Little Mix - Shout Out to My Ex (Official Video)

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Zayn's family's behavior on social media is the reason why some fans that believe the official narrative think Gigi is bad for him. Apparently his cousins have done twitcams where they've said they miss Perrie or something. This heps to push the idea that she's lerfect and Zayn is an asshole for having dumped her which encourages people to support amazing perrie's music.

I dunno if there’s any truth to the twitcam thing because I don’t follow any of 1D’s fam very closely. But I know “they” have liked Little Mix things on social media and promo’d Shoutout to My Ex. And by “they” I mean most likely 1DHQ/LMHQ. Cousins like Sarooha and Aaroosa along with Zayn’s sisters have a large social media following. Their social media has clearly been monetized. And it’s my belief that a deal was struck with 1DHQ (which is also LMHQ) in order to buy their cooperation as far as Zerrie was concerned. It’s no coincidence that there’s also Gigi shade. Because that benefits Perrie as well. Imo, this is all transparent an obvious as hell.  

Sarooha posted this…

…and mere days later the Little Mix promo ramped up on her social media. Just like 1D has shown us a bunch of times in the past, she knew the stunts were coming. The pic she posted was probably a pre-emptive strike. 

Once again, I can’t state strongly enough how low down and foul this kinda thing is. It’s absurd to think that a family as close as the Maliks–who have never been shy in their adoration of Zayn–would turn on him over some woman?? Especially AFTER she has intimately disrespected him in a very public way. It’s really naive to think that. Blood is thicker than water. And besides, no one knows better than they do how fake Zerrie was.   

But we know 1DHQ has done it over and over to get gullible kids to buy what they’re selling. Look back on Louis’ fam and Eleanor. In hindsight, does anyone really still think they loved her as much as social media and photo ops portrayed? And honestly, does anyone think Roo Payne took a break from honeymooning to defend Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini on twitter? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. And yet, so many make zero effort to figure anything out. My only hope is that this fandom isn’t as feckless, unaware and vulnerable offline as they are online. If so, they’re gonna have plenty of sad stories to tell.