch 2] [Ch 3] [Ch 4] [Ch 5] [Ch 6] [Ch 7] [Ch 8] [Ch 9] [Ch 10]

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Sleep - pt 10

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He held your hand going into the theatre. It wasn’t busy tonight and there was no line at the concession stand.

“Two sodas, two small popcorn, gummy bears, a cotton candy bucket and nachos. Will that be all?”

“Oh and chocolate drops.” Hoseok added.

He tried to hold everything besides your drink and you laughed as he struggled with the snacks.

“I didn’t even want all this stuff Hoseok.” You giggled, taking some of the snacks off his hands.

“It doesn’t cost that much.” He bluffed.

Theatre three was empty, and Hoseok bought tickets to see a new horror film.

As the movie started, you guys picked at the snacks and it was obvious that there was no way you guys could finish it all.

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34+ any ship u want

34. “The stars are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes before.”

I know this is like super duper late it’s only because I haven’t had much motivation to write lately, so I’m also going to make this Hamburr because :v

Aaron Burr couldn’t help but stomp, an angry huff coming from his throat. He shut the car door with a slam, struggling to unlock the door in the garage. A bundle of flowers was in his hand, making it hard to get through. He got through only to see his husband, Alexander Hamilton on the couch. Settling the flowers on the table, he sniffled. Burr stared at him with glossy eyes, a soft grunt coming from him.

“Take me to Cinnabon, I’m upset.” He huffed out, walking with his arms down to his sides.

“Aaron, Love, what’s wrong?” Alexander asked, setting his half-finished essay on the coffee table. Aaron walked toward him, eyes pointed at the ground. Hamilton moved to Aaron, hand moving to his cheek. Burr grunted, leaning into him.

“Hey, answer me.” He said softly, tilting his head up to meet his eyes. Burr stared at him, suddenly crying. A hitched breath choked out of Alexander’s throat. The man tugged Burr into his arms, hand settling on his lower back.

“Please don’t cry, Love. I’ll take you to Cinnabon, we can go get you sweets… then we can talk. I’ll help you, please don’t cry…” The immigrant said sweetly, nosing his neck. Aaron stifled his sobs, leaning into the other. He sat there for a moment before he began to wiggle. Pulling back, his lip quivered as he looked up to catch the other’s gaze. He shuffled away, moving to the sink and dabbing at his eyes with a wet paper towel to keep himself from crying. He moved fast, cutting the ends of the stems on the bouquet, placing them into a glass vase.

“Burr, could you please tell me why you’re upset…?” Alex asked, standing to go after him. His arms wrapped around his waist, holding Burr to his chest. Aaron decided not to fight it, quite enjoying the warmth.

“I-I went to the flower s-shop to get you some b-because our other ones were dying…” He started, tilting his head backwards to look up at Alexander. The slightly taller man’s hand began to wander, soon rubbing up and down Burr’s throat gently.

“O-Once I got them… I d-decided I wanted to get our n-names on the bouquet, have them p-printed on t-the wrapper…” He said, sniffling gently. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling at the loving touches.

“T-The guy almost didn’t sell m-me the flowers because w-we’re gay… he o-overcharged me on p-purpose…” He said softly, eyes closing. Hamilton felt his heart sink, a sympathetic hum echoing in his throat.

“I’m so sorry, Love… I wish I could’ve been there with you. How much did he make you pay? I’ll pay you back, I promise it, Love. I’ll go and talk to the owner of you want me to, I’ll get the place shut down, Aaron, I’ll do ever–” Aaron cut him off with a snort, smiling up at him. Alex was caught off guard by the noise, smiling down at him.

“No, you don’t have to do all t-that,” He said with a sniffle. “I-It just scared me… what if we decide to h-have a kid, huh?” He asked, eyes big as he turned in Alexander’s arms, looking up to him.

“W-What of this sort of thing happens while they’re standing there with us…? What kind of p-parents will that make us if w-we do what I did? Just l-let it happen?” He questioned, another sniffle coming from him. Alex pressed a kiss to the corner of his eye, successfully stopping the tear from forming fully.

“Don’t worry, we’ll know if that happens,” He reassured, a sideways smile pulling his lips. “Now, I do believe you asked for Cinnabon? Yes?” Aaron gave an eager nod with a tiny smile.

“Then what are we waiting for?”

“I can’t believe you posted that picture.” Aaron said, rolling his eyes. Alexander shrugged with a stifled laugh.

“What do you mean? It’s adorable.” He choked out, smiling at the slightly shorter male.

“I have frosting all over my face, it’s not adorable. It’s suggestive.” He replied, rolling his eyes.

“Okay first of all, it was not meant to be taken that way. Second, you’re literally taking a bite out of a cinnamon role, no one can take it out of context. Third, it actually is pretty damn cute. And fourth, you’re getting so many likes, you may have a chance of getting featured on Cinnabon’s Twitter.” He said with a smile. Aaron winced at that.

“God, I hope not.” He said with a laugh, turning to look at Alexander. They were walking from the mall, sun starting to set before Alexander pulled his phone from his pocket.

“Take a selfie with me.” He said softly, smiling at him. Aaron scoffed.


“You’re outfit is cute, the pink sky, the beautiful fountain? It’s the perfect opportunity.” He said with a smile, motioning to their surroundings. Aaron thought for a moment before nodding. They positioned themselves on the edge of the fountain, pressing theirs heads together before snapping a picture. Alexander quickly kissed Aaron’s cheek, earning a squeak from the male as another picture was caught. Alex hummed softly, stuffing his phone away before dragging a flushed Aaron back to their car.

“And that one,” Aaron hummed, pointing to the night sky, “Is the Big Dipper.” He cooed, drawing imaginary lines between the stars. Alex watched Burr with admiration, not even really caring about the stars. They’d laid a blanket in their backyard, stargazing. They’d done so many times before but just listening to Aaron talk about the stars? It was music to his ears.

“Alex?” Burr asked quickly, meeting his gaze. Hamilton was startled at the sudden awakening but he couldn’t really say he minded being greeted by such a lovely face.

“Yes, Love?” He asked, a smirk coming from him.

“Are you looking at the stars?”

“No.” Aaron was surprised by the answer, looking to him with confusion. He knew Alex would have been lying if he said yes but at least he would’ve told Aaron what he wanted to hear.

“I’m looking at you.” Alexander continued, smile growing wider, Aaron more confused. Was Alex really flirting with him? They were married.

“Why?” Burr asked, turning towards him.

“The stars are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes before.” He said quickly, Aaron’s cheeks heating up. His heart fluttered, muscles stiffening. Did he really just…?

“Oh my god…” Was all Aaron could mutter before smiling, face frozen with lovesick expression. Alexander giggled softly, sitting up and kissing Aaron’s temple before gently caressing his cheek.

“I think I’m gonna call it a night, Love. I’m gonna leave you to the stars. Come to bed when you’re done, okay Love?” He said before grinning. Aaron didn’t react.

“Aaron? Love? Hello?” He teased, rubbing his shaved head. 

“I’m going to bed, can you hear me?” He asked with a smirk, kneeling down to him and pecking his cheek.

“Well, goodnight Aaron.” Alex commented before disappearing into the house. Oh god. Burr smiled, feeling oh so in love with this man.

Fuck. Hamilton was good…

Tour Guide (E.D 💖)

Moving day was stressful to say the least. You were all by yourself because you had just moved to L.A. after months of constant pestering and reassuring your parents that you, a 17 year old, could move out to L.A. on you’re own to, presue a dream of being an actress. You had already secured a job here after having them agree to wait until you moved there to start you’re shifts at a comfortable little coffee shop down the road.

You were currently carrying a large and considerably heavy box, to the open elevator doors when you saw single-most attractive human being you had ever seen. He had dark chocolate hair with blond thrown in there for fun, he was built well, the muscles in his arms showing because of the sleeves cut off of his black shirt. He had on light-wash jeans with holes, his eyes were mesmerizing and his jaw could cut. He was a god.

Your POV
Butterflies erupted in my stomach as I realized he was now in the elevator that I was using to transport these stupid boxes to my apartment. He politely held open the closing door of the elevator for me, then turning to me, the mystery man speaks, his voice deep. “Someone as gorgeous as yourself shouldn’t be carrying a big box like that.”

“It’s pretty hard to find strangers to help you when you just move here” I let out a breathy laugh as I shift the box higher on my body to make it more comfortable to carry, just as I do that I feel the weight become lighter as the stranger once again blesses me with his voice “I’ll be the stranger that helps then” he smiles and shows me his pearly whites that could captivate a crowd. “Thank you so much…” I search for the name not yet given to me. “Ethan. I’m Ethan Dolan.” I smile, his name was fitting with how attractive he was. “Well Ethan, I’m Y/N.” After hours of elevator rides and moving boxes, fooling around during breaks and getting to know each other, it was time to say goodnight.

Before Ethan have left he gave me his number and told me he lived on the 5th floor with his twin brother, Grayson. While unpacking my kitchen utensils I received a text from the god himself

Ethan: Hey, I was wondering, since you’re new here, if I could show you around tomorrow?

You: Yeah, of course, I’d love that!

Ethan: Perfect, I’ll pick you up for breakfast tomorrow, is 10-ish good?

You: Sounds perfect, btw thank you so much for helping me today, I really appreciate it!

Ethan: No problem, I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N, night!

You: Night!

3rd person POV
That morning you had woken up early to make sure you looked extra good for your day out with Ethan. You loosely curled you’re hair, made sure you wore a little more makeup but also didn’t cake it on. You’re outfit was a tight fitting, baby blue crop top with dark wash jeans and classic black converse. You sprayed yourself with perfume and brushed your teeth after chugging you’re coffee so you could at least get through to the coffee you would have at the restaurant that was still unknown to you.

A ping from your phone alerted you that you got a text from Ethan, it said he would be there in 5 minutes to pick you up. You replied with an ‘Okay see ya!’ and quietly scrolled through Instagram until he arrived.

You opened the door to your apartment and greeted Ethan with a ‘Hey’ and a friendly smile that was returned, along with a compliment “You look beautiful.” He stared down in awe at the girl he would be with all day. “Thank you! You look pretty cute yourself!” You felt the redness flood to you’re cheeks, you walked out of your doorway and closed and locked the door behind you.

Your POV
Ethan brought us to a cute restaurant with a patio, you two sat outside, in the beauty of the city. “What will you two be getting today?” A kind, middle aged waitress asked you “Pancakes with coffee please, what about you Y/N?” I look up at the women, “I’ll have the Waffles with fresh fruit please, coffee as well for me.” She nodded and walked back into the restaurant. “So why did you want to come to L.A. babe?” “I want to be an actress, it’s always been my dream, to see myself in movies, entertaining people. I’ve always been one for following my dreams, so practice what you preach I guess.” I smile thinking about how my brother use to video tape me acting out favorite scenes from the cartoons I watched. “How about you, why did you move, what do you want to shoot for career wise?” I look into his beautiful hazel eyes. “I moved here to chase my dream of being an actor, Gray and I both want to pursue acting, we also enjoy entertaining people, that’s why we have YouTube.” He finished explaining just as our food arrived.

After breakfast Ethan showed me his favourite spots around L.A, both stores and restaurants that he endulged in. It was an afternoon that neither of us wanted to come to an end, it was full of laughter and stories. He had a story for every place, he showed me his tattoo parlor that he goes to, his favourite mall, his favourite store in set mall. It was wonderful, peaceful and relaxing. It soon came to an end though, before we knew it we were walking back to my apartment door. “Ethan I had an amazing day, thank you!” I smiled at the beautiful boy in front of me, he smiled down at me and stared into my eyes. “Yeah, I really want to do this again sometime Y/N.” I had somehow conjured up enough courage to lean up and leave a soft peck on his cheek, which cause a soft shade of pink to cascade apon his cheeks. “Goodnight Ethan!” He smile, showing his deep dimples “Goodnight Y/N!”

I shut my door and slide down it, overcome with emotion. I was so happy I met someone like Ethan on my first day here and now on the second day I’m having perfect days like this. They say L.A. is not only beautiful but magical, I believe it now.

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I figured I should properly advertise this—

It’s a mutual killing fanfic - starring the Student Council, with our dearest Murasame Soshun as the protagonist, set in a mall setting! People…will die! Tears…will be shed! These kids will get…actual character development! I quit school to write this full-time (I didn’t)! 

I have a lot of fun things planned for this fic. It’s written in VN script format to be more reminiscent of an actual Danganronpa game. Right now I’m currently working on Chapter 2′s investigation! I don’t respond to most comments, but I sure as hell read and appreciate them! All Support Fuels Me.