got tagged bye @thethird-eye

since i dont know what to draw so i’m just gonna write this

Nickname : Aisha/Sasa

Sign : Cancer

Height : 158 (i’m very short)

Sexual orientation : Who gives a fuck about sexual orientation

Time : 8:21 PM

Average hours of sleep : 6 hours, sometimes 8 hours or more, it depends

Favorite number : 2

Favorite fictional character from mainstream media : TAKASHI SHIROGANE <3<3<3<3 (Voltron) Lucio, Symmetra, Genji, (Overwatch) Jolyn Kujo, Jotaro Kujo (JJBA) Arcee, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, Wheeljack (TFP) Drift, Rhodimus, Tailgate, Cyclonus, Ultramagnus (MTMTE) and many more

My OC’s : OHOHOHOHOHO I’VE GOT PLENTY! but i’m just gonna write some of them, here’s the list

  • Sydna
  • Anlon
  • Arion
  • Mary O’swell
  • William Price
  • Maliksa
  • Tesla

Blankets I sleep with : Just one, and since the blanket is big i share with my sis

Favorite bands : C2C, Clean Bandit, The Script, Oh Wonder, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy

Dream trip : Hell

Dream job : Work in Animation Studios or become a character design

When did I make this blog? : Five years ago??? idk but this blog is pretty old

Follower count : 1.983, it went popular when i start drawing humanized Transformers which is very long time ago

Posts : mostly my shitty drawings and trash fanart or oc’s

well, i’m not gonna tag 20 people so FUCK THE RULES HAHA

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that’s it folks, enjoy