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After a particularly disappointing year at college, cousins Cora and Malia dream up the perfect way to spend their summer–traveling cross-country by motorcycle. They talk their girlfriends Lydia and Kira into it, and when Lydia’s best friend Allison hears about it, she and her girlfriend Erica jump on board, too. The six girls set out on a two-month long trip that none of them will ever forget, filled with hotel rooms, national monuments, forest-lined backroads, and one adventure after another.

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MALIRA AU – Relationships are hard

first there’s the meeting, then the first date (with a little bit of a serenade) – the honeymoon phase.

then there’s the jealousy and miscommunication – which is where everything goes horribly wrong.

And then when you least expect it, your friends plan a little show & tell to get them back together.

& that’s where the happily ever after comes in.


Teen Wolf AU - Where Kira is a popular vlogger with a crush on world famous movie star, Malia Tate. 


Human AU. Kira knows she’s a good girl. She studied hard, went to college on a lacrosse scholarship, fell in love a couple times with nice boys. Then she meets Malia, who’s all fiery kisses and untamed beauty. Together, the two of them are unstoppable. 

Stuff the tw writers could do in season 6
- Have Kira come back
- Have her working on controlling her powers
- It being too hard for her to be with Scott & work on it so they break up
- Have Malia help her with her powers
- Have Kira help Malia with not having an anchor
- Kira becomes Malia’s anchor
- Malia tells Kira shes her anchor
- Malira kiss


Malira Valentine’s Day AU

For their fifth Valentine’s Day, Malia whisks Kira away to spend the weekend in LA. They roam the boardwalk, eat too much candy, and stay completely absorbed in each other. Their last day there, on the actual holiday, Malia asks Kira to marry her, and of course she says yes.

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teen wolf au meme: [6/7] show aus - how to get away with murder

Professor Derek Hale teaches a criminal law class in Beacon Hills. Though his tactics in the classroom are questionable, students who come out of his class are smart, sharp, and know how to work a courtroom. Every year, he hires students to work for his firm with him. Obnoxious Jackson with rich parents ad good connections; top of her class, go-getting Lydia, with fiance Stiles as a distraction; sly bad boy Isaac who, sleeping with IT man Danny Mahealani, certainly helps their cases; quiet and impressionable Kira, whose crush on Derek’s colleague Malia could get her in trouble; and kind, quick-on-his-feet Scott, drawn inexplicably to his neighbor Allison. These five students and their professor get pulled into a murder plot that could change their lives.


Modern Malira AU – Chance Meeting

When Mala and Kira met in drama club their freshman year of high school, they didn’t expect to become best friends. A year later, they didn’t expect to fall in love with one another. Now, it’s the summer before they head off to college and not even the distance can keep them a part. Malia doesn’t believe in soulmates, but she believes in Kira.


Teen Wolf Kitsune:

In which the show focuses on young Kitsune, Kira Yukimura, coming to terms with her abilities with a little bit of help from her girlfriend, Malia Tate - a werecoyote, and their two friends, Lydia Martin and Allison Argent - a banshee and a huntress. The four work together to strengthen their skills and abilities whilst fighting the evil surrounding Beacon Hills.

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Malira + doctors au

okay this isn’t exactly doctors au but hopefully it’s close enough (come on, malia as a doctor? pssshhh)

(send me a pairing + an au and ill tell you my headcanons!)

okay so

  • kira has a job an assitant at her college’s medical clinic b/c she needs to extra cash (see i said medical it counts)
  • she mostly works the front desk, getting people checked in and sent back to the doctor
  • one day she’s working and in bursts malia tate (who’s she’s never met before)
  • malia waltzes up to the desk and is like hello i think i broke my ankle or something it hurts to walk
  • kira politely points out that her ankle can’t be broken if she;s walking on it, and the directs malia to the sign in sheet, assuring her that she’ll be seen as soon as possible but itll probably be a bit of a wait
  • malia is like yeah im kinda busy can u just fix it now
  • kira not-so-politely directs her to the sign up sheet again, bc hey, its been a long day
  • malia eventually gets to see a doctor, but not until after she’s sat in the waiting room for like an hour, going up to bug kira every five minutes
  • needless to say, kira is not a fan of malia tate and shes glad that malia got her ankle wrapped and left, hopefully never to come back
  • unfortunately, malia is back the next week complaing that her ankle is still bothering her
  • again, she continually bugs kira while waiting and kira is trying to be polite but is so done
  • finally malia leaves again and kira like okay this has to be the last i see her
  • guess who’s back just a few days later?
  • this time apparently her wrist is hurt
  • luckily the wait is shorter and so she has less time to be a pain in kira’s ass
  • the doctor says her wrist is fine and kira is :/
  • kira’s begining to think she’s never going to get rid of this malia person
  • her fears are confrimed when not even a week later malia is back yet again
  • she says she has a headache
  • kira doesnt have time for this. she tells malia to go home and take a tylenol or something
  • the next week she shows up with what’s basically a paper cut
  • kira gives her a band aid and kicks her out
  • shes beginning to think she needs to ban malia from the clinci all together, but unfortuneately she doesnt have the authority to do that
  • a few days later malia claims she thinks her freckle might be skin cancer and kira has had it
  • she’s finally like why do you keep coming here you havent actully been sick or injured in like a month
  • malia is like i honestly i dont know how you havent figure this out yet im here bc i have a crush on you you idiot
  • oh
  • kira doesnt know how to respond to that
  • malias like okay i wont bug you anymore but heres my number
  • and then she leaves
  • she doesnt come back the next week
  • or the next
  • kira didnt really think she would come back
  • but somehow everything feels boring without her and her bullshit injuries
  • and kira realizes she actually misses malia tate
  • and so she texts her
  • (after they start dating malia comes to the clinic with fake ailments so much (bc she hates it when kiras working and cant be with her) that kira does get malia formally banned form the premise) 

Beleaguered actress Kira Yukimura’s life is one disappointing setback after another: she’s eternally single, her friends are rarely in town, and she’s lucky if she can land an awful “hot ninja” role in a buddy comedy. She can’t even comfort herself with ice cream and Netflix, because there are too many bad movies she is in in her suggestions list, and her trainer would kill her. So when she gets a second shot at the big time with a leading role in a film that could change everything, she’s determined to make it out of the typecast hole she’s found herself in, and goes into the project with her signature focus times about ten.

She barely noticed newcomer Malia Tate until they started sharing scenes together, but that hyperfocus is killing her now - she can’t stop thinking about Malia’s laugh, her smile, the way her body looks in that bikini scene. Malia’s part in the film isn’t large, but before she knows it, Malia has a starring role in Kira’s daydreams.

When Kira finds out these feelings go both ways, she’s thrilled - until she remembers she’s famous, she’s trying to rehab her career, and she’s definitely not out. Somehow between takes she’s fallen in love with this wild girl, and now she has to figure out what’s most important: being the big star she’s always dreamed of being, or having the big love she never thought she’d find.