malira au

Reading a fanfic summary:

Person A: * needs fake significant other*
Person B: *is super in love with A*
Author: “what could go wrong? What could go right?”
Me: “literally everything”
Me: *grabby hands* 🤗


After a particularly disappointing year at college, cousins Cora and Malia dream up the perfect way to spend their summer–traveling cross-country by motorcycle. They talk their girlfriends Lydia and Kira into it, and when Lydia’s best friend Allison hears about it, she and her girlfriend Erica jump on board, too. The six girls set out on a two-month long trip that none of them will ever forget, filled with hotel rooms, national monuments, forest-lined backroads, and one adventure after another.

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MALIRA AU – Relationships are hard

first there’s the meeting, then the first date (with a little bit of a serenade) – the honeymoon phase.

then there’s the jealousy and miscommunication – which is where everything goes horribly wrong.

And then when you least expect it, your friends plan a little show & tell to get them back together.

& that’s where the happily ever after comes in.


Teen Wolf AU - Where Kira is a popular vlogger with a crush on world famous movie star, Malia Tate. 

Stuff the tw writers could do in season 6
- Have Kira come back
- Have her working on controlling her powers
- It being too hard for her to be with Scott & work on it so they break up
- Have Malia help her with her powers
- Have Kira help Malia with not having an anchor
- Kira becomes Malia’s anchor
- Malia tells Kira shes her anchor
- Malira kiss

teen wolf au meme: [6/7] show aus - how to get away with murder

Professor Derek Hale teaches a criminal law class in Beacon Hills. Though his tactics in the classroom are questionable, students who come out of his class are smart, sharp, and know how to work a courtroom. Every year, he hires students to work for his firm with him. Obnoxious Jackson with rich parents ad good connections; top of her class, go-getting Lydia, with fiance Stiles as a distraction; sly bad boy Isaac who, sleeping with IT man Danny Mahealani, certainly helps their cases; quiet and impressionable Kira, whose crush on Derek’s colleague Malia could get her in trouble; and kind, quick-on-his-feet Scott, drawn inexplicably to his neighbor Allison. These five students and their professor get pulled into a murder plot that could change their lives.


Teen Wolf Kitsune:

In which the show focuses on young Kitsune, Kira Yukimura, coming to terms with her abilities with a little bit of help from her girlfriend, Malia Tate - a werecoyote, and their two friends, Lydia Martin and Allison Argent - a banshee and a huntress. The four work together to strengthen their skills and abilities whilst fighting the evil surrounding Beacon Hills.