Gaming Week #6 | Summer Games Done Quick 2015 Week (Surprise Day)

Zack Fair (photo #2) and Aerith Gainsborough (photo #3) from Final Fantasy VII


  • Ex-Shadow [DA | FB] (Zack Fair)
  • Malindachan [DA | FB] (Aerith Gainsborough)

Photographer: Joseph Chi Lin [TW | FB]


Goddess Zelda - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

- Full dress, ears, shoes, accessories, wig styling by me (Li Kovacs).
- Kikwi my for me as a gift from my friend Malinda-chan.
- Photo #1 taken by LJinto Photography and SFX editing by Peck Photography.

More of my work can be seen on my FB: 


A compilation of photos I’ve been editing from Katsucon throughout the week :3 

Skyward Sword Link » Malindachan
Noatok » firewolf826
Karneval Group » Janiekat, hibrrry, Kassie
Princess Bubblegum » hibrrry
Connor » mintdoggy
Marth » fairyring
Medli » hythe
Princess Azula » hythe

All photos were taken by me :) 


Mini-Shoot at Katsucon 2013.

Joey - ex-shadow

Yami - Malindachan

Duke - Me

Photos taken by - dirkstriderschoicebooty

This was an awesome shoot with awesome people. The perfect way to bring back my Duke Devlin cosplay. It was awesome hanging with you guys, and getting more Yu-Gi-Oh shots with you!


I’m selling some of my older costumes on ebay! Check my DA journal for more info! 

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I won’t be cosplaying these characters anymore; I still have my newest wigs and jackets for both Judai and Yusei, though the older ones are hard to part with because they hold a lot of good memories! 

Judai wig and jacket listing

Yusei jacket and tank top listing


These photos are from a shoot post-Fanime where me malinda, kyle, and patty went to San Francisco and while looking for parking while kyle ordered pizza we seriously accidentally drove up to Coit Tower and did a mini shoot (since we did a crashtown shoot in Martinez earlier)

Photography by Kairu 

Yusei Fudo cosplay by Malindachan

Kiryu Kyosuke cosplay by Slifertheskydragon