Not Open For Business

[Timeline: 7th September 2016, Wednesday, 12:11 p.m., front of Serafine’s.]

Àngel was ready to go back to work come Wednesday. He’d spent a lot of time with Philippe during the last two days and feeling full-rested from the week retreat with Rodrigo. It was time to help out at the construction site if he wanted Marcel to go on with his plan to open on the witch’s birthday which is less than two months away. After seeing SImeon that morning, he headed to Serafine’s where construction was well on its way. He began work without watching the time soon it was time for lunch. He was on his way out through the side of the building when he spotted a figure standing around in front of the door step. “Hello,” he called out, “Can I help you? I’m afraid we’re still not open for business.”