mall of america

Image: An exterior view of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. (Adam Bettcher/ Getty Images)

You guys: The Mall of America is looking for a writer-in-residence. According to their website, they want “a special scribe” to “spend five days deeply immersed in the Mall atmosphere while writing on-the-fly impressions in their own words.”

“It sounds like the dream of a 1990s teenager,” say our friends at Minnesota Public Radio. “Or the nightmare of anyone who doesn’t love crowds and the ever-present scent of Cinnabon.”

If you’re one of those dreamers, the application period ends March 10. So, you know, get to work!



Shake Shack (MOA) by jpellgen
Via Flickr:
Two SmokeShacks, a Chick'n Shack and a ShackBurger… With a side of fries. Shake Shack. Bloomington, Minnesota.


Somehow I filled my phone storage again. So I’m trying to figure out what files I can get ride of and backing up all my pictures. But I hate that this keep a happening. It never happened with my BlackBerry. Annoying.
I’m a little sad though. I took mom and dad to the airport and they are home now. But today was great. Probably the most fun day of the trip.
I couldn’t sleep last night. I was up reading for a while. But not even a book just like a very compelling article. And then I was just figety and even though I was asleep around 2 I was still up at 330. I slept until 8 though and was able to get ready and dressed and out the door by 815. Mostly cause I showered last night but still. I walked downtown and met up with mom and dad at their hotel. I had some breakfast there and we walked to the train. They kept complaining that I said it was right down the street. Which it totally is!! It’s like 6 straight blocks! But they were fine. We got to the station and rode it to the mall of America.
I got confused when we got to the mall and we ended up in the wrong floor but it was fine. We got the elevator down and then figured out where the jumbo lockers were so we could stow their luggage. And then off to the aquarium! We had a few minutes until they opened so we did photo booths like I wanted. Me and dad. Me and mom. And mom and dad. It was all very silly. And a lot of fun.
We were some of the first ones there. There was a very large group of very little kids. But that was fine. I had a great time. The only disapointment for Me was there wasn’t stingray petting anymore. Because they are pregnant! Which is neat but still. I like petting things. But it was a lot of fun. We learned a lot about jelly fish. I liked the tube the best again. It’s 300 feet of tube it’s amazing!
We saw the sea turtles and many sharks. J liked the little turtles and stingrays best. One of the little kids, as a stingray was going over us, said “wow…that’s a very big circle” and I loved that description.
It was fun though and I loved being with my family. Dad was hung up on some kind of jelly fish, so when we got to the end he asked and they sent down an animal trainer to explain it. And I found a shark plush I love. She has microbeads filling and had a pleasing hand squish. Dad bought that for me and after a squid hat picture we headed to lunch.
Me and mom decided on rain forest cafe for the nostalgia. I liked the fake thunder storm that happens every 22 minutes. And my food was good. But the anamatronics were hilariously bad. Like I remember being totally fooled as a kid. But these just looked like old stuffed animals but I guess if they are 20 years old they are holding up well.
I was sad when we left. We got the train and we said goodbye on there. They left and I rode the train home. I was lucky enough to make the bus just as I got off the train and was home around 2.
I did laundry. I needed all 3 machines. And I cleaned and sewed the tiny tear in my shark plushy’s face. The dryer made my clothes hot but not dry so I had everything drapped on everything for a few hours. I painted my nails. And went through poppy conspiracies with Jess on messenger. It was a lot of fun actually. I’m feeling really neat though. The rain and storms are making me real tired.
But it’s been a great day. I listened to a lot of music and I feel really happy.
Tomorrow I’m going to go work on moving stuff over here from my studio and maybe go get groceries or something. Just try to have a good few days.
Sleep well everyone. Be awesome to each other.