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SM MALL OF ASIA, National Bookstore :)

Thank you mga mahal sa mga nagpunta sa SM MALL OF ASIA, National Bookstore kanina para sa‪ #‎FanGirlMeetsSupermanBookLaunch‬!! Sobrang nagulat ako sa dami ng nagpunta! Yung iba hindi na makapasok, sa labas na lang nanuod! Nakakataba talaga ng puso!  Sobrang thankful ako sa suporta na binibigay nyo sakin! Sana hindi kayo magsawa! Dahil sobrang saya kanina.. may PART2!! Kitakita ulit tayo sa AUGUST 11, SM North Edsa, National Bookstore naman 4pm! Yung mga hindi nakapunta kanina, sana makapunta na kayo this time! Gusto namin kayo makasama! 


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17 October 2011

Since the start of the year I have been hearing rumors that Bamboo was going to perform at some major event. On a press release that I read, the entire line-up of musicians were written down except his name and then at the end of the article it said “and a surprise special guest”

That was it. Who else could it be? Although I was told that they already mentioned this in TV commercials, but who cares if it was a surprise or not. Firsts and lasts are the best thing there is. Last December I wasn’t able to take the last performance of Bamboo the band in 19 East because I was having an emotional fit with my camera.

I did not take photos of all the performances in the festival, something I regret given that there were so many surprises, but I was backstage and made sure that my pass said ALL ACCESS (I was doing some project I thought of just then when I saw Karl Roy eating friend chicken before performing as P.O.T. but I’ll let you guys know what it is when I’ve completed it).

I searched for Bamboo everywhere knowing he was around because Kakoy Legaspi, who plays guitars for him now was in sight and the orchestra that was going to play with Bamboo was already setting up their instruments. I couldn’t find him.

I saw Kakoy again last night for the nth time (because he’s a serial session guitarist like that and he seemed to be in all the noteworthy events playing with different musicians). I asked him if he had seen Bamboo throughout the event, he said that he only saw Bamboo during soundcheck and only on stage for the set, after that Bamboo disappeared. 

I remember seeing him perform at the 2005 NU107 Rock Awards. He was seated quietly in a corner waiting for his turn to go up. When he goes on stage though, like this time around, you can feel his command of the crowd, who didn’t get that all rowdy, but was pulled into attention, similar to what you get when you are star struck. 

There are many frontmen out there who can be hailed by critics as a great performer, but you can’t deny the fact that Bamboo is THE complete package: Good looks, heavenly voice, astounding charisma and that extreme mysteriousness no one can seem to strip down into a formula. He is really an enigma.  

His new album “No Water No Moon” will be out soon under Polyeast Records. You can listen to his latest single “Questions” on his site


The 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

The photos were taken during the Pyromusical Competition at the Mall of Asia last March 2 wherein United Kingdom (1st Photo) and South Korea (2nd Photo) were the participants at that time.  The pyromusical competition still runs until March 23!

I’ll post the full set soon!

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Philippine Fashion Week

So I got the invites for the Philippine Fashion Week(PFW) last Friday, thanks to DJ. I am very excited with this one because it would be my first PFW visit. I need to dress properly for this event because everyone is Pasyown, Pasyown. ~_____~

Yesterday morning, I bought some clothes and accessories for PFW. I actually bought my long sleeves and the rest in Tutuban and 168 Mall (Wais dapat sa pera ~__~). I’m glad with everything that I bought.

My photos above were taken by Ry.

I went to MOA by 1pm to meet Ryan, DJ and his friends, and Kaloy who would join us by 5pm because he still have classes to attend to. The show that we’ll attend later that afternoon is the Ipanema Show that features 5 designers, Anthony Nocom, Catherine Cavilte, Dave Ocampo, Lyle Ibanez and Raoul Ramirez.

So here are the photos that I took yesterday.

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