malignant movie


I always felt bad for the monster. So misunderstood. So maligned. In my movie, the monster slaughters everyone. The heroine, the camera crew, the caterer, all of ‘em. 

And then they drink coffee all night while playing solitaire and listening to old records. They sleep in late and cook a big breakfast and read the times. Later, maybe do a little gardening and fall asleep watching a baseball game.

In the sequel, the monster kills time in all sorts of splendid ways and becomes the most terrifying monster imaginable. It all starts somewhat heroically with an uninterrupted 23 minute shot of some gratuitous waffle maker repair, but it looks like one of the little circuit boards is probably bad. The monster pokes around a little bit online looking for the part only to end up on facebook having a 3-hour argument about God, politics and the meaning of life. It’s fucking horrific.

i work at a movie theater and you’d be surprised how many people don’t know the name of the movie they want to see:

the fault in our stars

  • the sad movie
  • the one with the cancer
  • “i think it has ‘heart’ in the title?”


  • mal-efficient (a crowd favorite)
  • malignant
  • the angelina jolie movie

the hundred-foot journey

  • 100 yards
  • 100 steps
  • 1000 miles

and some random ones

  • magic in the moonlight = midnight
  • let’s be cops = let them be cops
  • edge of tomorrow = live life on the edge (which is kinda their tagline i guess) / the one with tom cruise
  • dawn of the planet of the apes = the monkey movie
  • begin again = starting over
  1. tajmahhallow said: Thanks for posting the screencaps! What did you personally think of the movie?

As far as Brad movies go, I think it was decent. Don’t really have the urge to watch it repeatedly - once was enough. It was certainly a step up from some of the things he’s done lately, but still just kinda meh overall. He did crack me up a couple times when he would go into one of his trademark over the top rages. At least he looked sexy as fuck in it and there was jacket and glove porn so that’s a bonus. lol