A team of friends and I ventured back to Hocking Hills, OH to catch the last wave of fall colors for a fantasy-centric weekend of photoshoots! Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our adventures in the forest, featuring costumes from FFXIV, Pokemon, Mystic Messenger, and more~!

Today’s forecast calls for sunshine with partly Cloud-y skies! ;D

I’ve been hanging out with @shinkastudios and @firagafox this week! During my stay here Carl let me wear his Cloud cosplay for a quick shoot!! We got some great shots and this was his first time as a photog! Now I join the rankings of those who have worn this cosplay lol.

Cloud Cosplay/Buster Sword/Photographer: @shinkastudios
Model: Myself
Wig: @malindachan

My next video tutorial series will cover Aerith! It probably won’t be as extensive as my Rey series since I’m still figuring out the best video format, but it will cover the major elements of the costume. Then I can move on to crafting my next big project, which I am really looking forward to.

Photo by Sang Le Cosplay Photography

Wig by Malindachan

Love this solo shot of my Aerith costume by @mineralblu

I made this costume in about two weeks before PAX South, but I’ve actually been collecting materials since last summer when @shinkastudios and I first planned our FFVII group. We’re definitely going to re-wear these soon, and hopefully add some new party members!

Wig by @malindachan


Mini-Shoot at Katsucon 2013.

Joey - ex-shadow

Yami - Malindachan

Duke - Me

Photos taken by - dirkstriderschoicebooty

This was an awesome shoot with awesome people. The perfect way to bring back my Duke Devlin cosplay. It was awesome hanging with you guys, and getting more Yu-Gi-Oh shots with you!


So as part of celebrating Kagami’s birthday I restyled my wig for him after spending a day and a half reading, rereading, and practicing malindachan’s spiking tutorial and I’m so beyond happy with it. Gotta do a little more work on the back of it but it looks so much better.