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Being Altair's Wife Would Include..

This is the second time, I write this because, I accidentally closed the app and I was almost done with it. And why does this feel like betraying Maria?

Warning - Spoiler alert!


• Being in the creed.

• Going on missions together.

• Being Malik’s best friend.

• Malik not liking him.

• Malik thinking he was replaced by Altair.

• Being the only one he can never be arrogant with.

• Not being included in that Robert mission with Malik.

• Being there for him after being stripped of his titles.

• Helping him find those men who Al Mualim wanted dead.

• Him trusting you with his newfound information.

• Having conversations together about your doubts.

• Out of the two of you, you’d be the one to show emotions.

• Malik not being shy to show his heightened resent towards Altair.

• Trying to soften up Malik, knowing how guilty Altair feels.

• Altair coming into Malik’s bureau when you’re having that conversation.

• “Peace and safety, Malik.”

• “Your presence here deprives me of both.”

• Death glaring at Malik.

• Malik trying to cease the sarcastic remarks just for you.

• Going for Robert together.

• Talking to Richard together.

• Travelling in silence back to the palace in Masyaf.

• Him breaking it first.

• “You do know this will be more dangerous than any mission, you’ve ever gone on.”

• Smiling at the concern in his eyes, knowing he has changed.

• “I know.. And I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

• Sharing one of your rare “I love you” moments.

• Him kissing your forehead as he goes to find Al Mualim.

• “Stay alive, my love.”

• “Strength, Altair.”

• You fighting beside Malik and his men.

• “If Altair manages to end Al Mualim, you will owe him a great apology.”

• “Or what?”

• “Or I’ll force it out of you.”

• The two of you shooting playful remarks back and forth as you protect each other’s backs.

• Rushing to find Altair, despite Malik’s protest after the other assassins regain control of their brains.

• Worriedly, looking at him as you see how he’s looking at the apple.

• Snapping out of it as he sees you.

• Holding you tightly, relieved that you’re safe.

• Him almost fainting when you tell him about your first pregnancy.

• Immediately, knowing who your child’s godfather is.

• Grinning creeply at Malik as you visit him in the bureau in Jerusalem.

• “What have you done, (Y/N)?”

• Him thinking you have finally gone mad.

• Just kissing his cheek.

• “You’re going to be an Uncle, my friend.”

• Stammering as he progressed the news.

• Hearing his chears as you leave him in his bureau.

• Altair not letting you do anything.

• Altair fussing over you.

• Malik sending you letter to ask about the baby and to demand you to stay in one place.

• Relishing in Altair’s happiness and pride as he holds his first newborn in his arms.

• Malik trying to discreetly wipe his tears.

• “Saw that, Big Guy.”

• “I am not made of stone.”

• Malik being the first to show your one year old son around Jerusalem.

• Altair having talking sessions with him to teach him about the world.

• Darim being a sweet little boy.

• Then, Sef coming and everyone loving him just as much as they do Darim.

• Darim being protective of his baby brother.

• Watching in disappointment as Abbas destroys Masyaf.

• Always talking to Altair about him having to do something about it.

• Feeling something happened to one of your sons before learning of the murder of Sef.

• Trying to stay strong for Altair.

• Stopping Darim from hunting down Abbas out of revenge.

• Malik’s long comforting hugs.

• Witnessing Malik’s murder with your eyes.

• You and Altair getting yourselves through it.

• Finally going to confront Abbas together.

• “Strength, Altair.”

• Running away from Masyaf together.

• Supporting Altair and practically, being his advisor.

• Being proud of how Altair have changed.

• Sharing his knowledge.

• Dying of old age between your son, your dear husband, your daughter-in-law and your grandchildren.

• Your last words reminding Altair of staying strong.

• “S-Strength, A-Altair.”
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Fandom: Assassin’s creed

Pairing: Malik/Altair

Rating: Explicit

Omegaverse, just smut. don’t like don’t read <3

Imagine dragging Altair home after he got drunk

Originally posted by wq0326

A/N: The GIF may or may not be irrelevant, but I couldn’t possibly use a serious GIF for drunk Altair, could I? Of course not! I hope you enjoy, Anon!

It was almost surreal to see Altair, Master Assassin of the Levantine Assassins, so drunk he could only barely stand.  

You were watching him from what you deemed to be a “Safe” distance from him, confusion and bubbles of both mild amusement and secondhand embarrassment all floating around inside you. Altair was stumbling around, and even from where you stood, you could hear his incomprehensible murmurs. People were going out of their way to avoid him, shooting strange glances at him. Deciding it was best to get him somewhere he wouldn’t make people associate his current state with the Assassins, you began heading toward him, sighing.

Reaching out, you gently touched Altair’s shoulder. Wrong move. Suddenly you were on your back in a heartbeat.

“Don’t touch me- wait, Y/N?”

You groaned a little, “Well, whoever said you lost the ability to coordinate body movements when you’re drunk clearly hasn’t met you.”

Altair leaned over you, “What? I can’t hear you.”

You stood up, brushing the dust off of your uniform, “Let’s just go back to Masyaf, alright? At least there you can’t create as much of a disturbance.”

You slowly put your arm around Altair’s shoulder, and this time you didn’t end up on your back (Thank goodness). You began trying to lead him to the horse stables, keeping your head down as you did so. Altair hardly walked, and his feet kept dragging in the dirt. It became increasingly more difficult to drag him back home as Altair began shouting meaningless things at passersby.

“The Apple is evil! It corrupted my old Mentor!” He shouted. A man who was coincidentally eating an apple immediately dropped it, his face paling slightly.

“Altair, stop shouting. Just-”

“The world must not suffer ignorance anymore!”

“Altair, please-”

“These people are living lies, Y/N! Lies!”

“Altair, you’re making a scene.”

Altair began rambling on about horses and why they had such long faces.

“And to think you’re a legendary assassin…”

By some miracle, you finally made it to the stables. Horses whinnied quietly as you attempted to put your drunken companion on a dark brown horse. Altair was rambling about Malik and how he was “all right now”. Eventually he was sitting on top of the horse, grumbling incoherently. You climbed on the same horse (You could barely trust him to walk on his own, let alone ride a horse!) and took the reigns. Praying that Altair wouldn’t fall off, you urged the horse to an even walk. Altair jolted forward, thrown off balance by even the slightest change in motion. His arms wrapped around your waist as he told you to slow down.
“Altair, if I slow down any more, we will be standing still.”
“You call this horse riding? You’re so reckless!”
“No, you’re just drunk and unbalanced.”

You rolled your eyes. Masyaf seemed so far away…

The ride itself was uneventful, although Altair did sometimes murmur strange thoughts every so often. Something about a woman named Maria…

“Ah, Y/N, welcome back- Is that… Mentor?”

A young Assassin looked on with wide eyes as you hopped off your horse. Altair more-or-less slid off, seeing as he was still holding onto you (“Don’t start and stop so quick, Y/N!”). You looked at the apprentice with annoyed but patient eyes, “He’s… had a rough day. Don’t concern yourself.”

The apprentice nodded and quickly left, leaving you to tend to Mr. Clingy McDrunk, who was slowly sliding to the ground, his arms wrapped around your calves.

“Altair, please. Just a few more steps and you can sleep this whole thing off. How did you even get this drunk in the first place?”

Altair looked up at you as if he was going to give you a straight answer, but then just pointed at you with a limp finger and said “Alcohol” before passing out.

Dragging him- literally- all the way back to his quarters was by far one of the most embarrassing things you’ve ever had to do, and you weren’t even the drunk one. Perhaps that was WHY you were so embarrassed. You passed by many assassins who looked at you with such judgmental confusion that you just pulled your hood down further and hoped nobody else would recognize you halfway to his room.

Once you reached Altair’s quarters, you hefted him onto his bed and sat down on the side with a tired huff. “Remind me to never again let you drink. At least, not anywhere far away. I’m not doing that again.”

Altair, in his alcohol-induced sleep, was already snoring softly. He looked like a mess. You decided it was best to just let him lie undisturbed. You pulled the covers over him and left. You just hoped his inevitable hangover in the morning was easier to handle.

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Originally posted by britishfryes

  1. “I missed you.”

  2. “Are you scared?”

  3. “Did I scare you?”

  4. “Mmm, delicious.”

  5. “Are you jealous?”

  6. “I don’t want to see you with him/her again!”

  7. “If you leave, don’t bother coming back!”

  8. “You’re mine!”

  9. “Don’t make a sound.”

  10. “Just listen to me!” 

  11. “Because I love you, okay!?” 

  12. “Wake up, love.”

  13. “I’ll protect you.” 

  14. “Just trust me, okay?”

  15. “You betrayed me!”

  16. “So, this is how it’s going to be?” 

  17. “It’s not what it looks like!”

  18. “Let’s go away somewhere.”

  19. “You broke my heart.”

  20. “It’s over.”

  21. “I can’t be with you right now.” 

  22. “I can’t even look at you right now.” 

  23. “You make me crazy!”

  24. “I’ll make you scream. That’s a promise.” 

  25. “You’re not going anywhere.” 

  26. Make me.” 

  27. “Do you like that?”

  28. “You’re dripping wet.” 

  29. “Kiss me.”
  30. “Can I kiss you?” 

Originally posted by lifetime-of-wishes

This was supposed to be a kiss challenge request, and I went overboard when i was lining it, so I just went with it. arrozshooter I hope you’ll like it. Anyway I think this is the first time I actually draw Altiar and malik kissing hahahahahaha UvU and kisses are very hard to draw, especially the passionate ones.

Do you wanna kill a templar?

*knock knock knock knock knock”
Do you wanna kill a templar?
C'mon lets go an slayyyy.
stop being so aloof,
climb up the roof.
Its like you’ve gone awayyyy.

I know its hard with one arm,
but come on, try,
Ill even lend you a haaaaaaaaand"


“Im sorry.
Do you wanna kill a templar?
It kinda has to be a templar…”

“Go away, Altair”

“Okay bye…
Do you wanna kill a templar?
or shove some smelly beggar girls?
We could horse race to Damascus too,
I kinda hate that cause it makes me hurl…
(Hang in there, Alty)

It gets a little lonely,
slitting throats alone,
so please wont you join me hereeee?
StabStab StabStab StabStab StabStab.

Please, I know you’re in there.
I can hear you scratching on parchment…
Im sorry for Kadar’s death,
we need to take a breath,
Just let me in…

Please Malik, im sorry,
For screwing up…
what am I going to do?

Do you wanna kill a templar?”

Something I wrote for derpy cosplay friends :P