malik shabbaz

The Rastafari movement wasn't started because of a lack of love in this world, the movement was born out of pain & struggle. It started out as a resistance movement against imperialism and colonialism. It was a spiritual liberation like Mutabaruka says I quote "the Rastafari movement is the black panther movement but on a spiritual level" because it rejected anything that did not uplift black people, blackness, Africa ect... That was our thing, our movement to be proud of, locs was/ is our cultural expression & everything black was good. "You don't have to be dread to be rasta" well it sound good & the song is ok, but I personally find it insulting. People in Jamaica were killed, beaten, humiliated, put in jail basically persecuted for having locs, promoting black consciousness, Africa & more... Any song that praised blackness even from abroad was banned, Malcolm X biography & other books that uplifted blackness were banned! We have to come to a point & stop being sorry for everything & anything. The idea of black people walking around the streets of this world proud was seen/ is seen as a direct insult to imperialism. That's the reason why anything we come up with or create for us, they must always find a way to add milk in some of our people coffee to make it weak like brother El Hajj Malik Shabbaz said... The Rastafari movement is not a movement of hate nor love it is a movement that promotes self reliance, unity, respect, & Africa to the Africans at home & abroad. It is easier to convince a black queen to go back to the African continent than it is to convince a white woman to go to Africa. It's not about hate or love, it's about self reliance doing for ourselves by ourselves with ourselves. There's no you & me or him & her nor them & us, it is just I & I.

“Real kings don’t need no pats on their back!” Nick Cannon.

You can’t be crying cuz the Oscar’s do not recognise black actors.
What was the conditions of black people worldwide back in 1927 when the Oscar’s was founded?

* In 1927 most of the African countries were under colonisation.

* The Jim Crow law in America was fully active.

* Marcus Garvey was 40 years old.

* Haile Selassie I was 35 years old.

* Kwame Nkrumah was 18 years old.

* Nelson Mandela was 9 years old.

* 8 years earlier The Black Star Line was established.

* Cheikh Anta Diop was 4 years old.

* Ahmed Sékou Touré was 5 years old.

* Amilcar Cabral was 3 years old.

* Patrice Lumumba was 2 years old.

* El Hajj Malik Shabbaz (Malcolm X) was 2 years old.

* Martin Luther King was born 2 years later.

* Dedan Kimathi was 7 years old.

* Steve Biko was born 19 years later.

* Thomas Sankara was born 22 years later. The list goes on….

History itself tells me that being black wasn’t popular.