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Minneapolis skyline from inside the Metrodome

Photo by AboveTheNorm

Woman Captures Evidence of a Ghostly Presence at Randall Park Mall?

A woman named Tonya Nester believes she may have captured evidence of a ghostly presence lurking at the Randall Park Mall in North Randall, Ohio. The picture, which was sent by Tonya’s cousin’s boyfriend to local Cleveland news station NewsNet5, shows what appears to be ethereal entity flying around just outside the mall. 

Tonya reportedly didn’t know she captured the ghost until she looked at it later that day when she got home. Randall Park Mall, which was once one of the largest malls in America, was closed back in 2009. In December of 2014, demolition began on the structure where an industrial park will eventually take it’s place.

It’s been suggested that the picture was taken in front of a car window, and the ghost is merely a smudge. With that said, abandoned buildings are notorious for being haunted, so perhaps this was a spirit that became attached to the property. In my opinion, it does look like the image was indeed taken behind a car window, so I have to agree with the smudge theory. What do you think? Does this photo show a real spirit? Or is it just a smudge on a car window?


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