mall madness


//wakes up in the middle of the night// WE WERE ROBBED!!!

Day 1: Madness

@kuroweek Here’s my work for day 1. It’s basically Lance/Kuro (Luro) space mall madness featuring bad language, crude humor, steamy make outs, blackmail, love confessions and a little bit of Sheith on the side. Enjoy!

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Future Voltron episode

Imagine a future episode, maybe next season maybe even later (the later in the series the better honestly).

It starts off with them on some planet, maybe they just saved it or are just kinda visiting it, and just kind of wandering around with the locals.

  • one of the paladins notices a shady looking dude just kinda lurking in the crowd
  • a local tells them that he is a notorious bounty hunter
  • so the paladins keep an eye on him
  • suddenly no one has eyes on him and they can’t get a hold of Hunk
  • they finally see the bounty hunter dragging Hunk aboard his ship and taking off
  • they all run back to the castle and their lions to follow him
  • the team is mad as hell btw. how dare this bounty hunter try and take a member of voltron
  • unfortunately the bounty hunter’s ship is really fast and even the red lion is having trouble keeping up, but is just about to reach the ship–

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Sex, Violence, and Gardening

Chapter three, part 3

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Jealous: Part Two

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#pay attention to kira’s face #she looks so proud and happy for malia #this whole scene in the classroom was so great with the three of them #i need more moments like this #jeff davis talked about being excited for ‘the friendship developing between this trio of girls this season’ #but this is literally only the second scene with just the girls together #where are my sleepovers and shopping mall trips #I’M SO MAD