sitdownkatherine  asked:

i am apparently popular with the hockey Kids how do yoh do

some tips to know to fit in with the hockey kids

-fuck Patrick Kane, he is an ASS and a disgrace to the NHL
-all goalies are precious and trying their BEST (especially Pricey and Flower)
-Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are hockey soulmates, along with Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn
-PK Subban is a god
-fuck the Flyers
-Johnny Gadreau, Connor McDavid, Conor Sheary, Auston Matthews, Olli Maatta, and Mitch Marner and VERY SMOL
-Oh team North America, we miss them and love them dearly
-Joe Thornton, Brent Burns, and Jordie Benn rule the hockey beard game
-Sidney Crosby loses the hockey beard game every time
-if the NHL app goes off at an unusual time, your heart should stop bc that’s never good
-Trevor Daley has the best celly. (celebration after scoring a goal or one of his teammates scores)
-we are still crying over Pascal Dupuis
-Kris Letang is full of sin
-Geno (Evgeni Malkin) is score and also sometimes full of sin
-OT (overtime) is hell on earth
-Jaromir Jagr is immortal?
-refs and linesman sometimes just don’t know how to do things and it’s either hilarious or FRUSTRATING
-Sidney Crosby is best player in whole world
-women’s hockey is underrated and must be promoted

thank you, you’ll fit right in Katherine

did you kno i would lay down my life for mitch marner, marc andre fleury, auston matthews, trevor daley, morgan rielly, kris letang, connor mcdavid, sidney crosby, evgeni malkin, carey price, olli maatta, andre burakovsky,