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Gray Malin (b.1986, USA) - Art Deco Miami

Dallas native photographer Gray Malin is graduated from Emerson College in Boston in 2007, majoring in photography and marketing. While he has had his work displayed in the Dallas Museum of Art, David Streets Gallery in Beverly Hills, and in the Julia Dean Gallery in Venice, he is currently working independently with online curators and art buyers. Best known for his beach-scapes which have been featured in magazines and exhibitions all over the world, Gray created a number of series depicting the most luxurious beaches and pools from a bird’s eye view. (src. ArtDiscover)

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Hey, if You're Going...
I'm going. A really cheesy, sappy lovemix for the dumbest of boyfriends. (Art by tumblr user Malin-J!) Four years ago today (November 11th) I met the love of my life through our mutual Young Justice OTP. I wanted to make her a silly, special little playlist for our talkiversary.