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Mall of America hired its first black Santa and the racists of the internet lost it

Internet commenters ruin everything. Some recently surfaced evidence in support of this theory: the Mall of America’s decision to hire its first-ever black Santa to spread some much-needed holiday cheer. After many readers’ decision to unleash a torrent of racism in the Star Tribune article’s comments section, the website had to take an important measure.

I haven’t posted pictures in forever (mostly because my dorm has terrible fluorescent lighting and an absence of good mirrors), so here are some I liked ft. my boyfriend. (This one goes out to the anon who I couldn’t post a picture for earlier)

We celebrated a late valentine’s day since I have class from 9:45AM to 8:30PM with few breaks on Tuesdays. I walked into that mall strongly believing I was not a hat person, but some of them were just so damn cute & I’ve been working hard lately & the price was reasonable. I ended up going with the black one. Good accessories make me happy.