On Stiles losing his V-Card to Malia...

Yes, I am a Stydia shipper. But, I still think that Malia and Stiles are cute (at least for now…I want Stiles to end up with Lydia…).

However…Teen Wolf writers, directors, and editors…I love you. But let’s chat. 

Stiles is the most loved character (statistically accurate- sorry if he’s not your personal favorite) on Teen Wolf, a tv show with a very passionate, invested, and vocal fanbase. This passionate fan base can be both a blessing and a curse- a curse when you simply throw away important character moments–moments that the series has been building up to for a VERY long time! 

The scenes were so rushed! We only saw Malia take off her shirt, then they kissed and it cut to the freaking scene with the twins that I didn’t care or really understand what was going on in! (Not to mention that during this whole scene where Malia kissed Stiles, I wanted to think it was cute, but I was confused about whether or not Stiles had turned evil again- so I wasn’t even able to appreciate the moment for him). When it finally cuts back to them a few minutes later, they are just cuddling on the couch or whatever for like a second. They didn’t talk about it. We didn’t see any of it. We don’t know how either one felt about it. Or how either one of them feels about the other. Or if they even had a condom—I don’t think so…

Overall, very poor job on this Teen Wolf! I am fine with Stiles losing his virginity to Malia- even this early on in their relationship- but it had to have been given the proper attention. This was sloppy.

I love Teen Wolf, but cmon, you can do better.

When Stiles lost his virginity, I wanted so much to be like…

but instead, I’m like…


The moment Zayn left the tour I knew some thing was wrong and, then he left One Direction too. It didn’t really sink in till a week after the news. I was sitting in my car on the back seat and listening to music on my phone. It was on shuffle and More Than This started to play. It was then I realized that Zayn wouldn’t sing with them again for a very long time if not forever. I realized that none of their new songs are going to have his voice anymore. I changed the song because I started tearing up and the next song that played was Gotta Be You. Once that was on I broke down into a full on sob.
After that the drama followed.
Louis broke up with Eleanor and Zayn was working with Naughty Boy so I lost all my hope with them.
Everything just got more complicated from there so, I gave up.
I took down their posters and starred to de-direction-ize my room but in doing that I found an old diary in which I had written my very first fanfiction. I was twelve and it was when I first found out about them. I was head over heals in love with Harry and last night I dreamt about him.
I realize now that no matter how hard I try, I think, I will always love him.
If not the he, he is today then the he, he was in 2012.
I will always love Niall and his adorable smile.
I will always love Liam and his fear of spoons.
I will always love Louis and his sass.
I will always love Zayn and how he couldn’t dance to save his life.

I will always remember their tweet cams and auditions. I will always remember how happy they were when they were called back on the X-Factor and I will always smile to What Makes You Beautiful and Up All Night because no matter what they do they will always be the same boys who went to the X-Factor and wowed me.
Because no matter what, I realize now that I can’t stop loving them.


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