mall of bam

Yuri on Ice, first wave of merch! (Likely much more to come over the next few months…)

I have never seen any of this stuff before because all the Animates I have been to recently were all sold out. But today I went to a small, hidden anime shop in a mall I know of and BAM.

Grey's Anatomy 10x24 "Fear (Of the Unknown)" Season Finale Review (Spoiler Alert)

Le'st be happy Grey’s Anatomy fans! Why? 1. Cause we survived Season 10!! And 2. Nobody died or got hurt!

But you know what did get hurt? OUR HEARTS! And we can’t page Cristina anymore, cause she’s not here! We wre all sitting there watching the episode like….

Let’s begin shall we!

Warning: The term “Baby bitch tears” will be used a lot, especially when talking about Cristina. This pretty long, but I added a ton of gifs, just to make the read not boring. Enjoy

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