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Yes!!! Do you have any interest in writing a NurseyDex continuation of your Sprezzatura 'verse? If not, hit me up with some competence kink - Dex POV of Nursey, or Falcs' POV of Bitty, or Jack, or whomever strikes your fancy; I'm so easy. :D

So, uh, this one got long. Here’s a continuation of the Sprezzatura ’verse.

Derek consciously told himself to unclench his teeth and relax his jaw. He hated calculus. So much. His brain simply refused to work the way the book and the professor seemed to think it should and he just needed to get through this class and then he’d have completed his stupid math requirement and never have to worry about it again. But first he had to pass it.

He was going to have to ask for help.

He hated asking for help.

He was going to do it anyway. You don’t have to be perfect at everything, he reminded himself. He was still clenching his teeth again when he texted Dex, though.

Ice: Yo, can you help me with calc?

Fire: Be there in ~15 mins. Need help with English anyway.

Derek sat back in his chair and scrubbed his hands over his face, then rolled his neck from side to side a few times and shook out his arms, trying to just fucking chill already. He found one of his wordless playlists to put on and tried to at least review the examples again before Dex got there so maybe he wouldn’t seem like a complete idiot. Ugh, he hated math.

Well, no, he just hated calculus. Or rather, the way calculus made him feel. He had never found a way to make calculus appear effortless for him, and he was getting really tired of grinding his teeth.

He was glad to get up and answer the door when Dex knocked. “C’mon in, man, you can sit wherever. My roommate has a new girlfriend, so he won’t care.”

Dex frowned at the thought of sitting on someone else’s bed without permission and dumped his bag on Derek’s bed instead. Which Derek had known he would do. He bit back a grin.

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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid packs.

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Au: You’re Niall’s little sister and start dating Luke. Instead of being upset, Niall is happy with your choice and wishes the two of you all the best. When he sees how much hate you get from the fans, Niall starts to worry and does everything to help you and Luke to stop the hate.

Requested by Anon: “Can I have one with gif when I’m Niall’s little sister and I’m dating Luke Hemmings and he become overprotective and helps the both of us through the hate … Thanks =)”

(hope we got your request right! We tried our best)

One direction BSM #61 Family vacation. Age 8-11

A/N: Robin is described as Y/N’s father because otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. IDK, okay, as per usual, humor me. I’m a shit writer who should do more research, I know, but c’mon.

And Doris and Ernest aren’t born yet. Too many kids to include.

Request: Family vacation. Age 8-11

HARRY (age 8): You were half-asleep on Harry’s hip when you finally boarded the plane to Spain. Your mother, Anne, and your sister, Gemma, were chatting animatedly behind you, and your dad Robin was heaving the luggage behind him. It was when he begged for help you groggily came to and instantly panicked. You grabbed the curls at the nape of Harry’s neck and shoved your face into the junction between his neck and his shoulder. “Plane,” you whined as a steward finally came to grab the suitcases from your panting father. “It’s a private plane, bug. It doesn’t get safer. I promise,” Harry murmured gently as he struggled up the steps to the airplane. “Here Harry, let me take her,” Anne said and Harry willingly handed you over. You immediately curled into your mother’s embrace as Harry brought your iPad out from your backpack. “C’mon love, you can watch a movie with Harry yeah? I’m sure he’d love to watch Barbie for the seventh time,” Anne coaxed as she winked at Harry over her head. In reply, Harry simply beamed. “O-okay,” you stammered as Anne placed you gently in the expensive leather seat next to your brother. Harry raised the armrest and drew you in close. You rested your head on his chest and drew a deep breath as Harry started rubbing your back. With Anne and Robin talking quietly in the back, Gemma humming and riffling the pages of a magazine and Harry commentating on the movie, you were asleep within minutes, and didn’t wake up until the plane touched the ground.

ZAYN (age 9): “But you promised we’d go to the pool first thing!” you whined at your mom as you stalked her around the huge hotel room. You bit your tongue as you fell over one of your sister’s shoes and almost smacked your face into the hardwood floor.  “Yes but I have to unpack first. Make your sisters take you. Or Zayn.” You groaned and sat stubbornly on the floor. “He hates water. He won’t come,” you grumbled sourly, arms crossed over your chest like a petulant child. “You could always try,” your mom hinted with a little smile as she folded one of your t-shirts and shoved it into a closet. “Fine!” You heaved yourself off of the floor and stomped into your brother’s room. You knocked and barged in without waiting for an answer. Your bad mood evaporated quicker than an ice-cream in the sun when you found Zayn fast asleep. He was snoring slightly, and he hadn’t even managed to get his clothes off before he collapsed. You were on your way to tip-toing out again when you accidentally kicked his suitcase and sent it skidding across the floor. Zayn woke up with a grunt, but the furrow between his brows disappeared when his eyes fell upon you. “Hey Y/N. What’s up?” he asked lazily with a scratchy voice. “I just wanted to know if you’d go to the pool with me. But you’re sleeping,” you stated obviously. Zayn seemed to mull it over before he opened his arms. “Come join me.” You stood considering for a moment before shrugging and diving into the bed and into your brother’s arms. “Just for a minute.”

NIALL (age 10): “Look at this one! Or this one! Oh god this one is purple!” you squealed excitedly. Your slender fingers were wrapped tightly around Niall’s wrist as you dragged him from booth to booth. You were in Italy and had stumbled upon a little market a few blocks away from your hotel, and had continued to drag your mom and older brothers there without hesitation. “And this one is green,” your brother Greg mocked, but you didn’t catch the sarcasm and simply barreled forward with a look of utter joy. Niall was letting himself be tugged wherever you wanted to go, and even managed to look delighted while you asked for his opinion on various clothing articles. “You enjoy it far too much,” Greg laughed and punched Niall’s arm half-heartedly while your mum bought you a headband you claimed looked like Harry’s. “I don’t see her often enough. I’d be happy to do just about everything,” Niall admitted, accent heavy with emotion. “Chin up. You’ve got a break from tour soon. Plus, we’ve got two weeks here,” Greg reminded him with a nudge as they jogged to catch up to you and your mum. “Ni! I look like Uncle Hazza,” you giggled delightedly as you poked the askew headband placed messily in your hair. “Let me fix that right up for ya,” Niall chuckled as he effortlessly tied the headband around your head. “There! Now let’s send him a snap chat.” Niall crouched down to your level despite the protest in his knee and took a quick selfie. When you looked away, he filed it away in his phone and uploaded it to Instagram with the caption: “I look like uncle Hazza!”

LIAM (age 11): You clutched your stomach tightly as you bend over laughing, actual tears slipping down your cheeks. “You-“ you attempted to wheeze as you pointed uselessly at Liam’s affronted face. “Y-you look so offended,” you finally managed before you cracked up again. “Yes yes, very funny. Ruth! Will you scold our little sister for dropping a scoop of ice down my swim trunks?” Ruth turned around with a startled laugh, as did Nicola, and soon all three of Liam’s sisters were laughing at him while Liam stood pouting on the patio of your private villa. Mallorca was the perfect escape for your family when Liam had some time off, and you had jumped on the first chance of privacy when offered the secluded mansion. “How did she even manage that?” Nicola squeaked. “I don’t know,” Liam groaned as he scooped up the ice cream and dropped it on the tiles. “What’s the ruckus?” Geoff asked as he joined you on the patio. Karen followed right after and gaped at the ice cream. “Why is there ice cream on the patio Liam?” she asked sourly. “I didn’t do it!” Liam screeched. “It was Y/N!” Karen raised an eyebrow in your direction, and in return you stuck out your bottom lip in a pout. “Liam said he would throw me in the pool. I panicked!” you admitted with an innocent smile lighting up your face. “Aww,” Ruth cooed as she pinched your cheek. “You can’t get mad at that,” Nicola continued and ruffled your hair. “I can,” Liam grumbled, but he was smiling stupidly with a fond look in his eyes.

LOUIS (age 11): “Lottie! Is Y/N with you?” Louis called into the dressing room as he bounced a fussing Phoebe on his hip. “Yup!” she answered as the curtain finally drew back. Louis smiled and you could swear you saw a tear catching in his eyelashes as you and Lottie did a twirl in the identical dresses. A simple black, to the knee dress with a bow on the front. “Ready to get some spouses, huh?” Louis teased, but his voice caught. “Getting a bit teary-eyed?” you shot back as a giggling Fizzy and Daisy rounded the corner of the little shop, Dan and Johannah following them with matching blinding grins on their faces. Johannah stopped short as she caught sight of you and Lottie and a soft ‘oh’ escaped her slightly parted lips. “My girls,” she squeaked, fanning her face and taking a deep breath. “Mum, don’t cry,” you laughed. “She can. Louis is crying too,” Lottie stage-whispered, and Louis’ shining eyes snapped to her immediately. “Am not!” he retorted. “Be nice,” Dan scolded, but there was a waver to his voice as if he was ready to join the weeping elderly bunch of the family. “Will everyone stop crying? It’s just a dress,” you reminded as you and Lottie spun around once again. “Maybe, but we’re all together and it’s just so nice,” Johannah said as Dan snaked an arm around her waist. “Yeah. I’ve really missed you girls,” Louis said as he smacked a kiss to Phoebe’s forehead. “Yeah yeah, sap,” Lottie started. “We’ve missed you too,” you finished as Lottie grabbed your hand and squeezed. What a family. 

BSM 14: his Prom Tweet (Age: 16-18)

Liam (16):

Louis (17):

Niall (17):

Zayn (16):

Harry (18):

A/N: Hii lovelies… I hope you like this, sorry if it looks crap but i made this at school.. Probably the guy that was sitting next to me thinks i’m crazy but yeah… that’s normal, it’s not something new. Loves Charlie