mall of millenia

A condominium and a Dodge Challenger

Neither of which I have, but wish I did, is what you could buy for the price of my two week stay in the hospital back in March.

The bill from Florida Hospital was just a few dollars less then $160,000


Thanks to some knowledge my dearest friends applied to my situation the total amount I owe is a little bit easier to deal with.


Thanks right! My friends started the paperwork and I was accepted for a little know hardship program.

Being homeless, jobless and no insurance certainty qualified me for that program.

Thank goodness for my friends efforts and knowledge!

Because maybe someday I will have that house with a Challenger.



The photo was taken at the Millenia Mall. How things have changed, only 7 months ago I was afraid to go to a restaurant for a trans-friendly meetup. Now I live as myself 24/7 and thing nothing of visiting the mall for shopping and a snack.

Ok so if y'all would reblog this I would really appreciate it. This guy is the sweetest dog at the shelter. He’s a couple of years old, housebroken, and knows how to sit. He’s energetic but not overwhelming. Now the problem is, he’s covered in healing scabs and he has heart worms. He’s been at the shelter for the longest and unfortunately my shelter euthanizes and his day out is the 13th I believe. He’s at the Orange County Animal Services in Orlando over by the Mall at Millenia and I’d appreciate it if y'all would help him find a forever home.