mall of millenia

A condominium and a Dodge Challenger

Neither of which I have, but wish I did, is what you could buy for the price of my two week stay in the hospital back in March.

The bill from Florida Hospital was just a few dollars less then $160,000


Thanks to some knowledge my dearest friends applied to my situation the total amount I owe is a little bit easier to deal with.


Thanks right! My friends started the paperwork and I was accepted for a little know hardship program.

Being homeless, jobless and no insurance certainty qualified me for that program.

Thank goodness for my friends efforts and knowledge!

Because maybe someday I will have that house with a Challenger.



The photo was taken at the Millenia Mall. How things have changed, only 7 months ago I was afraid to go to a restaurant for a trans-friendly meetup. Now I live as myself 24/7 and thing nothing of visiting the mall for shopping and a snack.