sidney crosby // for your daughter

requested by anon

warnings: mentions of cancer and missing parents

who: sidney crosby x reader

premise: your daughter uses her make a wish to meet the penguins and it ends up working out for you too

a/n: sorry this is short! let me know if you all want a part two!


You had absolutely no right to be nervous. Today was about your daughter, Ruby,  the one good thing your ex had left you, and not you. Today was about Ruby meeting her heroes, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and absolutely, positively not about you meeting your long time celebrity crush Sidney Crosby. Except knowing that didn’t stop the nerves, in spite of your wishes.

You looked in the mirror of your car to put it in perspective, smiling at Ruby’s own smiling face. You hadn’t seen that smile in a long time, not since she had been diagnosed with Leukemia and her father, scared and cowardly, left the both of you at the hospital forever. The two years that followed had been tough and exhausting on the both of you, leaving you both in tears more days than not. But as of last week, Ruby was officially cancer free and life slowly began to return to normal. 

Her head was still bare of her gorgeous golden ringlets, but her beautiful smile reminded you so much of the innocent bright eyed girl she once was. At age seven, she already resembled you so much, both in the way she spoke softly but sharply and her big, green eyes. 

You would give anything to make her happy– no one deserved it more. So that’s why you questioned her a little when she told you what her never-used make a wish request was. You had always been a Penguins fan and you hoped that Ruby would be too, but you wanted to make sure that this decision to meet them was what she really wanted and not her trying to make you happy. When she didn’t relent after some light pushing, you decided she actually did want this and happily made the arrangements with the organization.

When you arrive at the arena, you hop out of the car and take a deep breath, smoothening your black sweater with your hands before getting out to get your daughter.

Ruby wore a small Malkin jersey, her favorite player, and dark wash jeans. She wore a black beanie on her bare head to protect herself from the cold and went to grab your hand as you walked in. 

You hadn’t really known what to expect but what was waiting for you was better than you could have hoped: all of the Penguins were there, not just one or two, and they had the whole rink decorated especially for Ruby’s arrival. Light cheery music was playing in the background, and, within moments, Ruby, who had never been shy, was running away from you to put on her skates and go join the guys on the ice.

Not wanting to take attention from Ruby, you stayed off the ice, watching her skate and stumble around into the arms of all your favorite Pens.

You tried your best not to stare too much at Sidney Crosby (photos did not even do the man justice), but you definitely felt yourself taking a few looks. Eventually, Ruby skated up to him and spoke to him for awhile, giving your ogling eyes some justification. While they were chatting, your heart nearly burst when you saw how easily he interacted with her, laughing a few times and holding her small hand in his own. At one point, as you were smiling at the two of them, he looked up from her and caught your eyes, giving you a small smile. You thought you were going to pass out. When Ruby finished whatever it was she was saying, he gave her a big hug before taking her over to meet Geno.

After he did, he skated back, almost in your direction. As he got closer, it seemed he most certainly was heading in you direction. He couldn’t really be coming over to you, could h–

“Hi” he said, smiling with half of his mouth and sticking out a hand to shake yours.

“Hi” you somehow manage to retort back, certain that your face is a rosy pink at this point. You rush to shake his hand, trying to shake yourself of your senseless crush. You were 29 years old and a mother: you were not supposed to get teenage crushes like this. 

Faking whatever confidence you could manage, you steadily brought your eyes up to meet his again before speaking.

“Thank you so much, you were great with her. It means a lot. I’m (Y/N) by the way, Ruby’s mom”

“I’m Sidney” he said, sheepishly, “but call me Sid”

“Sid” you repeat, testing out how the name easily rolls off your tongue.

“And the pleasure is mine” 


“With Ruby. She’s amazing. You did an incredible job raising her”

Well damn you were blushing again. This man.

“I did the best I could on my own” you say, trying to sound humble.

“Ruby mentioned that”


They were only talking for five or so minutes and the topic of her father already came up?

“I mean I kind of asked her after she begged me to date you”

You were lucky you weren’t drinking anything right now because you were certain that if you were, you would have spit it out all over him.

“She what?”

“She told me you had a huge crush on me. And then asked if I would date you. Then she mentioned maybe me being her new dad. She also said she would be okay with having Geno as her dad but she knew you liked me better”

And you thought you were blushing before.

“Oh god” you say, laughing a little. So much for subtlety. 

“It’s okay, it was endearing. So what do you say?”

“Well I’m definitely talking to Ruby about privacy tonight, that’s for sure.”

“Not to Ruby. To me. Asking you out?”

You didn’t even realize you hadn’t responded until Sidney started speaking again, seeming a little anxious.

“I mean we don’t have to, but if Ruby wasn’t lying, I think you are beautiful and lovely, (Y/N), and we’d have fun–”

“Well, I’d have to find a baby sitter” you say, smiling a little. Sidney turns to where Geno is happily twirling Ruby, laughing with her as he skates around.

“I think G would be more than happy to do it” Sid says, grinning ear to ear. 

“Well okay then” you say, “for Ruby”

“For your daughter”

Vegas Bunny AU - fic submission

Zhenya doesn’t sleep well that night. All he can think about is Sid. He wants him to be safe. All he can see is all those people in the casino touching him and the cringing look on his face.

He follows his assistant to a new private lounge in the casino below his hotel. The man who is believed to be the owner of the casino is lounging with a drink in hand, speaking with his own assistant. He looks up when Zhenya walks in. His look goes from cool to concerned.

“Mr… Mr. Malkin. I… I didn’t know you were in Vegas. What can I do for you?” He stands and hold out his hand to shake. Zhenya ignores it and sits. One of the Bunny’s serves him a drink which he sips coolly staring at the man which he believes is called Mr. Harrison. He likes to watch people like him squirm.

“Mr. Harrison? Yes?” The man nods. “You know who I am? Yes? You know the money I posses and the power I have over you?” The man gulps and nods. “Then you understand that a complaint that I may have about your casino may be detrimental to your career.” The man swallows and nods. “Fantastic. Then, let me inform you if something that happened last night. There is this Bunny. His name Sid. I assume you know him. I like him very much. But, your in duty manager make him leave me to serve drinks, because he not supposed to sit with guests. I’m not just a guest, am I Mr. Harrison?”

“No, of course sir.”

“Then, here what I ask you to keep your position at casino. You fire this manager. His name Andrew. Then, on nights I am in casino, Sid is my Bunny and aloud to sit with me. Understood?”

The man nods. “Yes. Yes of course. I will make sure if it, sir.”

Zhenya nods and stands. He returns to his room, knowing full well that his Bunny will not be in the casino until much later.

He’s just settling in when his assistant pops in with a cellphone. “It’s Sasha. He insists, sir.”

Zhenya grumbles but takes the phone. He could never say no to Sasha.

“Zhenya! How are you? Is your sugar Bunny doing well?”

“Is there an actual reason you call? Or you just check on my sex life?”

“Ah Zhenya. Of course I just want to hear about sex. You know me so well.”

Zhenya just shakes his head. “Is good Sasha. How clients?”

“Clients fine, Zhenya. You deserve vacation once in a while.”

Zhenya rolls his eyes. “Maybe you need find Bunny.”

Sasha just laughs.

“Good bye, Sasha.”

Zhenya returns to the casino that night. He doesn’t see his Bunny right away so he sits at a table to play a few hands before he truly goes to look for him. He’s halfway through his third hand when he spots his Bunny. He keeps his eye on him as he finishes.

He quickly makes his way over. His Bunny’s eyes go wide.

“Come?” Zhenya asks.

Sid shakes his head. “I… I can’t. I’m really sorry. I can’t lose this job.”

“Trust me?” Zhenya asks. “Promise you won’t lose job.”

Sid takes a deep breath. He looks at Zhenya for a long while with a look on his face that makes Zhenya want to wrap him up and ever let him go.

“Okay,” he says slowly. “Okay.”

Zhenya smiles and takes his Bunny’s hand to lead him through the crowd. He smiles as his Bunny sits with him, much like nights before.

“If… if this is going to be a thing,” he says as the cards asked being dealt, “I should probably know your name.” His breath tickles against Zhenya’s ear as his hand gently strokes up and down Zhenya’s arm.

Zhenya likes his lips and whispers his name in Sid’s ear.

He murmurs it back, working to get the pronunciation right. It makes Zhenya shiver to hear is beautiful voice say his name like that.

It is like the nights before, in which Zhenya wins lots of money with the help of his Bunny. It also is similar in the way his Bunny touches him. Hey are gentle touches, nothing to much nor too little. Just enough to tease. He nuzzles Zhenya’s neck. He nibbles on his ear. He strokes his arm and thigh.

Zhenya let’s him. He keeps his hands in innocent places, on an arm or hip, nothing to make his beautiful Bunny look like the night before when all those strange men were touching him.

When Zhenya isn’t in the casino or sleeping, he is roaming Vegas looking for lush gifts to give his Bunny later in the night. It always leaves Sid blushing and rushing through the Employees Only door to hide the. away in his locker.

It takes until the end of the week for Sid’s hand to sneak down to Zhenya’s crotch. Zhenya feels Sid stiffen, as if he’s gagging Zhenya’s reaction. Zhenya let’s his growl rumble out before nipping at Sid’s ear encouragingly. His Bunny shivers before putting just the slightest teasing pressure.

Zhenya growls softly and checks his hand. This might be quite distracting.

Over he course of the week, the two had learned much about each other. Zhenya had learned Sid was from Canada and had moved here for school. He had a younger sister that he adored and recently moved to Vegas for work. He lived outside and went to university a town over.

Zhenya had tried to keep what he told Sid vague but true. He didn’t want to scare his Bunny away. Now, he thought Sid had finally gotten comfortable enough with him to take it to another step.

“Can Bunny come back to room with me?” He asked in Sid’s ear.

Sid giggled and rolled his head against the crook of Zhenya’s neck. “You know my name isn’t Bunny, right?”

“Yes, Sid. Stop avoiding question.”

Sid stills, and Zhenya worries he’ll say no. The next hand starts before Sid says anything. “I’m still working. I can’t while I’m working. I don’t work at all tomorrow night. Maybe then?” He says softly.

Zhenya smiles and taps for a card. “Should take to dinner then, first, yes?”

Sid squirms. “You don’t have to do that.”

“Don’t have to but will.” He says.

The rest of the night is lax almost relaxing and comfortable. They plan to meet at a restaurant Zhenya suggests down the street. Sid is appalled by the known upscale and class, but Zhenya wants to treat him right. Zhenya also wants to kiss his Bunny goodnight but isn’t sure that it would be appreciated. As he stands from the last hand, Sid’s hand still in his, he thinks what the hell. He grabs Sid’s cheek and kisses him softly. “Good night my little Bunny.” And leaves Sid blushing.


Eagle. Obviously, you’d be able to fly. There’s nobody – nothing – trying to get you when you’re an eagle, I don’t think. You’re at the top.”

“I think most guys say lion, tiger, but maybe snake. Yeah, why not? Cobra is danger… Yeah, of course [I like to scare people], I want take care of my family, take care of my son, you know, be dangerous.”