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“Perhaps it’s funny to laugh about videos like these. But it’s not funny when it happens you. Police violence is a huge issue in today’s society. The way they abuse their power in order to suppress people like me is totally unacceptable.”


“Harry what the fuck?” You stomped up to your shared bedroom and shoved your phone in his face. He was sitting on the bed on the phone with somebody but you didn’t care. You were fuming with anger. “Is that Jade?” You seethed. “Do you have feelings for her? If you do, just tell me now-”

“I’ll call you back Gemma.” He hung up the phone and looked at the Instagram post. “For christ’s sake Y/N, it’s PR; I didn’t even post that.” He tossed your phone aside and stood up like it was no big deal. “That’s exactly what management wants, to cause drama around my name and around my relationships.”

“That’s ridiculous.” You scoff, crossing your arms across your chest. 

“You really think I would intentionally do that to you? Believe it or not but I love you and only you Y/N.” He ran his hand through his hair and raised his eyebrows at you.

You stared him down but he just stood in front of you with his arms extended towards you. You hesitated but eventually embraced him. “I would appreciate a warning next time.” You sighed, resting your head against his shirtless chest.

“I didn’t even know about this. I’ll talk to management tonight when I go to the studio okay?” He reassured. He kissed your forehead and ran his hands up and down your arms. “I love you.”

You sighed. “I Iove you too.”