Yeah so I just want it to be known that I like white boys…I’ve always have & always will. That doesn’t mean I don’t like black boys, I like boys of all races. I just have this love for white boys that’s like nothing else & I can honestly say I can see myself marrying one. I’m physically more attracted to them. I don’t look at any boys the same as I do white boys. 😘

Last Day of School
  • Everyone who never gave a fuck about anyone else:*crying* I'm gonna miss you guys this summer
  • Me:lolololol I've been waiting for this day since the first day of school, peace out mu'fuckas

Every girl at my school wants to be soft grunge, or a hippie wtf lol everybody loves to say “this is vintage, I got it while I was thrifting” when I saw the same same exact thing in Forever 21 actually I saw you buy it in Forever 21. Everybody tries so hard to label their style based on tumblr & other social media, don’t label your style & don’t dress to fit into a category wear what you wear because YOU like it

So today I was watching Wild N Out with my mom & I was like the next one is a rerun from a couple of weeks ago which was like the best one with the love of my life Mac Miller, so then my mom saw him come out on the stage & she said eww, I was about to slap her but realized she’s my mom so I didn’t

My dream

Hey, you guys so I’ve started another blog, and it is a fashion, beauty, and poetry blog and on it i’ll be sharing fashion, and beauty tips along with my poetry. It has been my dream to be a successful fashion/beauty blogger, and YouTuber, and my YouTube channel will be coming soon but if you are interested in fashion, and beauty and poetry check out my new blog I’m still using this blog as my personal blog but the other is my fashion blog and I hope it gets big and I hope I am able to help as many people as possible by sharing fashion and beauty tips along with reviews, and brighten someone’s day with my poetry so please follow it would mean the world to me thanks for reading

xoxo MermaidMalissa


It’s crazy to me how people hate girls who think they are ugly because they think they’re crying for attention, well maybe they are crying for attention because people have told them everyday for their whole life that they are ugly or that they are worthless & that nobody will or would like them, so every time they look in the mirror they hate themselves.

It’s also crazy to me how if girls believe they are pretty, everybody hates them. I think girls should be allowed to love things about themselves & say that we’re pretty because girls are known to have low self esteem & lots of self hate. Personally I’ve hated myself for so long & believed I was ugly due to me being bullied when I was in elementary & middle school & I was told by so many people that I was fat & ugly, so now that I finally believe I’m pretty at times, it pisses me off that people are mean & rude about myself & other girls loving themselves & saying things about themselves is pretty. Every girl should believe & say they’re pretty & should love at least one thing about themselves. I decided to believe I’m pretty so that I could build my confidence & self esteem I got tired if hating myself & thinking I’m ugly. If a girl thinks they’re ugly tell them they aren’t, & if a girl thinks they’re pretty let them whether you agree of disagree. It could’ve taken them years to believe that about themselves & it’s actually an achievement. I’m proud to say that I think I’m pretty now, because a year ago from now I questioned why I was so ugly.


So I told myself about a month ago to start loving myself as much as Kanye loves Kanye, & since then I’ve started to believe that I’m actually pretty & I started to embrace my natural beauty by wearing my natural hair more & people have been giving me so many compliments way more than when I had braids…idk I’ve been happier too I don’t feel sad anymore I actually want to live & I feel pretty s/o to Kanye for inspiring me to love myself, you saved me along with God💕