malis art


Hey look, it’s me drawing more gem versions of characters! <:D SO ORIGINAL, RIGHT GUYS???

Bluh. Anyways, yeah I decided to make gem versions of my webcomic; Pondera, characters. Because why the fuck not? So here’s the list from left to right:

  • Maly = Mariposite
  • Arcell = Peridotite (His gem self was originally Allanite, but I decided to change that.)
  • Rino = Baroque Matte Green Pearl (I used @funkgamut​‘s color scheme for him from their Pearl Catalogue once again~)
  • Austin = Ocean Jasper (He’s defective like canon Skinny!Jasper.)
  • Vea = Sapphire
  • Borys = Holly Blue Agate
  • Drusilla = Bismuth (She was originally gonna be Bloodstone, but after some thought, I figured Bismuth fit her better. Especially considering her profession.)
  • Ronis = Bloodstone