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Like the constantly suspicious/optimistic fan I am, I went through the new Zayn video while pausing frequently to try to see if there was any shady art.  Sure enough, it appears that right next to the bearding propaganda is a friendly Batman.  

Is it connected to the rather aggressive “SO WHAT?”  Is is not?  Who knows. What we do know is that Batman is heavily connected to both Liam and Zayn.


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Are you threatening me blurb with harry?? Pretty please

This got a little darker than I intended it to be. Also I’m sorry it’s lengthier than the past couple. Sometimes when I read requests something fantastic happens and I write stuff like this (which I think is actually pretty okay but I do like feedback if you would all wanna chat).

Harry worked long hours in the office. Unlike most TV shows, you worked long hours going through files upon files before you became a big shot lawyer. In the end, he knew it would be worth it (maybe) but right now, he wanted to sleep and sleep for the rest of the weekend. His eyes were burning from staring at screens and paper all day reading for ages.

Entering the apartment building in the middle of the city, the doorman said hello and Harry nodded in exhaustion. There was a possibility he wouldn’t even make it to the elevator let alone be able to get off and walk to his door once he got to the right floor.

After several attempts, he got his key to fit in the lock and he opened the door to his sanctuary. Much to his mother’s surprise, Harry kept the place clean, sparsely decorated (she kept telling him it needed a woman’s touch and maybe a grandchild or four to run around), and simply Harry-esque.

Stumbling out of his shoes, pulling off his suit coat, undoing his tie, and unbuttoning his shirt, he managed to fall with a thump onto his couch. For many moments, he didn’t dare move; his eyes were shut and he listened to the sounds of the city—sirens, music, shouting…it was all something he was accustomed to and found comforting. It was the only noise he could stand to sleep through—calming city sounds.

With his breathing slowing down and him struggling half-heartedly to undo his belt while laying on top of it, he was on the cusp of sleep. The dreams tonight would be of endless paperwork and the hauntingly beautiful girl that plagued his mind ever since he moved into the apartment.

Some of the dreams were simply getting to know the unnamed girl. They would walk along in the most vivid and lucid dreams he had ever had. Just a boy and a girl strolling through the city only stopping to get a cup of tea on a cold day and an ice cream on a hot one. The girl on his arm was all smiles and he swore even in his subconscious she smelled terrific—cotton and beach roses. She would walk him to work and give him a kiss that sent his sleeping heart aflutter.

But other dreams were raw and passionate. He would be kissing her, every part of her. His mouth would ache just to hover over her skin. It felt like he didn’t have enough hands to touch every part of her body and they always had on too many clothes. Those dreams would also send his heart aflutter and stretch his boxers into a firm tent before the clothes would be coming off and his lips reached for more of her skin. The sound of their breathing was the only thing that could be heard in his silent apartment. She would reach down push his boxers out of the way and Harry would let out a low moan in her—


Harry was awoken and his dreams were crushed. So was his body, at the sound of you shouting loudly above his apartment his body jerked and fell off the couch where he was haphazardly laying. He groaned in agony and slowly crawled to get back on the couch. He couldn’t do this another night.

Constantly, his neighbors shouted till he imagined the two were blue in the face. He could not figure out how the two of you stayed together. After what felt like hours of fighting he would hear the doors slam closed, and the noise would cease. Perhaps that the noise above was the cause of his sleeping problems and why he was always exhausted.

This was the third week in a row since he had moved in and he couldn’t do this one moment longer. Anger coursed through his veins as he marched up the steps to the next floor. Just his dress pants low on his hips. He could hear the shouting getting louder, over what he didn’t know nor did he care. He just wanted to sleep in peace.

Slamming his closed fist against the door he almost drowned out the sound of yelling and he bet his life that he was doing the whole apartment building a favor. Who knew how long this could go on for.

What went from screaming—which Harry barely heard since in typical lawyer style he was blindingly mad. He would end the fighting no matter what it took. The silence was almost louder than the screaming that took place only moments before. Harry didn’t care he was sick of not being able to sleep. This was unfair to everyone in the apartment building and Harry would not stand for it. After barely sleeping enough with this job and barely sleeping the past six or so years of law school, he wanted to sleep in the damn quiet.

“What?” The guy at the door answered gruffly.

“Are you kidding me, mate? People are trying t’sleep,” he said groggily. He peeked through the doorway to see who the poor girl that was getting yelled at for the past three weeks he’d been here.

The guy in front of him tried to move to block more of the doorway but it was too late. Harry had seen you. Your face was throbbing, just above your eyebrow bleeding. Shoving the guy out of the doorway and thus suffering more screaming, he scooped you into his arms and walked straight back to the elevator. He placed you gently on the floor of the elevator and held the door open with your foot.

While he was a lawyer, he wasn’t some weakling—he worked out every day at the firm’s gym. “If you come near her, I will end you,” he said simply just a centimeter from his face. Harry wasn’t always intimidating, but when he meant business, he meant business. And that would be his best quality as a lawyer. Towering at six plus feet he narrowed his eyes at the lad that had the gall to hurt the lovely girl waiting for him in the elevator.

“You can have her,” he snarled not wanting to risk his luck against the giant in just dress pants. He stalked back to his apartment with a slam of the door.

Harry sighed and turned back to the girl on the elevator. You were dazed, tears rolling down your cheeks without a sound. Too much had happened in a short time. Smacking the floor’s button the door closed and he crouched down to hold you in his arms again. Once he kicked open the door and settled you on the couch, he quickly made some calls to friends of friends.

“He’s never hit me before,” you whispered finally. It broke the silence with the same startle that knocked him off the couch. Harry had been buzzing about the kitchen, making tea, getting ice, and the first aid kit. In addition to making calls, he almost forgot you were there and why he was gathering all these items.

Slowly he approached you, knelt in front of your knees as you looked off into the distance. Your cut wasn’t good and briefly he was worried about a concussion. But soon his door was opening, Liam stepped into the room along with Louis’ mother. Liam was dressed in his uniform and Jay quickly busied herself looking you over. Totally confused, you were just grateful for a female. More tears fell down your cheeks and Jay turned to Harry. “Would you get her a cuppa tea?” She said knowingly. Harry smirked a bit.

“I was working on it, Mum,” he muttered.

Liam listened to Harry as he told him what happened and then he nodded. He spoke into his shoulder’s walkie talkie and there was another commotion upstairs. Liam looked down at you knelt next to Jay as she cleaned the cut and checked for a concussion. “You’re alright, love?” He wondered.

Still entirely baffled by what was happening, Harry gave you a cup of tea and you nodded. “I think so.”

“Can you just tell me what happened?” He said. “Take your time.” You managed to quickly explain quickly sending yourself into more tears that you didn’t really feel. “Alright, thank you, darling. You’ll be alright with this one for the night?” Liam nodded his head at Harry.

You had never spoken to your downstairs neighbor once except for tonight and somehow in the thirty minutes you had known him you felt safer than you did the last three months of living with your boyfriend. Carefully you nodded and Jay deemed that you were concussion free. “Don’t let him think he’s special,” she said of Harry. Rolling his eyes, he showed the two out the door.

Again, there was silence and Harry came around to sit across from you on the opposite couch. “I’m going to draw up a restraining order for you Monday morning,” he said. “I’d feel better if you stayed with me for the weekend if you don’t mind…unless you have family you can get in touch with. I can’t have it on my conscience that I leave you alone,” he explained to you.

Shaking your head, you swallowed. “Yeah…no family,” you mumbled.

Harry didn’t ask. “That’s alright, I planned on sleeping my weekend away so I can keep my eye on you,” he shrugged simply. “C’mon, I think you need some sleep,” he said standing up, holding his hand out and once your delicate fingers were in his hand, he guided you to the bedroom. “The bathroom is right there and there’s an extra toothbrush under the sink. Anything else you need, just come poke me, yeah?” You said pushing the covers back.

It was starting to hit you and the kindness this stranger was offering hit you harder than well…

You burst into tears. Covering your face, you melted to the ground and for a moment Harry just blinked unsure of what he was supposed to do. After what felt like an eternity, he figured you just needed a moment and so he knelt back down beside you, rubbed your back soothingly and told you it would all be okay.

As Harry watched you cry he tried to figure out why you looked so familiar. He knew he hadn’t seen you around the building and he wondered where on earth he could have known you from. While your crying slowed, he brought you back to your feet, found you some sweats to get comfortable in and asked if there was anything else you could want.

You shook your head, breathing erratically. Sometimes this happened to you. Your sobs would turn into a hyperventilating panic attack. A million thoughts went through your head at that moment and you could have simply died to make this easier on yourself.

“Thank you,” you hiccupped. Harry stared at you a moment in confusion before he chocked it up to being a very overwhelming moment for you. He carefully cupped the back of your neck and pulled you to his chest. He may soon be a heartless lawyer but he had a sister and he knew how to calm tears over a boy.

Soon your hiccups stopped and Harry released you slowly. When he gazed down at you to see if you were doing a little better he noted how pretty your eyes were even after having just cried. That’s also when he noticed how warm you felt and that you were the perfect fit beneath his chin. All at once he realized you were his girl from his dreams. It wasn’t that it was your face, it was your presence, the shape, the aura, the feel of you was the girl.

He felt his stomach knot and he smiled sweetly at you. “I’m going to let you rest, if you need something please tell me,” he said pushing some hair behind your ears. You finally realized he was shirtless and you had just snotted and cried all over his sinewy muscles. While he didn’t seem to care, you felt horrible and embarrassed. But nonetheless, you were exhausted and rest sounded good to you.

“Thank you…” you blinked. “I don’t know your name,” you murmured.

Harry held your fingers in his hand again as he kissed your knuckles. “Harry, kitten. M’name’s Harry,” he said. Releasing your hand, he turned, shut the door and let you have your peace. You climbed into his bed, dazed and tired. While drifting off to sleep you tested his name in your mouth a few times wondering all kinds of things about the handsome man that came in your time of duress. But your mind was too tired for such wonderings so you let your dreams do the work.

As for Harry, he found himself strolling through the city with the beautiful face just a few rooms over. Smiling, because he finally found her.


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"Niall did you do the bed?!"

You were pregnant. And the mood swings were fierce. However, Niall didn’t think there was anything wrong with what you were saying. For in fact, he felt the pregnancy was a lot better for you because you told him everything that was bothering you. It was evident that you were harboring some emotions while Niall was out and about and you were at home after working all day.

“I just don’t think it’s fair that I do everything!” You shouted angrily.

Niall nodded a few times worried to say anything weary that you would yell louder or start crying like you did last time. As he thought about it, he realized you were right though because you did do everything and the only real question he had was why you had never said anything before.

“You’re right darling,” he nodded. While you breathed heavily, you started to melt a bit after yelling so much and Niall could see the tears welling in your eyes. He cooed, pulled you to his chest and rubbed your back. “I’ll help out more,” he promised.

“No, no, it’s okay,” you sniffled. “I’m just overwhelmed.”

“I’m sure, my love. I know,” he said kissing your temple and then crouching down in front of your belly. “Are you making Mumma a little anxious, little one?” He asked. You giggled and sighed as Niall kissed your belly. “M’gonna help more, love,” he promised peering up at you.

You shrugged nonchalantly, again changing your mood for probably the third time in five minutes. “It’s alright.”

Niall nodded, waited for your mood to change again and figured it was best to not argue with you at the moment. “How about dinner, angel?” He asked. “Are you guys hungry?”

You nodded eagerly and felt hungrier by the second. “I want to eat all the food,” you told him seriously. He chuckled.

“Of course, baby, of course,” he said guiding you by the small of your back to the car.


The following morning Niall was getting ready for work. He was in the shower and you were out folding laundry and making breakfast for him. It was a little difficult because the eggs made your stomach churn a little because it was just one of those days. But you powered through and held your breath after you set the food aside and brought the laundry basket back to the bedroom.

And there, you saw the bed was made. Your heart leaped into your throat and tears sprung to your eyes. “Niall?” You asked with a shaky voice. He hurriedly shut the water off and pulled the door out of the way.

“What’s the matter princess?” He cooed nervously and looked you over for any sign of disaster. He was worried constantly that something was wrong with you or the baby. He would probably set himself on fire if anything happened to the loves of his life.

“Did you do the bed?” You asked your voice wavering.

He chuckled shyly, relieved that nothing was wrong, just yet another swing in your mood. “Yes, darling, I did,” he sighted. He was dripping water all over the carpet the towel low on his hips and you irrationally started crying.

He came over, kissed the top of your head and pulled you against his chest. He was warm and smelled good and you wanted to stay tucked under his chin for the rest of your life. “Thank you,” you hiccupped.

Laughing quietly, he nodded. “Of course, my angel.”

part xxi - the sunrise diner

Tess reached into her bag, pulling out her tarot deck, her journal, the book on herbs and their psychic uses she’d been reading, and the stones she’d been practicing her divination with. She looked at Angelica, who was staring at the cards spilling out of their handmade drawstring bag like she wanted to reach out and grab them. Curiosity over what Angelica’s deck looked like coloured Tess’ mind for a moment before disappearing.


“Tess, I…I had no idea.”

“That’s ironic.”

“Tess,” Zayn murmured.

“No,” she told him, pushing his hand away. “She needs to explain herself.”

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